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The offshore outsourcing trend is booming worldwide. In fact, the demand to hire offshore developers is rising with each passing day.

Wondering what might be the possible reason behind this? From the affordable cost of hiring developers to access a wider pool of talent, there are countless perks of working with an offshore team.

Let’s start with understanding each aspect in detail with our guide to hiring offshore developers

Nowadays, it’s very hard for companies to sustain their value yearly. A research report of 2000 companies by Brain & Co. found that just one out of nine companies sustains profitable growth after a decade.

So, what exactly is required for companies to become successful?

Think creatively & make optimum use of the resources! Hiring offshore developers for a startup is an effective business approach that can lead your company to success. 

What else? You can extend your in-house team & reduce the extra load of work to utilize the resources efficiently.

For people who are new to this word, here’s a brief.

What is Offshore Development?

Offshore development is an efficient business approach where an IT company hires another IT company (in a foreign country) to perform specific tasks. These tasks may include website, software, mobile app, or product development.

Along with the best cost-cutting measures, outsourcing has many more benefits.

How to Get Started with Offshore Development?

How to Get Started with Offshore Development

  • Define your Business Goals: Make sure that you are clear about all your business goals. Keep the requirements short and crisp so that your offshore developers can understand your vision effectively.
  • Evaluate the Skillset: Identify the expertise and skills that you will require to fulfill your business objectives. Be clear about the technology stack you want to use while developing your product.
  • Plan your Budget: You need to plan your budget. You must be clear about the capital required to commence & complete the project. If you are a layman, consult an affordable offshore team and ask for a web and mobile app development proposal. It will help you determine whether you should hire mobile app developers.
  • List Down Top Offshore Development Companies: A wide variety of offshore countries have different advantages. Shortlist the countries and the companies based on time zone, culture, and developers offering the best price/quality ratio.

Pro Tip: India is one of the favorite outsourcing destinations for companies in the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. So, if you are residing in any of these countries, look out for offshore development services in India.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Developers?

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers - Your Team In India

1. Inexpensive Approach

Quartz reports state that 46% of start-ups fail as they run out of money in their starting phase. If you are a startup and searching for offshore developers for hire, you won’t have to face such a situation.

Hiring a team of offshore developers means you won’t have to spend your capital on overhead costs like office rent, salaries, insurance benefits, recruitment fees, etc.

Instead, you will be spending your funds on your business growth.

2. Improved Productivity and Quality

Offshore developers not only reduce the cost but also improves the development process, thereby saving time. It means that when you go for agile development with an offshore team on your side, there is no need to spend extra time training new employees.

Why? Well, the offshore developers you will hire will be experts in their field. So, by saving time & money on your team training, you can focus on your core business objectives.

3. Flexibility

Changing the technology stack becomes a challenge with an in-house team. However, when you are associated with a reliable offshore outsourcing company, you can easily switch between the different development teams (from iPhone app developers to React Native developers).

In fact, you will get the freedom to add or remove a developer to your offshore team. You just have to inform your partnered offshore development center prior to making any changes.

4. Accessibility to More Talent

Offshore outsourcing team offers many benefits, such as access to a large talent pool of professionals. Both web and mobile app development have numerous technology stacks, so, it’s impossible to get the developers for all technologies under one roof.

And offshore outsourcing solves this problem by allowing you to hire offshore developers and app developers.

5. Seize New Market Opportunities

As new technologies are emerging, companies look for ways to establish their presence before their competitors. AstraZeneca – Research-Based BioPharmaceutical Company tapped into the booming Chinese pharmaceutical market by investing in agile development with an offshore team.

In terms of software and mobile app development; AI and Blockchain are two emerging technologies. And if you don’t have an in-house team of AI developers or Blockchain developers, it is a good idea to build one in an offshore location and get an edge over your competitors.

6. It’s your Team

When you hire a dedicated offshore development team in India, you can guide your team according to your expectations and requirements. It means you are free to tell them your particular way of doing things. All in all, you can easily establish this from the outset.

Apart from established teams, there are a lot of freelancing platforms available online that give you access to offshore developers for hire.

7. Tax Savings

When you hire offshore app developers in countries like India, Ukraine, etc. you can take advantage of the tax incentives offered by them.

Software Developer Hourly Rate Comparison Across the Globe

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And, When Should You Hire Offshore Developers?

1. Business Scaling

Growth is a very crucial element of expansion. If your business is unable to incorporate various growth strategies like cost reduction or technology needed to improve performance, you might be hindering the ability to thrive in the marketplace.

Setting up an offshore development center offers operational flexibility and gives a competitive edge by helping in streamlining your business process, maintaining consistency across various geographies, enter into the international markets, or scale up/down efficiently.

Plus, this allows your organization to be flexible and nimble without diverting themselves from core competencies.

2. Restricted Budget

Startups usually have a restricted budget. And, it becomes very difficult for them to hire experienced professionals. Plus, providing systems, setting up infrastructure, and arranging other resources adds up to the cost.

