A Guide On How to Hire Developers For Startup [Successful Tips]

Hire Developers For Startup

Getting landed on this post means that you are looking for dedicated offshore software developers to fulfill the IT requirements of your startup.

In a world that keeps running on code, it is challenging to hire developers for startups or software development company nearby or in a foreign country that is best. Well, not just developers, but certified and experienced professionals.

Nowadays, you need to build innovative products to make a difference. This requires strategic planning and reliable Indian coders.

As your startup begins to cultivate, every new hire fundamentally changes the company’s DNA. And it becomes important to take a strategic and systematic hiring approach.

To address the issue, it is imperative to first evaluate the challenges that most startups face before you start looking out for a dedicated team of software developers.

Let’s begin;

Top Challenges to Hire Software Developers for Startups

1. No Hiring Expertise

Certain skills are important not only for your business to survive but also for growth. Startups or small companies usually struggle as they lack the knowledge, resources, and hiring time.

Usually, startups do not have a dedicated in-house recruiting manager, which makes the process to hire developers for startup more challenging.

If this is the case with your startup, then it is best to consult an offshore software development company and hire developers from them.

2. Not an Established Brand

As a startup, it is less likely to have an established brand name. So, it becomes difficult for expert programmers to trust your startup and become a part of it.

Being an expert, software engineers don’t take risks willingly and prefer to work with companies that are stable.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

Success always brings expectations with it. To be successful, startups initially set unrealistic expectations from their offshore software team, which leads to unexpected results.

Sustainability is the name of the game and it requires consistent efforts. So, you have to keep a view of the resources available, the extent of the potential growth, and other factors. 

4. Lack of Planning

Many startups falter as they forget to plan. Or maybe they did but were unable to implement everything. You should be flexible enough to cover the key areas like sales, development, staffing, skills shortage.

Get all the details right, no matter how small.

In fact, you should consider setting up an offshore delivery center in a foreign country with experience in handling similar projects.

5. Time Management

There is never enough time. There are millions of decisions to be made and many tasks need to be accomplished. However, you need to prioritize decision-making.

Evaluate what is important and what can be postponed. Give a deadline to every task so that it is completed on time.

6. Unable to Offer Competitive Salaries

Startups pay lower salaries in comparison to established organizations, for obvious reasons. This is one of the reasons it is hard to compete with big brands.

Why would the best Indian coders work for your company instead of a well-known organization that offers a stable salary and other benefits?

Now as we are aware of all the challenges and know what mistakes we need to avoid, let’s take a look at some of the possible solutions.

How to Attract and Hire Developers for Your Startup?How to Attract & Hire Developers for Startup?

According to LinkedIn’s research, the company’s culture is one of the main reasons for changing jobs. When there are so many challenges in your way to hire software engineers for startups, how will you get the best talent?

Don’t fret, we will help you with it.

Great employees, especially the ones having strong technical skills, are difficult to come by. In this fiercely competitive world, having a dedicated team of Indian coders is the one that wins.

So, if you are a small company that doesn’t have money for extracurricular activities or a gourmet cafeteria, here’s the process to attract and set up a team of software engineers for your startup;

1. Communicate your Organization’s Culture Effectively

Undoubtedly, startups have a different company culture in comparison to established brands. This turns out to be great for many. Working in a startup is always dynamic, interesting, and exciting.

There is always a possibility to make a difference as there is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where everyone is known to each other. So, communicate your company’s culture on social media networks while you are hiring tech talent for your startup.

2. Do Small Things to Stand Out

You have to keep in mind, that you are competing with industry leaders. So, you must do some small things that make the difference. Maintain a blog and update it regularly.

Conduct seminars, events, office get-together, and upload on the internet.

3. Stay Up to Date with Technology

We can say that most professionals are always excited to be working on new technology. Being a startup, it is difficult to incorporate the latest tech but it is not that challenging.

Embracing new technologies can help increase productivity while reducing the overall cost. Also, it can act as a bonus point for your startup and will motivate remote developers to work for your company.

4. Partner with Colleges

Fresh college graduates can be a great addition to your startup. They are enthusiastic individuals who can be molded like clay in the right direction.  Evaluate their skills and initially offer them an internship. Make them permanent if they continue to perform exceptionally well.

It is definitely one of the best ways to find and hire developers for startups, without any investment.

5. Emphasize On your Product

Many software engineers would love to work for any startup that has an interesting product. It also helps them to learn new things and grow professionally. However, you have to ensure that you portray your product in a way that looks unique.

