Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in 2024

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in 2023

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Are you searching for the top mobile app development companies? We've got you covered! Our blog showcases the top 10 companies that excel in creating great mobile apps. It also covers the factors to consider before selecting an app development company for your next project.

Consumer behaviour has changed since the introduction of smartphones. According to data from 2022, mobile phones accounted for 60.66% of website traffic. Today, most internet users prefer using smartphones over desktops for accessing information. 

Moreover, it is reported that the market for mobile apps was around 206.85 bn USD in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 228.98 bn in 2023. 

Global Mobile Application Market share by application
Source: Grand View Research

Users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites, as evident from the accelerated growth of the mobile app market. No wonder there is a massive increase in mobile app development companies. 

Having multiple options to outsource mobile app development may look great for a business wanting to build its app. However, it also brings you the challenge of finding the best companies for mobile app development.

But don’t worry; we have your back. We have done all the research and curated the list of the best mobile app development companies to help you make informed decisions.

Key Takeaways
  • Understanding your target audience when outsourcing mobile app development is essential to ensure success.
  • List of top mobile app development companies leading the way in innovation and the latest technologies.
  • Consider cost, scalability, industry knowledge, and feedback when choosing a mobile app development company.

So, without further delay, let us look at the ten best app development companies globally.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies

When outsourcing mobile app development, it is imperative to know your target audience and their mobile devices. This helps you decide whether to create an Android, iOS, or hybrid app.

Hence, take the time to gather this information to ensure the success of your mobile app. We have also created a roadmap to mobile app development in order to assist you with the same. You can refer to it before making any decision. 

Here’s the list of the best mobile app development companies in 2023:

1. Your Team in India (YTII)

Your Team In Indian Banner

Your team in India is an offshore development company in India, helping businesses globally to build product development teams or augment their IT teams. They offer a talent pool of 200+ software developers across technologies and infrastructure support to help you scale operations quickly. 

YTII assists enterprises in creating all types of mobile applications, both iOS and Android. You can even hire offshore developers for any technology and outsource your mobile app development to them. 

  • Founded in 2009
  • Company size: 200+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $18 per hour
  • Location: Headquarters- Punjab, India & New Jersey, USA
  • Clutch Ratings-  5

Services Offered: IT Staff Augmentation, Offshore Development Service, Hire Developers, MVP Development, Mobile App Development, Web App Development, PWA Development, Technology Migration, Product Enhancement, Maintenance and Support

2. Signity Solutions

Signity Solutions Banner

Signity Solutions is a digital transformation company offering global consulting and business process solutions. It is one of the top mobile app development company India and an excellent choice for small and large enterprises seeking top-quality design and user experience in their app.

Besides mobile app development, it offers comprehensive IT services, including web app development, custom software development, RPA solutions, generative AI, cloud computing & marketing automation.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Company size- 200+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $18 per hour
  • Location: Headquarters - Punjab, India; Global offices - New Jersey, USA, and Auckland, New Zealand
  • Clutch Ratings- 4.9

Services Offered: Robotic Process Automation, Testing Automation, Marketing Automation, MVP Development & Consulting, Custom Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Enterprise Software Development, AWS Development Services, AWS Cloud Architecture Services, DevOps, Digital Marketing Services, Marketing Automation

3. The NineHertz

The NineHertz

The NineHertz is a highly regarded IT company that excels in crafting innovative mobile apps and top-notch web development services. Their team possesses a vast wealth of expertise in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AR/VR, and Big Data, and they are highly skilled in Salesforce, digital marketing, and e-commerce services.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Company size: 250+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $25 per hour
  • Location: Headquarters - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India; Global offices- USA, UAE,  Canada, UK, Australia, Isreal
  • Clutch Ratings- 4.8

Services Offered: App Development, Salesforce Development, Web Development, On-Demand App Development, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Development, CMS Development

4. Orangesoft


Orangesoft is among the top mobile app development companies in the market. With expertise in emerging technologies, they offer full-cycle software development services. They provide highly effective and cost-efficient app development solutions across various industries. 

  • Founded in 2011
  • Company size- 90+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $50 per hour
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Clutch Ratings: 5

Services Offered: Mobile application development, Web development, UI/UX design, MVP app development for startups, Product discovery workshops, Quality assurance and testing, Staff augmentation

5. TechAhead


TechAhead is a mobile app development company trusted by Fortune 500 companies to Startups. With a talent pool of experts across technology, TechAhead aids businesses in developing and upgrading their mobile applications with ease. No matter what your needs are, whether it's creating a native or cross-platform app or finding a partner to help solve your IoT and Cloud challenges, they have got you covered.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Company size: 250+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $50 per hour
  • Location: Headquarters - California USA; Global offices- India
  • Clutch Ratings: 4.8

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Internet Of Things‎ (IoT), Staff Augmentation, Digital Product Engineering, Legacy Modernization, Application Maintenance, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development

6. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains InfoTech Pvt Ltd is a company that specializes in enterprise software development and IT consulting. They are known for their app development skills and have won many awards for their achievements. With over 2400 clients in 107 countries, they have grown significantly over the past two decades.

  • Founded in 2003
  • Company size: 750+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $25 per hour
  • Location: Headquarters- Gujarat, India; Global offices- USA, UK, Norway, Nigeria
  • Clutch Ratings: 4.7

Services Offered: Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Front End Development, Microsoft Development, Hire Dedicated Developers, Product Prototyping, Cloud & DevOps

7. Sourcebits


Sourcebits, now known as Ascendum, is a global technology firm that Fast Company has recognized as the Best Workplace for Innovators for the 2021-2022 year. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions and ideas and has received numerous awards.

It provides custom software development, design-led engineering, intuitive interfaces, and IT staff augmentation.

