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Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Remote Developers from YTII:

  • Flexible Hiring- Part-time, Hourly and Monthly Basis
  • Strict NDA Terms + 2X Faster Delivery
  • 200+ Pre-vetted & Certified Programmer
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Why Hire Developers from YTII for your next project?

Cost Effective

Hire Developer Starting at $18 per hour

YTII offers dedicated offshore developers with industry experience starting at $18 per hour to scale your development.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

When you hire developers from YTII, you don’t have to invest in systems and working spaces as we offer complete work infrastructure.

Zero Hiring Costs

With YTII, you get a large pool of talented and pre-vetted developers, saving you the time, effort, and cost of hiring resources through consultants.

Quick Hiring

200+ Developers for Hire

YTII has a large and pre-vetted talent pool of developers across technologies to ensure quick hiring for your project.

Transparent Hiring Process

From resource shortlisting to the final selection, you are part of the end-to-end process of hiring developers.

Quick Replacement

YTII guarantees 100% backup and quick replacement of resources if you are not satisfied with the work of the hired developer.

Highly Secure

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our extensive NDAs and enterprise-grade security systems ensure that your IPs and Data are never compromised.

Global Quality Standard

Our highly-skilled and experienced developers follow global coding standards to deliver quality output.

Well-defined Process Framework & Security Protocols

We have built a well-defined process framework, work hierarchy, reporting structure, and security protocols that developers follow to ensure smooth project development.

Hire Developers For 360-degree Development Services.

Hire developers across different tech-stack from a pre-vetted talent pool of mid to senior-level software engineers to scale your project quickly and efficiently. With YTII, you get offshore programmers with extensive industry experience who fast-forward your project development.

Dedicated Developers

Hire software engineers with different expertise to ramp up your development.

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Technology Stack

Remote team of software engineers in any technology stack


Hire experienced software engineers to build highly scalable, secure, resilient, future-ready enterprise solutions.


Our expert mobility programmers can help you create engaging mobile applications using all the latest technologies.

JS Frontend & Backend

We have experienced developers in both front-end and backend development to speed up server-side or client-side applications.

Full Stack

Hire a team of Full Stack developers to power the end-to-end development of your applications at speed.

It's Easy to Hire Developers with YTII

Partner with YTII to hire remote developer with ease and efficiency. With a tech talent pool of 200+ pre-vetted resources and transparent hiring process you can hire developers to build remote teams and start your development in as short as 2 weeks.

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Screening & Selection
Screening & Selection

Hiring a YTII developer is hassle-free, efficient, and includes three additional benefits.

7-Day Free Trial

7-Day Free Trial

Enjoy free 40 hours of our talented developers’ time on your project development.

Prototype Development

Free Consultation

Talk to our experts and get a free consultation on your project idea, best-suited technology, resource planning, and TAT.

Alignment with Sr.Tech-lead

Alignment with Sr.Tech-lead

We assign a senior developers/tech-lead to all our client projects. Besides this, our CTO actively overlooks all projects to assist, supervise and guide the team.

Flexible Engagement Models for Faster Time to Market

Every company is unique, and we at YTII understand that. Hence we have curated three unique engagement models for hiring developers with different payment terms to deliver customized services that cater to your business needs.

Monthly Based

Monthly Based

Hire offshore staff for up to 160 hours a month

Manage team using your own methodologies

Get real-time updates on project development

Monthly billing cycles

Hourly Based

Hourly Based

Pay for the work done in hours

Add or revoke hours based on requirements

Communicate via your own preferred channels

Real-time updates via timesheet

Fixed-Cost Projects

Fixed-Cost Projects

Fix the project cost before hiring remote developers

Hire developers on a long-term basis

Extend your existing team & reduce time to market

Flexibility to change scope at nominal charges

How YTII Has Helped Businesses Successfully Hire Developers Remotely

We assist both emerging start-ups and large companies in web development, product programming, developing MVPs, hiring developers, and gaining access to cutting-edge technologies. From application creation to modernization and maintenance, our 360° enterprise solutions cover it all.

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Ultimate Guide to Hire Dedicated Developers

There are a number of sources to find a programmer that can meet your project requirements. Let’s go step by step to understand these.

  • Where to hire developers?
  • The first step includes finding a programmer through a trusted source. Offshore development companies are one of the best places for this as they already have a bunch of experienced and skilled programmers. It will save you plenty of time to screen developers and filter them.
    Search engines and references are another way to search for software engineers for hire.

