Proof of Concept (POC) Development Services

Test the potential of your ideas by utilizing our team to build new Proof of Concept products, prototypes, and Minimum Viable Products. Our dedicated team will collaborate to develop quick processes to make you go through to settle on the idea that you bear in mind.

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Proof of Concept (POC) Development Services

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Our Proof of Concept (POC) Technology Stack


Our POC Development Process

Our professional team of experts renders several products for proof of concept in software development depending upon your requirements. Here is how we work to serve you the best POC developments services!

Market Research

We tend to perform deep market research & analysis. Our team will help you understand the users requirements from the outset for outlining new ways to reach out to them.

Customer Identification

Our POC Development team will discover, plan, test, and validate several ideas on whether a product can solve your problems for a specific group of users if the market is huge and endless.

Idea Validation

Our team uses a lean methodology to test and validate the idea much before going for the tech development. We also check if your business idea fits perfectly accordingly as per the target market to create valuable products that can drive success.

Our POC Development Process

MVP & POC Development

With us, you can easily build POC solutions to test your ideas. The complete POC development life cycle is quite similar to the on-demand software development, but with a few features.

No Coding Solutions

Our POC development experts can build your web and mobile applications without code. Thus excluding the need of any technical docs, an army of QA testers, and hours of meetings.

Product Strategy

After receiving positive feedback, we will make sure to move a step further. Then we will finalize the most appropriate tech stack, scalable architecture, and monetizing strategy.

Benefits of Choosing POC Development Services

A proof of concept is used to exhibit the best potential and feasibility of app solutions in any industry like communication, energy, insurance, banking, healthcare, and more. Below are a few benefits of choosing POC development.

First One to Succeed

First One to Succeed

If you have an idea in mind, like no other in the market, discuss it with us, and let us take care of the rest. We will make sure that you are ahead of all the others related to Proof of Concept.

Racing Ahead of The Peers

Racing Ahead of Peers

If you want to take your present business idea to the next level and outdo your opponents with unmatched functionality, whose uniqueness and ideation may call for a Proof of Concept.

Remove the Risks

Remove the Risks

At Your Team In India, we understand that you want to remove all the risks out. So, by creating perfect solutions, we will make sure that your investment will help you grow your business.

Highlighting the Achievability

Highlighting Innovation

If you want something innovative when talking about the in-house project and want to illustrate the expected returns to the investors that you have strong solid proof of your idea.

Our Stage-wise Approach For POC Web Development Services

To develop a POC solution, our team will help you go through three development stages that will help you build a potential solution for feasibility at the end. We have everything you need to see the viability of the project to decision-makers.

Theoretical Development

Theoretical Development

Irrespective of the project, if you have viable theoretical cases, it will give potential users & even stakeholders a clear picture about the productivity & feasibility of your idea.

Prototype Development

Prototype Development

When the theoretical process is over, the theory will also be put to test, by developing a working prototype, which might contain specific information like code, sketches, etc.

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

In this stage, an MVP tends to set off optimum features that can be used for years to come. MVP is the final stage, which is performed to test the feasibility of the product.

Engagement Models to Hire POC Developers

At YTII, hiring POC developers is simple. Comprehending your project’s need, we have designed various engagement models for reaching your dedicated development team.

Monthly Based

Monthly Based

Hire offshore staff for up to 160 hours a month

Manage team using your own methodologies

Get real-time updates on project development

Monthly billing cycles

Hourly Based

Hourly Based

Pay for the work done in hours

Add or revoke hours based on requirements

Communicate via your own preferred channels

Real-time updates via timesheet

Fixed-Cost Projects

Fixed-Cost Projects

Fix the project cost before hiring remote developers

Hire developers on a long-term basis

Extend your existing team & reduce time to market

Flexibility to change scope at nominal charges

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you have an idea for your project, and with Proof of Concept development services, we help figure out the practical potential and feasibility of that idea. We do that either by prototyping without code or an MVP, also known as a minimum viable product with minimum features set.

It is quite challenging to decide a specific time to develop the proof of concept. It majorly relies on the requirements, objectives, ideas, and the overall proof-of-concept development process. If you want to know the exact time to develop a proof of concept, we need to discuss your idea and business requirements.

At YTII, it depends on various factors, including your project requirements, total working hours, the development team you have chosen, the complexity of your project, the budget, and quite a few other factors. We need to discuss before we can help you get the exact quote to develop your proof-of-concept.

  • At first, we need to plan and prove the need by identifying the project particulars and the issues that we will help solve.
  • Next, Our team will start building a prototype based on analyzing your goals and requirements and ways to achieve the primary purpose of your app software.
  • The next stage is that your POC is tested among the targeted user-base to analyze the potential and customer responsiveness.
  • Lastly, we evaluate everything to develop a reasonable prediction in terms of your solutions. This helps determine the success rate and optimize it towards the best results.

For more details, feel free to contact us and share your ideas with us.

Not letting your Idea or project go through the proof-of-concept development services might lead to specific challenges like the failure of an idea, losses in terms of cost, and invested time. Hence, it is necessary to allow proof of concept to help identify whether your idea has practical potential or not.

There are several benefits of allowing your idea to go through proof-of-concept. Some of which are as follows:

  • Proof of concept mitigates the risk of choosing the wrong software for your project and business.
  • You can target opportunities for helping a business grow in the short, medium, and long run.
  • Developers can easily and frequently test their environment in isolation without interfering with another developer’s work or environment. Hence there is a testing of multiple ideas simultaneously without interrupting others’ work.
  • It helps you analyze the best resources you need to focus on for a project to complete within a decided time frame.
  • It helps you pre-plan your strategies to modify your priorities, goals, and budget. In addition, you can verify technical assumptions before bringing in additional resources or costs.

Of course, we can help you with proof-of-concept development services utilizing the latest tools and technologies. It is easy to discuss your ideas, project requirements with us, and even the tech stack you want us to work upon. Once all the needs are clear, we can comfortably take the lead ahead of that.

You can freely connect with us to discuss your queries or concerns anytime you want. We’ll be happy to help you.

Not at all! We can always connect during non-working hours and discuss your requirements right there and then with prior notice.

We understand that you can have new requirements or feedback to share with us while we're working on your project. Our team positively listens to you say and implements that in the project to help deliver effective results within time.

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