Pros and Cons of Hiring Offshore Developers and Doing it Right!

To get an edge over the competition, development companies around the globe want to work with top-notch developers. However, the high salary demand of local developers is shifting the focus of companies towards offshore development.

And why not?

By hiring offshore developers you can easily save up to 70% of the development cost. That’s huge! Moreover, with 68% of the millennial population is willing to work virtually. The unprecedented growth of the outsourcing industry is quite obvious.

In fact, the employment trends forecast of the World Economic Forum says that remote working has become a major driver of the workforce transformation.

pros and cons of hiring offshore developers - Your Team in India

Still, hiring offshore developers is worth all the efforts? Would it really benefit you? What if it didn’t? Here’s a complete guide on its pros and cons. Take a look and find out yourself.

The Pros

  1. Reduces turnover rates: A study done by Stanford University revealed that employee turnover rate falls by a whopping 50% by hiring a remote workforce. Working from the comforts of home drives employee’s efficiency and productivity. Thereby, triggering their job satisfaction and loyalty while escalating the profitability of the company.
  2. Considerable elimination of overhead costs: Operational costs decrease significantly through remote working. According to the reports of Forbes magazine, firms like Cisco and Aetna reportedly save an approx of $277 million and $78 million respectively through remote workforce options. Isn’t that massive?
  3. Promotes environmental friendliness: Working remotely doesn’t require commuting. Therefore, the environment witnesses a considerable reduction in carbon footprints and helps companies go green and save the environment.
  4. Gives access to an expanded pool of talents: Hiring offshore developers allows you to get hold of an extended pool of global talents. And that too at reasonable rates, without having to worry about geographical restrictions and relocation issues.
  5. Facilitates higher engagement level: A survey done by Global Workplace Analytics revealed that an approx of 53% of offshore developers are open to work overtime in comparison to their in-house counterparts where only 28% employees are open to doing the same. Doesn’t it speak volumes about the engagement level of remote employees? The flexible working hours is definitely a motivating factor in increasing the engagement and productivity of remote workers.

The Cons

  1. Management and control issues: Working with offshore developers might lead to certain management and control issues. However, you can easily resolve these issues by hiring a dedicated IT outsourcing company. It ensures that your tasks will be complete in the required time frame.
  2. Lack of proper coordination and availability: Since the products developed needs to be regularly updated, the time zone difference can be a barrier in coordination and instant availability of the remote developers. Though a prior intimation regarding the same can help in coordinating with the remote team effectively.
  3. Language and cultural differences: Language and cultural differences can be an issue. Hence, it becomes imperative to hire developers from an outsourcing provider who understands, coordinates and supervises your outsourced employees well.
  4. Security issues: Since all information is on the cloud, your confidential data can be at risk while working with remote developers. So, make sure you to have a deep insight into the NDA, IT policies and security parameters of the outsourcing provider you are going to work with.

Now, as you are very well aware of the pros and cons of hiring remote developers, it is clear to understand the fact that pros of IT outsourcing are weightier and that the cons can be done away with if we choose the right outsourcing or the remote development center partner or company.

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You can easily take care of the cons with proper control & management. All you require is an impeccable outsourcing provider and you are good to go.

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