  • What to consider when hiring developers online?
  • Before finalizing a developer or team of developers, it is essential to consider the two most important aspects:

    1. Portfolios: Check their work background and the companies or clients they have worked with. It will help in knowing their total experience and if it matches your project requirements.

    2. Skills: The next thing to consider when hiring a dev is specific skills and expertise. An excellent offshore development company would have developers with the leading technologies, languages, databases, and tools.

  • How to Interview?
  • Now that the developer or developers are shortlisted, it is time to interview and make the final decision. Depending on the project level, the team lead, project manager, or CEO can take the interview. Make a list of the questions related to the project requirements and evaluate their technical as well as soft skills.

The demand for developers is rising every day, which is why there are so many Indian programmers. From large-scale and long-term projects to short projects, companies need to rent a developer now and then. Hiring a programmer online comes with several benefits:

  • Complete focus on one project
  • Dedicated developers are entirely devoted to one project at a time. It leads to zero distractions and better work quality. Also, the companies can get the work done faster as the programmer prioritizes their project.

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • A business would have to spend more than needed in the case of in-house teams of developers. But when programmers are hired from outsource software development in India, the work can be done cost-effectively. It is because they will assist in completing the work faster without compromising on quality, hence, keeping it within the budget.

  • Required skills and expertise
  • Another advantage to hiring Indian coders is that they come with professional skills and expertise in technology. Whatever the technology requirement, an enterprise can hire software developers for it. The quality skill set can provide skyrocketing growth to the project and the company as a whole.

  • Flexible solutions
  • Hiring programmers from software development services in India provides complete flexibility. Whether there is a requirement to expand the team or replace the testers in the team, companies just need to inform the outsourcing company. The flexibility will help in working with the perfect team at a given time.

  • No headaches for team management
  • From recruiting to managing the entire team, the responsibility lies with the outsourcing company. The businesses can focus on core activities. Companies can further rely on tools for purposes like sharing, communicating, and monitoring for project management.

Below are the roles and responsibilities of a software developer:

  • Work to design algorithms and flowcharts
  • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications
  • Integrate software components and third-party programs
  • Verify and deploy programs and systems
  • Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing software
  • Collect and assess user feedback for modifications
  • Advise and execute improvements in the project
  • Produce technical documents for references and reporting

As a business, you would need to hire software programmers for various reasons, and these could include:

  • Hire for long-term projects
  • Various projects in the business run for one year or even more. Deciding the total development cost for these projects is nearly impossible. A software development outsourcing model is the best option in such a situation. Companies can look for programmers for hire and appoint them on a fixed salary every month to keep an easy check on the costs.

  • Projects that lack clear scope
  • Unclear projects lead to fuzzy price models. The project can be easily taken forward with dedicated developers on the team. Further, the developer would also be able to meet the changing requirements throughout the development course. Hence, companies can hire a dev when they need professionals to work on a project that requires clarity.

  • Strategic relationship
  • An enterprise would need software programmers at various levels, which include software maintenance, modification, upgrading, etc. Rather than looking for developers every time there is an urgency, it is better to build a long-term relationship with an outsourcing company so that there is always a team of developers when needed. It would avoid uncertain situations that can lead to business loss.

  • Lack of development skills
  • Companies often lack a team of developers who can independently handle the tasks. In such cases, it is easier to hire remote developers with adequate skills and experience in different technologies. The company's work would always be done regardless of where these programmers may be placed.

  • Agile development methodology
  • Agile methodology is the approach where coding and testing are conducted simultaneously to ensure the software is developed per the enterprise's requirements. Dedicated developers are the best fit for this as they provide the needed support, time, and resources required for agile development methodologies.

There are various models for hiring developers, and these include:

  • Hourly-based hiring model
  • Hourly-based hiring is a method of engaging developers where the employer pays the developer based on the number of hours worked. The developers are often employed to work on short-term projects or to provide ongoing support for an existing project. Hourly-based hiring allows employers to pay only for the actual work performed, giving developers the flexibility to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Additionally, the model can be beneficial for employers who need to scale their workforce up or down quickly, as it allows them to hire developers on a short-term basis without committing to a long-term employment contract.

  • Fixed price hiring model
  • Fixed price hiring is a model of hiring developers where the employer and the developer agree on a set price for a specific project or set of tasks. The price is typically based on the estimated time and resources required to complete the project. Fixed-price model is often used for projects with well-defined scopes, timelines, and requirements, such as a website or mobile app development. This type of hiring model provides employers with more certainty over the cost of the project, as they know exactly how much they will pay for the deliverables. Fixed-price can also benefit developers who prefer to work on specific projects with clear objectives and timelines.

