5 Best IDE’s for Android App Development

5 Best IDE’s for Android App Development

With approximately 2.56 million apps, Google is the biggest store for downloading mobile apps. And experts predict that Android is going to hold approximately 87% of the market share.

It all became possible due to the long list of features that Android offers. The high-level of customization, huge community support, and a large share of companies building Android-compatible smartphones.

As a result, the demand for building Android mobile apps is significantly higher than iOS mobile apps. However, mobile app development (whether Android or iOS) isn’t a cakewalk job. Therefore, developers take the help of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to make the process easier and build highly-functional mobile apps.

But before listing down the best IDE’s available in the market, let’s first understand their concept and applications.

What is an IDE?

An IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a comprehensive solution that gives mobile app developers the opportunity to perform the software development cycle continuously and at a faster pace.

The development cycle includes designing, writing, compiling, testing, and debugging the code. For rapid development, it’s recommended to use IDE’s.

Specifically for Android app development, Google has given Android Studio IDE that is derived from IntelliJ IDEA.

Top Best IDE’s for Android App Development

5 Best IDE’s for Android App Development

1. Visual Studio – Xamarin

Xamarin was launched in 2011 which is the best free Integrated Development Environment or IDE. Delivering an enterprise-quality, cross-platform approach, Xamarin has become the most popular integrated environment developed for iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Visual Studio is the best tool for mobile app developers. Microsoft not only includes built-in services but also gives tools to manage small to large teams, build services, and manage versions.

  • Platform: Mobile and desktop solution with C# in one integrated development environment or IDE and deploy to iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Test Cloud: Has the power of continuous integration in the cloud allowing the internal and external teams to test the code.
  • Insights: The usage of the app and the latest trends.

The improvement of the core tools for delivery is always on priority. The team members include UI/UX, quality analyst, deployment, steady-support, and validation of success.

2. Android Studio

Developed by Google, Android Studio is an allrounder integrated development environment that allows the Android developers to get what they desire without an Integrated Development Environment or IDE. Android has Gradle-base support that has features like visual layout editor, intelligent code editor, real-time profilers, and APK analyzer.

It acts just like any other Java IDE in terms of error investigating and file hierarchy.

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3. IntelliJ IDEA

Having a clean and exquisite interface, it specializes in enterprise web and mobile app development with the help of Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, and many different frameworks that are for Android application development. The detailed documentation helps in seamless integration which is easy to understand.

Moreover, multiple plugins are available for IntelliJ IDEA to perform any task.

The framework based assistance, productivity boosters, unobtrusive intelligence, duplicates, and inspections are provided with the IDE. Using this IDE, you can do in-depth coding, quick navigation, and error analysis.

In the community edition of IntelliJ IDEA can be accessed free to develop JVM and Android app development but in the Ultimate Edition that can be accessed at a cost for out of box applications.

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4. DeuterIDE

This feature-rich IDE allows Android application development in different languages. In fact, it’s lightweight & heavy coding concept supports up to 40 languages. It also takes help from a virtual keyboard to integrate the symbols. Automatic indentation, syntax highlighting and Dropbox sync is one of the common ones.

5. Eclipse IDE

It is one of the most popular IDES of Android apps. The open-source software is free to use. Released under the Eclipse Public License, it holds a large community having plenty of plugins and configurations. This IDE is highly customizable and offers full support for Java programming language and XML.


Every IDE has its own benefits. Therefore, some developers may recommend other tools. But based on the experience of our developers and research, the above mentioned are the best 5 IDEs available in the market.

But as the utilization of Android apps continues to grow, the new platforms are soon going to emerge.

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