If your business is facing this situation, it’s time to think out of the box, leading you to hire developers from an offshore location. By hiring offshore, you can have a team of experts and that too while saving up to 60% in comparison to working with an in-house team.

3. Core Skillset is Required

When all the business functions are housed together, everything becomes complicated. Development requires a good amount of time as well as attention.

Suppose that you operate a finance business and want to build a Flutter mobile app to digitalize your business. The requirement is just to build a mobile app, and hiring a developer locally on a permanent basis would be costly. So, what’s the option?

Just share your requirements with an outsourcing company & hire Flutter app developers to fulfill your requirements.

4. Challenging to Meet Customer Expectations

Is your company struggling to invest and keep itself updated with the latest innovative technology? Do you have software that requires 24*7 development or updates?

Hiring developers from an offshore location in collaboration with your existing local team can help you fulfill your requirements without increasing the operational costs.

5. Team Productivity is Dropping

Outsourcing is not about handing over the projects or tasks that your in-house team is not efficient, but it is advisable sometimes to outsource your core competencies as well.

The simple solution would be to build your product engineering team in a foreign country like India.

In fact, by outsourcing those specific tasks, you can free up time for in-house departments and flex their productivity muscles. Outsourcing has the ability to streamline the process or aid your team to complete a time-consuming task while not abandoning your daily tasks.

6. Experiencing Seasonal Spikes

Outsourcing companies specialize in anticipating and planning for peal call volumes, and they have the training abilities to ramp quickly when required. Supplementing staff when the customer base is growing allows your business to grow while staying focused on important tasks.

7. Team Abilities Become Doubtful

Outsourcing can amplify your team’s skill set. For example, the marketing team can check nine out of ten things but lacks one area. But, by outsourcing this task, you will be able to complete the ecosystem.

No matter what type of business it is, building it up via strategic outsourcing helps a lot.

While talking about the IT sector specifically, most businesses don’t specialize in different types of technologies. To establish and manage the project, outsourcing to a technology partner that has a good understanding will help the business thrive.

Where can you Hire Offshore Developers?

  • Get recommendations from your contacts.
  • Search terms like ‘Hire Developers’ or ‘hire a developer’ on the search engines.
  • Search for offshore teams on LinkedIn, Good Firms, Appfutura, Clutch, The Manifest, and other similar platforms.
  • Networking via conferences, seminars, hackathons, and meetups.

Offshore Developer Rates

One of the many reasons why many business owners prefer outsourcing is offshore developer rates. Due to the high cost of living in a major city such as London, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, etc., business owners find it expensive to build an in-house team. 

However, hire offshore developers to reduce costs isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Here are a few things that you should consider: 

1. Choose Wisely: Choosing and spending wisely will save you from dealing with problems at a later date. First of all, ask yourself how many offshore developers should I hire.

Moreover, it is beneficial to know your options while hiring offshore developers and you should always hire based on the most relevant criteria to you and your business.

In other words, don’t be hesitant to pay for proven quality. If you are up for it, then you will find top offshore developers for hire easily, via the help of the best software companies across the globe.

2. Analyze and Choose the Best: It is essential to ask the following questions before hiring an offshore development team:

  • A definite picture of the overall structure of the organization and key individuals.
  • Examples of their previous work related to your project.
  • A consistent approach to error and security reporting.
  • Previous customer reviews and testimonials.
  • A verifiable ability to scale and overcome hurdles in the project.

You can check our outsourcing ROI calculator to compare the in-source vs offshore outsourcing costs quickly. 

Offshore Development Team Structure

It is vital to understand the team structure before hiring offshore developers. Here are some of the fundamental roles within an offshore team:

1. Project Manager

He/she is the channel for you to reach the rest of the team. Make sure you are well coordinated with them, and you both stay on the same target and in the specified timeframe. The PM works with your allotted offshore development team to allocate the required resources, set targets and processes, and provide you the timely feedback.

2. Frontend and Backend Developers

The frontend team is responsible for managing the implementation as well as the visual aspects of your project. Supported by the backend developers, the front-end team brings your project to life. You need to make sure both of them are on the same page while implementing your requirements. 

3. Quality Assurance (QA)

quality assurance team will determine and supervise the in-house quality standards, evaluating your requirements and thus making sure that these continue in the same manner throughout the project. 

This is just a general structure, you can modify it according to your requirements and budget. 

A Complete Checklist on How To Hire Offshore Developers

Checklist on How To Hire Offshore Developers

It’s not a cakewalk job to find out a reliable offshore outsourcing team. You need skills and knowledge to hire offshore developers that will work on your vision to turn it into reality. 

To make the process easy for you, we have come up with a checklist that will help you simplify the hiring process of offshore developers.

1. Technical Expertise

This is the first thing you should look out for before you begin the process to hire offshore developers. Match their skills set with your required tech stack to filter out the developers that are unable to fulfill your business goals.

2. Proven Track Record

Look at the ranking of the company in Clutch, AppFutura, and other similar platforms. Check the LinkedIn profile of the company and look out for any recommendations. If possible, get in touch with the previous client and consider their feedback.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Problems arise from the smallest of errors. And to solve them, your offshore developers require creativity, teamwork, intelligence, decision making, and risk management. Therefore, your affordable offshore development team should be solution-oriented.