  • Dedicated team hiring model
  • Dedicated team hiring is a hiring model where the employer forms a dedicated team of developers from an outsource software development company. The team usually comprises developers with diverse skill sets who work together to achieve the project's objectives. The employer has complete control over the team's composition, workflow, and priorities, while the developers work as an extension of the employer's in-house team. This model is usually used for long-term projects that require ongoing development, maintenance, and support. Additionally, dedicated team hiring can be more cost-effective than hiring an entire in-house team, as the employer only pays for the dedicated team's services rather than the overhead costs associated with a full in-house team.

Your business will have different needs at times, and it would require a specific developer to work on that. You need to find a software developer that matches the skills to do the work. Below are the types of developers:

  • Web developers
  • A web developer is a professional who specializes in creating and maintaining websites. Their central role involves coding, designing, and implementing web applications using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They work closely with designers to ensure that websites are visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional. Enterprises hire web development coders to build websites' structure, create interactive elements, and ensure that websites are optimized for speed and performance. Further, web developers may also be involved in website maintenance, troubleshooting, and updating content.

  • Software developers
  • A software developer specializes in creating computer programs and applications. They use programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and others to design, develop, test, and maintain software. Software developers work closely with other professionals, such as project managers, designers, and quality assurance engineers, to ensure that software applications meet client requirements and are user-friendly. They are also familiar with various software development methodologies, such as agile or waterfall, to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

  • Mobile app developers
  • A mobile app developer is a professional in creating applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They use programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Swift, and React Native to design, develop, test, and maintain mobile apps. Mobile app developers work closely with other professionals, such as project managers, designers, and quality assurance engineers, to ensure that mobile applications meet client requirements and are user-friendly. Further, mobile app developers may also be involved in troubleshooting and debugging issues that arise with mobile apps and keeping up to date with the latest mobile technologies and trends.

  • Front end developers
  • Front-end developers are trained in creating the user interface and user experience of websites and web applications. They work on technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and implement the visuals. Businesses hire software developers for front-end needs to get visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional websites and apps. Such developers may also look after website maintenance, troubleshooting, and updating content per the requirements.

  • Back end developers
  • These developers specialize in building the server side of websites and web apps. Back-end developers use technologies such as Java, Python, PHP, and Node.js to maintain the functionality and performance of the website or web applications. Companies find a programmer trained in the back end for seamless user experience. They are also responsible for the security and scalability of websites and web apps, as well as troubleshooting and debugging issues that arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a good developer in India usually varies between $20 to $50 per hour, depending on technical expertise, years of experience and tech-stack licencing fees. Being a trusted offshoring partner for businesses globally, YTII provides part-time and full-time developers in all the latest technologies.

Working with a trusted brand like Your Team in India can save up to 60% of your overall operational cost. Besides saving costs, you gain the following advantages with YTII:

  • Experts across the latest technologies and programming languages
  • Experienced developers
  • Comprehensive NDAs and complete IP confidentiality
  • 100% code ownership post development.
  • Project Managers deployed on all projects

You can hire pre-vetted, highly skilled, and experienced software developers in India by filling out the below form. Our experts will contact you and align you with top developers that are the right fit for your project.

Yes. At YTII, we follow a transparent hiring process where we ensure that you are part of every step, from shortlisting the pre-vetted developers to online assessment and video interviews to final selection.

Besides this, you also get a 7-day risk-free trial.

Yes. You can hire a team of remote developers from different tech stacks, profiles, etc., from us as per your requirements. You can also add new developers to your team to scale operations after the project has started.

We generally work during Indian Standard Time, which is between 4 AM and 1 PM GMT. However, to build better coordination between the team and our clients, we offer time overlaps where you and the team can discuss project updates, feedback, and future plans.

We will align a technical lead and account manager on every project. They act as project managers and scrum masters and become your point of contact for project updates, feedback, and major alteration.

In a case where you are not happy with the performance of the resources deployed on your project, we provide a quick resource replacement. However, if you still feel the need to discontinue, our cancellation policy consists of a 30 days notice period.

Once the project is started, we share the task summary with you on a weekly basis for 40 hours via a timesheet that is available in our database. It defines work performed by developers and how many hours they have spent. You can also use work tracking software.

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