  • Founded in 2006
  • Company size: 100+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $100 per hour
  • Location: Headquarters- California, USA; Global offices- India
  • Clutch Ratings- 4.1

Services Offered: Custom Software Development, UX/UI Design, IoT Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Artificial Intelligence, Team Augmentation

8. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions stands out as a prominent digital innovation and mobile app development company renowned for its exceptional solutions across various industries, including healthcare, on-demand services, real estate, food and restaurant, eCommerce, social networking, and more.

Boasting a robust workforce of over 180 experts and a rich experience spanning more than a decade, Konstant Infosolutions offers dedicated services to startups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), as well as large enterprises worldwide.

  • Founded in 2003
  • Company size: 50-249 employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $25 per hour
  • Location: Jaipur, India
  • Clutch Ratings: 4.8

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Cross Platform App Development, E-commerce & CMS, UI & UX Designing, Staff Augmentation & Dedicated, Teams Opensource Development, Quality Assurance, NFT Development, App Prototype & Strategy, Wearable App Development, Progressive Web Apps, IoT Development, Cloud Computing, Software Maintenance & Support

9. Eleviant Tech 

Eleviant Tech

Eleviant Tech, also known as Impiger Technologies, Inc., is a tech company with Mobile, Cloud, Web, IoT, AR, RPA, and AI expertise. In the past two decades, they have worked in Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, and Services. They have successfully built 500+ Mobile Apps, 350+ web portals, and 100+ automation/engagement solutions.

  • Founded in 2004
  • Company size: 400+ employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $25
  • Location: Headquarters- Texas, USA; Global offices- India
  • Clutch Ratings: 4.7

Services Offered: Digital Transformation, Automation, Cloud Migration, Mobile App Development, RPA Automation Process, Workflow Microsoft SharePoint migration, Flows, Teams Modern WebCMS, Quality Engineering ADA, QA, AI, ML, Blockchain Development Cybersecurity

10. 3 Sided Cube

3 sided cube

3 Sided Cube is among the top mobile app companies in the world, working with organizations dedicated to solving global problems like the fight against natural disasters, combating deforestation, creating solutions to overcome the shortage of blood donation, and helping to reduce the impact of plastic pollution. They have created tech solutions for American Red Cross, UNHCR LUSH, Global Forest Watch, and World Resources Institute.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Company size: 200 employees
  • Mobile developer rates start at - $100
  • Location: Headquarters- Bournemouth, United Kingdom; Global offices- USA
  • Clutch Rating: 4.8

Services Offered: Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Custom Software Development

The enterprises mentioned above are the top app development companies in the world, and if you are a business seeking to build a robust and scalable mobile app, these are your best bets.

Seeking reliable mobile app development companies in India to hire skilled mobile app developers for your next project? We can help.

But to find which of these companies fit your requirement the most, you must consider certain factors.

Factors to consider while choosing a mobile app development company

You must analyze some important factors before choosing a company for mobile app development. Understanding the impact of the following factors will, in large measure, determine the nature of your relationship with your preferred mobile app development company: 

1. Experience and expertise: Consider the experience with the platforms you're targeting before outsourcing your mobile app development. 

  • Do they hold experience in building solutions for your industry? 
  • Do they have the right tech stack to support the development?
  • Do they have a team of skilled developers who can comprehend your requirements and deliver a top-notch app?

2. Portfolio: A portfolio assessment is a must to understand the true capability of your mobile app development partner. It gives you insight into the company's style, work quality, and ability to work on complex projects.

3. References: Talk to the previous clients of the organization to get real insights into the company’s work culture and ethics. Request references from their past clients’ handle projects.

4. Cost: Budget is an important criterion when outsourcing mobile app development. Various factors affect mobile app development costs, including technologies, the number of developers, the complexity of work, and outsourcing location. Be sure to request a detailed cost estimate before initiating any work.

5. Communication: The company must have good communication skills and promptly address any inquiries or worries you may have. Additionally, they should collaborate with you to establish a customized plan that caters to your requirements.

6. Security: The company must have a robust security policy to safeguard your data, especially when your application deals with sensitive information.

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After taking these factors into account, begin to narrow down your options. You must conduct interviews with multiple companies before finalizing your decision. This will help you in finding the right company that meets your requirements.

Why choose YTII to outsource mobile app development in India?

YTII is a renowned name in the world of offshore development and a trusted mobile app development company in India. With its large and pre-vetted resources, YTII can help you hire a talented team of mobile developers to speed up your development and reduce time to market. 

Whether you want to hire iOS developers or hire Android developers or seek resources to build a hybrid, cross-platform app, we have programmers across tech stacks to assist you.

Want to create a team of Indian developers to build your next mobile app? Let us help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to hire a top mobile app development company?
The cost of hiring a top mobile app development company can vary between $10000 to $105000 per annum depending on factors like technology stacks, the complexity of the project, the number of resources deployed on the project, and the location of the outsourcing company.
What criteria should be used to evaluate the top mobile app development companies?
When evaluating top mobile app development companies, factors such as industry and technology expertise, work portfolio, app development process, client reviews, project budget, communication skills, and data security measures should be considered before selecting them for your app development project.
What are the top 5 mobile app development trends to follow in 2023?
The top 5 mobile app trends to follow in 2023 are AI (artificial intelligence) & ML(machine learning),  AR(augmented reality) & VR(virtual reality), cloud-based apps, Low-code/no-code platforms, and chatbots.
Is it safe to outsource your mobile app development?
Yes, outsourcing mobile app development help you build high-quality product at lower costs and high speed, reducing your product’s time to market. 
But you must carefully analyze your app development partner's capabilities, skills, and trustworthiness before outsourcing your project.

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