4. Business Skills

To perform exceptionally, your hired resource should have a thorough understanding of your industry. Having an adept knowledge of your business will give an upper hand to your offshore outsourcing team in delivering quality solutions.

5. Communication Skills

Every professional should be a good communicator. Programmers are no exception. During the project development phase, your offshore developers should be able to communicate effectively to ensure the smooth functioning of the project.

And documentation is an essential part of communication. So, make sure that both you and your team should document all the details of the project.

If a company cannot get a return of 25% on the investments, it needs to review the approach and fix the issue before moving ahead. 

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Many businesses have developed formulas advised by offshore outsourcing companies to build a more vital organization. Cisco – Networking Hardware Company is one of those companies that continuously applies the outsourcing models to achieve remarkable efficiency and effectiveness.

How to Effectively Manage Your Offshore Team?

So by now, you must be clear on how to hire offshore, but what about its management? If you do not implement clear and compelling communication lines, you might regret your decision. Check out these quick tips to help you in managing your affordable offshore development team: 

1. Avoid Lengthy Emails

Instead of using emails as a mode of communication frequently, you can opt for dedicated project management software such as Slack and Asana. 

2. Set Clear and Accessible Goals

Indefinite goals and obscure deadlines would neither help you or your remote development team, so it’s a good idea to set clear and measurable goals from the outset. This way, you can track the progress and can avoid the risk involved in unclear objectives.

3. Stay One Step Ahead

To lead an affordable offshore development team effectively, you need to be proactive, especially if you are indifferent to timeframes. Moreover, you can plan the weekly as well as monthly tasks and deadlines prior to your team. This way, you will feel more confident while hiring offshore developers.

What Are the Most Popular Projects and Services to Outsource in 2022 [and Beyond]?

Here is the list of services that are most frequently outsourced all over the world: 

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Website Maintenance
  3. Software Development
  4. Mobile App Development
  5. Product Engineering Team
  6. Training and Consulting
  7. Offshore Development Center

Based on our extensive experience in these domains, we offer the technology stack that is best suited for your sector. With us, you can hire top offshore developers in India according to your requirements.

Check the video to know who we are and how we can help you:

Top 10 Offshore Development Companies

1. Your Team in India

We’re your offshore development partner. Work with our offshore development team and bring down the development cost up to 60% with our dedicated offshore developers in India. With a vision to deliver quality work at commendable cost, we enable our clients to hire offshore quickly (a team of Indian developers) at cost-effective prices with zero setup investment.

2. Signity Solutions

Different projects require different skill sets, as well as abilities and Signity Solutions, which have the best and highly-skilled developers who can bring out-of-the-box results. On collaborating with Signity Solutions, you will have a multidisciplinary team, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and an ethical approach to reach the goals.

3. Fraction Tech

Fraction Tech is an offshore IT solution provider firm providing the best business solutions around the world. They primarily focus on providing outsourced IT services to clients according to their requirements. 

4. Full Stack Development Company

They provide skilled offshore developers for full stack development services including PHP to MEAN Stack, Node.js, Angular.JS, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Laravel, Vue.js, jQuery, and others.

5. Thirst Technolabs

Thirst Technolabs provides various IT services, including software development, mobile development services, and application maintenance for efficient information management for enterprises of all levels.

6. Angular Development Company

If you need intuitive applications and dynamic websites with top-of-the-line technologies, they can assist you with the best. They have In-house, Front-End Experts, Business Analysts, Angular Specialists & Designers.

7. Rexav LLP – Offshore Development Center

Rexav LLP is an outsourcing agency offering to design for websites, web applications, and mobile applications to various offshore clients. From cost-effective strategies to accurate results, they are known for their efficient offshore services. 


With their innovative business solutions, they have gained the spot for one of the best IT companies in India. You can hire dedicated developers to bring digital transformation to your business.

9. DataEximIT

Leverage their vast experience to create innovative and customized mobile apps for your business. They offer complete IT outsourcing services to cater to your business needs.

10. DataItSolutions

With a goal to provide highly customized solutions to global IT decision-makers & professionals, Data IT Solutions is one of the best companies providing IT services to help you achieve your business goals.


In a nutshell, it has now become more important than ever to leapfrog the competition. So, a lot of companies are choosing the road to offshore outsource their development requirements.

However, before you shake hands with an offshore development center, clearly define your needs, required skill set, and plan the budget accordingly. Additionally, you should consider agile development with offshore team that has:

  • Proven track record
  • Access to the latest code
  • Experienced professionals
  • Different Price models
  • Quality standards
  • Frequent deployment
  • Proactivity

How Can Your Team in India Help You to Hire Offshore Developers?

Based in India, the USA, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, your Team in India will help you with whatever it takes to give your business an extra edge in the competition.

From Java, Python to NodeJs, and Flutter app development, our offshore developers in India have immense expertise to complete your project successfully.

If you are looking for a free consultation on your product development, share your requirements, or contact us at [email protected].com, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.


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