Freelancers vs. Offshore Development Company

Freelancers vs. Offshore Development Company

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Whether you have a ground-breaking idea that requires technical help from scratch or have the full product specification document done. Both freelancer and offshore software development companies can help you develop projects from the offset. However, choosing the right option for the project and company is crucial as it lowers the chances of failure.   There is often a lack of understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring freelancers or an offshore development company, so here is a comprehensive guide shedding light on the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer and a development company to help you make an informed decision. Also, see which cases each type of contractor suits best.  Read “2022’s checklist to hire offshore development team” to effectively work with  Your remote team.

Freelancers Vs. Offshore Development Company - Make The Right Choice

Let’s reveal the ins and outs of each approach. 

Offshore Development Company

Freelancer’s commitment to the dedicated project until its completion and successful launch. So, afterward, if one faces any challenge or plans to improvise on the product by integrating new features, the freelancers might not be available to address it, which eventually creates a challenge for businesses to find other resources to do it. 

The first and foremost pros of hiring an offshore software development team is that they won’t estrange your in-house developers as soon as the software development project is finished.  Hiring dedicated developers from a trusted offshore development company ensures an added advantage of getting maintenance and support for a specific period even after deploying your software.

Long-Term Association

Due to the fragile nature of professional relationships, even though you spend considerable time with freelancers for project development, a sense of belonging is not generated at both ends.  

Typically, freelancers prefer working on a project-to-project basis with clients directly to earn better profits which makes it daunting for them to work on a long-term project.

Offshore development companies prefer building relationships with clients and implementing projects for those clients over the long term. Working on trust-building is more efficient for companies rather than focusing on the number of projects coming. 

Notably, the long-term relationship also means constant maintenance of the current product, regular updates and bugs-fixes, and maybe even adding additional functionalities and features. Besides, you can choose a suitable hiring model to meet your project requirements cost-effectively.

Expertise in Building Software Solution

One advantage of hiring freelancers is that they’re typically very skilled in one specific domain. Since freelancers run their own business, they usually try to become an expert in one niche. And not to mention, they might not be able to guide you on the right technology needed for your project, so you may have to go through the trial-and-error method in choosing the perfect match for your project development.

When you hire an offshore team, you work with a whole group of professionals (developers, designers, QA’s, and many more) with extensive skills and knowledge. Also, they have worked on many types of projects leveraging different technologies and therefore have much greater expertise. To be precise, there’s almost a skilled expert ready to address a given issue at any moment. 

IP Protection & Data Security

Confidentiality is a threat by hiring freelancers. Especially in the IT domain, confidentiality is a means of survival. Due to their small-scale operations, freelancers lack the proper infrastructure to support data privacy and security and cannot provide enterprise-level protection.

With an offshore software development partner, your IP ownership is legally protected with complete confidentiality as they adhere to NDA. Furthermore, a trusted offshore development company includes enterprise-grade security and regular security audits to ensure an excellent security system. 

We at YTII highly recommend signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before starting work with a freelancer or a trusted software development company.


Since freelancers work independently, no one can verify whether they have followed the best coding standards and practices. Although it’s much harder to hold freelancers accountable as they focus on the end product, they might not be much concerned about the quality.   

Besides, you cannot fully control freelancers’ work and ensure that they work on your task at a particular moment. Also, freelancer developers may encounter challenges with organization and time management.

Offshore development team steps in as consultants whenever the project demands great care of their clients and products. They focus on providing qualitative services from project requirement and business process analysis to R&D, technical support, coding and are more process-oriented, allowing them to provide the best service. 

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of hiring an offshore development company is that they provide project oversight between the client and the developers to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Also, their senior tech experts constantly keep track of the worked hours, quality, and feedback from the client to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Know tips and tricks to efficiently manage your offshore team.

On-Demand Scalability

Working with freelancers means hiring a single person at once only, but if the project requires multiple experts, hiring multiple freelancers across different development stages becomes a cumbersome and expensive affair, causing unnecessary delays. And further needs expertise or need to address some challenges encountered post-launch of the software, you need to look for someone else again and again. 

Another challenge in working with freelancers for project development is that businesses have to deal with several contact points as they work as independent contractors.

An offshore development company has a large pool of readily available, highly-skilled software developers across technologies, which makes on-demand scaling an easy option. The team can be scaled horizontally or vertically whenever the project demands it.

When to choose freelancer or offshore software development company

Offshore Software Development Company

As freelancers strive to hone their skills and get solid expertise in one specific area, they are beneficial to hire for some specific tasks, like 

  • Small projects- 2-3 months engagement 
  • Simple execution.- Website or to complete similar projects they have already implemented
  • Low-budget

Software development team make a better choice for big projects and startup development alike.

  • Larger project. 1-6 years of engagement
  • Complex execution
  • Require expertise across technology stacks
  • Mobile app development

A professional offshore software development company like Your Team in India (YTII) offers a complete cycle of services. From professional consulting, business analysis, business idea evaluation to end-to-end product engineering support. These stages are crucial, especially if you are trying to establish yourself in the already existing hierarchy. 

Moreover, by hiring an offshore development company, you get a professional core architecture team, designers, developers, dedicated relationship managers, QAs, etc. 

Software Development Company








Smaller Tasks

Bigger or Complicated Projects





Higher Risks

Lower Risks





Specific Skill Set

Collective Skill Set







So if you are looking for an offshore development team to provide a comprehensive approach for your IT project, feel free to contact us for top-quality software design and development services. 

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