Outsourcing vs In-House Team: What’s Good for Your Business

In the modern age, every business is directly or indirectly connected to Information Technology (IT). When we talk about IT, we are talking about Software, Networks, Mobile Apps, Websites and so many other things. For anything to happen in IT, it requires development. For Software, it requires Software Development. For a Mobile App, it requires Mobile App Development and so on.

There are many different ways in which this development process kick-starts. However, the Outsourced and the In-House Development Models are most commonly used approaches towards the entire SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle or Development.


It becomes extremely important from a business owner’s point of view to identify the most appropriate development model in order to avoid a major collapse. Having said that, how does one decide that which one is better? Let’s find out.

In-House Development
In-House is an approach where a company sets up a team within the company and trains them as per the requirement. In other words, the company takes away the dependency factor out of the equation and keeps it with them.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Before you jump on to Outsourced Mobile App Development, let us see the key benefits that make Outsourcing a good to have an idea.

− Takes away Dependency
In-House Development allows you to have the code and technology at your end. And when you have the developer, the code and the technology at your end, you are not dependent on the other part to provide you anything that might cause conflicts.

− Complete Ownership
When you have the development setup at your own backyard, you are free to change it as per your requirement without any limitations. It gives you the freedom to take complete ownership of your actions.

Outsourced Development
Outsourcing usually in business refers to getting your work done by another organization. An Outsourced Solution would mean that let’s say that “Company A” wants to get a Software developed. They’ll contact “Company B” to develop their Software rather than going for an In-House Development Model.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Before you jump on to Outsourced Mobile App Development, let us see the key benefits that make Outsourcing a good to have an idea.

− Cost Efficient
When you go for an In-House Development, you will always pay more than the Outsourced Solution because it will require Manpower, Technology. Both Manpower and Technology comes at some cost which is comparatively higher than Outsourced Solution.

− Saves Time
Now since you are getting the Mobile App developed from another party, you can always set a timeframe by which you can ask them to keep the Mobile App ready. You cannot have this liberty in In-House Development Model.

− Skillful Development
When you hire an organization for a specific job after severe shortlisting, you look for expertise and that’s exactly what the organization offers.Premium Developers, Advanced Technical Tools and Development Methodology are only a few things that Outsourcing Company can offer youapart from a robust and durable Mobile App.

− Requirement Specific
If you have a limited set of requirement, then Outsourcing is the most apt approach. You explain your requirements to the Outsourcing Company and they develop your requirement and their job is done.

We’ll try to compare both the approaches to help you understand the most efficient and prolific approach for your business.

In-House Development Outsource Development
Cost Involved
−  Costlier than Outsourced Development because the entire team will have to be paid a certain salary.

−  Setting-up the technical requirement is going to cost a lot.

−  Cost can be cheaper in the Outsourced Development because the Outsourcing Company will already have a designated team and required technologies.


Skill Set Required
−  Finding the required Skill Set and then training them as per your required can be very challenging. −  Outsourcing Company will already have a Trained Team.
Time Involved
−  Consumes more time than the Outsourced Development because training the team takes additional time. −  Consumes less time because the Outsourcing Company will have the Skilled Team already at their premises.

Outsourced and In-House Developments have their own set of challenges and advantages. Study your requirement very carefully and then only you can see yourself in a position to choose between them. Having said that, if your requirement is limited then go for the Outsourced Approach but if your requirement changes rapidly then it’s good to have an In-House Team that can deal with the frequently changing requirements efficiently.

Still confused in choosing the correct one between Outsource and In-House Development for your business? Drop us a line at info@yourteaminindia.com and we’d be happy to help!

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