6. Flexible Working Conditions

A Deloitte survey of 1000 employees displayed a lack of flexibility is one of the major reasons a millennial would quit their job.

Most of the big names have very strict work policies as well as rules. Startups are way more flexible. They have flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely.

Thus, working with a remote development team can be the best possible solution for your startup.

4 Successful Tips to Hire Developers for Startup

4 Basics Tips to Hire Developers for Startup

Every team member should have a well-defined role and responsibility. The team leader should designate every coder of their respective tasks regarding the project and then they are accountable for the deliverables.

There should always be a sense of shared responsibility to achieve the mission of finishing and deliver a quality product.

Your Startup Recruiting Plan Should Have Four Basic Parts:

  • Clearly Defined Roadmap: Why, when, where to hire a developer, and how to move ahead with recruitment.
  • The Mission Statement for Every Role: Attract candidates that are aligned to the business vision.
  • Detailed Job Description: It should include KPI and a good understanding of what is required of the role and how it will contribute to the business.
  • Clear Interview Process: The candidate should know what is to be expected of the entire experience.

What Should be the Ideal Team Size of Your Startup?

As a cumbersome and tiring process of hiring is, it is still very important. After all, you will be having the best coders who will be the prominent differentiating factor of your startup for the upcoming years.

Wondering how many members should be there in a dedicated software team? Well, there should be only 4-6 employees initially.

How to Prepare your Startup for Early Hiring?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for early-stage hiring. So, before you start looking for an early-stage candidate, it is a must to evaluate the needs of your company and define principles.

Without these guiding principles, it will be challenging for you to hire developers for startups.

Your needs are tricky right-now. But, at a later stage, you will be having a concrete growth goal and initiative requiring new hires. Right now your requirements are based on funding.

Looking for Programmers? Consider these Traits Before you Hire!

Consider these Traits Before you Hire developers for startups

Before hiring developers for a startup, you should know what traits to look for. Recruiting, hiring, and interviewing techniques are to be adopted to the business size, culture, location, job responsibilities, and various other factors.

Hiring the top Indian coders requires marketing and sales techniques to pique the developer’s interest.

How to Hire Software Developers in your Startup?

Working in a startup has minimal supervision, quickly getting adapted, and multitasking. Considering the work peculiarities of a startup, take a look at the below-mentioned characteristics of a developer before you hire:

1. Multi-Tasking Abilities

In order to function properly, a small company having a limited number of employees should have people who can multitask. Hire Developers who are willing to take on duties and responsibilities.

2. Curiosity

Curiosity is in great and generous minds, the first passion, and the last.- Samuel Jhonson

This also applies to startup programmers. IT pushes them to learn new languages, experiment, and look for new solutions. So, it’s best to hire web or app developers that are full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

3. Flexible

In order to quickly adapt to the market changes, it is important to hire programmers that are flexible and adaptable.

A lot of times it is expected from software developers to put in some extra efforts both in terms of time and creativity. So, it is good to communicate your terms and expectations with your team before hiring them.

4. Willingness to Grow

If everything goes according to the plan, your startup will experience exponential growth. This is the reason why you should have candidates that have the willingness to learn and grow with your company by taking on new responsibilities and tasks.

5. Business Objectives

When you start the process to hire developers for startup, you need to be very precise about your business objectives.

Set clear and attainable goals to ensure that everyone in the team knows what they are aspiring. Every team member should have a sense of shared responsibility regarding the layout and technical aspects of the project.



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6. Efficient Communication

Make sure there is a healthy communication environment where each member is comfortable in sharing and expressing ideas, issues, and opinions.

If you become successful to hire a developer or a team having good communication, your startup will become capable of solving problems at a faster pace.

Thus, it is best to set up a team of dedicated offshore developers that can communicate effectively.

7. Open-Mindedness

A good software developer is always open-minded. Look for someone who is ready to change their opinion while having a discussion with the team thereby uncover new information.

No individual is omniscient and anyone can suggest ideas.

8. Data-Driven

It is more important to make decisions based on data rather than their own preferences. It is very easy to be deceived by their own judgment. At the end of the day, software developers are a part of a business and they should know what is best for their business based on data and facts.

9. Accept Criticism

Hiring developers for startups who can positively take criticism is important. If someone in the team feels something is inappropriate and points out, convenience the person with your opinion or change accordingly.

