Different modes of Offshore Remote Resource Hiring(Contract, Project basis, Monthly basis)

Remote Resource Hiring

For any enterprise, it is important to know about different modes of remote resource hiring. 

Being one of those entrepreneurs, you would say, ‘WHY? I have my in-house team doing great so far, and I trust them for the work. My hiring team is doing pretty well too, and also all my permanent employees. So what is the need to know about those different offshoring modes?’

Well, of course, you already have a great team there. Congratulations on building that incredible team!!!

But, what if your business requirements change in the future or even now? What if one of your employees needs a break for a few months/weeks? What if someone asks for their maternity/paternity leave? What if any employee just leaves your company all of a sudden? 

These were just a few scenarios that could happen to you (or might have already happened). The list is endless! 

How would you cope with these situations then? 

These are the times when ‘knowing about these different remote offshore hiring modes’ will come into play. 

The General Organization RuleRely on a permanent team of professionals. They are our only permanent and reliable resources. 
The Flexible Organization RuleRely on a permanent team of in-house experts. Still, if our business wants extra help or any of our employees put us in an emergency, we have a backup. Since the industry is unpredictable, and so are the employees, we must be prepared or at least know about the hiring alternatives persisting in the market.  

In the hope that you being the latter one, open to new information and offshore hiring options, we have prepared this learning session for you to learn about it. 

So, without further ado, let’s learn these different offshore modes of remote resource hiring, mentioned below:

1. Contract-Based Remote Hiring 

Hire Developers

Offshore remote contract hiring is a short-term position that even hides the opportunity of transforming into full-time when the contract ends. This position doesn’t last too long, but anywhere between 3 months to 1 year. However, the duration may differ depending on the company. 

Basically, it is a remote collaboration between two parties (employer and employee) who agrees to work on a particular project for a specific time (which is decided in advance). 

👉🏻 Why Should Your Company Go for Offshore Contract Remote Hiring? 

This offshore hiring type is an effective solution for your company to give a new direction to your business when you want the hired professional to work for a specific period. 

For instance, you might have a more significant project coming up. And you need extra help to support your in-house team. The other case could be that your prominent team member has gone on maternity/paternity leave. So, to fill their space for a specific time, you need someone. 

And that’s when contract offshore remote hiring plays its role. 

✅ Besides, you would be interested in knowing how it can benefit your business. So, we have jotted down a few benefits, which could help when you choose offshore contract remote hiring. 

  • Savings on Long-Term Labor Cost 

It is simple! As you don’t need to pay an annual salary, you can save on labor costs. Also, you are not supposed to pay for any training or development costs. Hence, quite a money-saving option for you. 

  • Relatively Quicker Hiring Procedure

Hiring perms take a lot of time, which is not the case with remote offshore contract hiring. In fact, it is pretty quick. You can save a lot of time, otherwise spent in recruiting the candidate. When hiring perms, you might see how a candidate fits the culture of your organization. However, in contract hire, it is just about finding apt skills to fulfill a time-based job.  

  • Brings in Innovative (Fresh) Perspective

In this type of hiring, you get to interact with professionals across the globe. Also, they might have worked with numerous clients too. Just to experience some fresh perspectives or to know about your business from a different perspective, you must go for contract hire. 

2. Project-Based Remote Hiring 

Remote Hiring

The next type of offshore remote hiring is project-based. As the name says, it is hiring for a particular project, which has to be delivered within the defined time frame. 

The work assigned is a usual business task, and in exchange, the employee wants an agreed fee. However, the benefits could be absent until mentioned by the employer. If such benefits are allowed, usually, it is the reimbursement for expenses incurred while working on the project. 

Also, even offshore remote project-based hiring involves a 30-day termination notice, just like permanent hiring.

✅ Again, a section that will definitely interest you (the benefits of this type of hiring). Here it is:

  • A Money-Saving Deal for Your Business 

Unlike full-time employment, where you are bound to specific financial commitments – from salaries to other benefits, this option lets you hire for a particular project. That also means you pay them only for the time the project lasts. Moreover, when an entire project is assigned to a specific professional, you have peace of mind that it is their responsibility to complete it anyhow within that specified period. 

  • You can Save a Lot of Your (Precious) Time 

This type of offshore hiring just needs you to find a suitable professional for your project—one with essential skills and expertise to handle the task. Rest, everything is dealt with by them. Also, if you are choosing an agency for this work, you don’t have to invest time in finding employees or interviewing them. 

  • High Flexibility is Experienced 

The hiring practices are incredibly flexible. So, even if you need extra employees for a few more weeks, you can hire someone for that. Even if you are busy managing other processes, you can hire someone for that particular time. Simply put, the options are numerous in this offshore hiring type. 

3. Monthly Basis Remote Hiring 

Monthly Remote Hiring

The third on the list is monthly-based remote hiring. That means you can hire an agency or professionals on a monthly basis. In this case, you can specify how many hours you would need their help. 

In short, hiring would be done monthly. And, if your requirement persists, you can discuss it with them and extend the contract. However, the basis of payment will be – how many hours they worked. 

 ✅ Benefits of choosing offshore remote hiring on a monthly basis:

  • Much More Disciplined Process

One of the most prominent benefits of such offshore hiring is that the employees are more disciplined. Since they are paid on an hourly basis, that means they are also answerable to you about their progress in those hours. 

  • No Hassle of Frequent Payments

Since it is a monthly-based contract, and you are paying once at the end of the month, it becomes quite a hassle-free process for you. That even becomes a stress-free process for the employees too, as they know they will receive their salaries once a month at a specified date. 

  • Higher Productivity 

Employees know they are answerable for every hour worked. Hence, they will ensure they do their best every time. Since they know they can be questioned anytime about their progress in relation to time spent on certain tasks, they will ensure to perform to their best. Hence, higher productivity can be expected in this case. 

Offshore Contract/Project/Monthly – Why Not Give Them All A Try? 

Remote Resource Hiring

We know you would say that is too much for me to try all at once! But you can even try a mix of two of them or even go for all three at once. (The CHOICE is yours). 

Eventually, it depends on your business needs and the objective and nature of the project/task. 

So, you are the one who will better decide what fits your organization. 

We can only guide you to some ‘highly experienced offshore IT experts’ who can explain every bit about it to you (depending on your business, objectives, and other requirements). 

If you are up for this positive change in your business, go ahead and speak with your dedicated remote offshore service provider. 

All the best! 

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