After all, making a mistake happens to everyone. The best thing is to try to learn from them and avoid them in the future. Look for talent in the right places;

Hiring coders in India is challenging because many of them are already employed elsewhere and may not be on an active outlook for job opportunities.

10. Hire for Attitude than Experience

Experienced candidates may get attracted to the growth opportunities that come with working in a different environment. Experience comes with expectations and these expectations are usually financial.

If you want to combat this, you must hire developers with the right mindset and attitude.

Technical skills are of course mandatory and they have to be evaluated. However, during the interview, it is also important to assess the candidate towards the role and the company as a whole.

Note: Check out these bonus tips while hiring software developers!

1. Patience is the Key

When you hire developers for startup, patience is the key to onboarding the right employee. You might have to go through a long list of candidates before you hire developers for startup.

Don’t get carried away by the fancy resume ensure they are ready to give it all whenever required.

2. Hire on a Contractual Basis

There might be an instance when you are impressed with the skill set of the candidate but you don’t have enough salary to offer. In such scenarios, it is advisable to hire a dedicated developer or a team of developers by outsourcing your project.

In-house Team vs Outsourcing: What is better for your Startup?

As a startup, you may face the dilemma of hiring in-house vs offshore developers. Reliable platforms help connect entrepreneurs and developers.

Because your business is in its initial stage, it is not advisable for you to hire on-site or full-time developers. Therefore, it is recommended to hire an offshore development team for your projects.

1. Outsourcing is Budget-Friendly

Hire offshore app developers or web developers who guarantee you the best work done at a good price. With in-house staff, you need physical space to accommodate which is already an expense as a start-up.

You also don’t have to pay the remote developers for bonuses, perks, and other benefits.

Insurance and medical benefits increase the cost of payroll, whereas when you are with an offshore development team, they only charge you for the work they provide.

2. Highly Trained and Specialized

Offshore programmers are highly experienced working in their field having a long track record. Another reason why outsourcing is viable when the company looks for someone outside, they don’t have to invest in software, equipment, or other supplies.

They provide you anything that is required. You just pay them the agreed amount and you will get everything. This helps in saving a lot of dollars.

3. Outsourcing Provides Easier and Better Talent Acquisition Possibilities

Outsourcing Provides Easier and Better Talent Acquisition Possibilities

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into finding the right talent for a certain job opening. A lot of things have to be analyzed since the developer would be a part of your rooster.

On the contrary, hiring a development team that is in a different geographical location is a quicker option.

Thanks to different reliable platforms that have experienced professionals offering services in a diverse range of fields. Your start-up can take advantage as you can hire developers from any geographical location.

In addition, you save money as the hiring cost in some countries is lower. You can rent Indian coders when the budget is a constraint.

Offshore development companies have the drive to succeed and have a good brand name in the market so that it is taken into account for future projects.

You only have to ensure that you rely on the best app outsourcing companies or software outsourcing companies

4. Cost Efficiency

Money does matter, especially when you are a startup. In the short-term contract,  you pay the vendor only once. Plus there are bi-additional expenses like training for a particular project or purchasing new hardware/software.

All you have to do is to choose the right country and hire developers for startup.

5. No Recruitment Hassle

When you are working with overseas programmers, this advantage stands out. It is very difficult to build a team from scratch. You not only have to find and hire developers for startup that are best, but also entice them with decent salaries and working conditions.

Why bother with all this when you can hire top Indian developers that offer a wide range of services at cost-effective rates.

6. Get Expertise that your Team Lacks

One of the major advantages of having an offshore development team is you have access to a wide talent pool of experts. A specialist from any country with expertise will eagerly start working for you if your offer corresponds to their expectations.

Outsourcing is always bundled with fresh ideas and creativity, so having offshore developers by your side is a good decision.

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Once your team is assembled, the next step is to make sure they succeed. Before they join your company, they should understand the working of the company and the hard work that entails.

Set clear expectations and tell them that their work will be challenging but it will pay off.

7. Ensure that your OnBoarding Process is Smooth

Once you have successfully made those first hires, lay groundwork for future success. Build your employer brand and loyalty will follow. The first few weeks of the employee joining your team are the most critical ones to ensure the relationship will last long.

Make sure they don’t have to go through piles of paperwork and document submission. Have a planned framework for everything and help your new hire cope up with the environment.


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As now you are aware of everything related to hiring developers for startups, it is time that you start working on the process.

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