Benefits of Offshore Development Center to Startups And SMEs

Benefits of Offshore Development Center to Startups And SMEs

In a recent survey, 80% of US and European outsourcing companies ranked India as their top outsourcing destination. The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) has reported that more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies prefer outsourcing software development to India. Even though other countries like China, Mexico, the Philippines, and Malaysia have emerged as competitors, India managed to outmanoeuvre them and emerge as the top outsourcing destination. 

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Many big companies like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Google, Dell, and Cisco have outsourced to India to leverage the competitive advantage of the second-biggest talent pool worldwide in a cost-effective manner.  But just because multi-national companies have created large offshore development centers (ODC) doesn't mean start-ups' journey has to be the same. In fact, with Your Team in India, you can start an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with just one developer.

An ODC offers numerous benefits, including reduced cost, improved performance level, and making business more flexibility.  

Let us determine when an offshore development center becomes a viable option for start-ups and SMEs.

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Why Startups and SMEs Should Choose offshore development center in India?

Today India has become a hotbed for software development owing to its large pool of talented software developers, low cost of living and favorable government policies. Here are the seven scenario when hiring offshore development team becomes a viable option for startups and SMEs.

Hire Offshore Development Services When Quick Scaling Is a Concern

Offshoring to India means having access to a large talent pool and quick scaling when required. Establishing an in-house team of experts involves a lot of time, resources, and investment. A detailed resume vetting and shortlisting assessment exams and interviews teamed with the resource notice period can make the entire process lengthy and cumbersome. This can cause delays in project development, increasing time-to-market, leading to loss of market share.

An offshore development center can help with these challenges. A readily available large talent pool of highly-skilled resources across tech-stack with an offshore development company can help you set up an offshore team quickly. Also, you can on-demand scale your team as and when required. By partnering with a trusted offshore software development company like YTII, you quickly get an efficient and talented team to kickstart your software development project.

To Find Quality Resources at Best Price

An offshore development partner quickly addresses the challenge of finding and hiring specialists capable of handling complex requirements. Also, by choosing a reliable offshore development partner, you get a complete set of services, including consulting, marketing, analytics to other inescapable services a startup needs. India is rising in the rates of best offshore destinations, known for high standard services and reasonable price-quality ratio. An ODC in India allows cooperation with top-level professionals, which may be scarce and expensive in your local geographies. To put it simply, by offshoring your IT development, you can bring more flexibility in operations and ride the wave to quickly adapt to market demands without spending too much time on hiring appropriate resources.

When Money Matters!

Hiring an offshore development team in India can save up to 63% of business investments. That means by offshoring your IT project; you can save on direct and indirect costs like recruiting, hiring, training employees. You have the accessibility of choosing the appropriate engagement model for offshoring or outsourcing software development to India. In other words, offshoring to India saves you from the cost implications of lengthy and expensive hiring cycles,  setting up and maintaining infrastructure space, and maintaining and retaining in-house teams, providing better value for money. 

When you seek Short-Term Commitment

Offshore Development Services become a viable choice when your project needs a team of experts for a short-term engagement. You can hire resources for a specific duration and then disassemble the team once the project is completed, saving you from the cost implication of hiring full-time resources. It also allows you the flexibility to scale the team or onboard different resources to address the project’s changing requirements.

When Looking For a Quick Turnaround

A dedicated offshore development center in India becomes ideal when you have an excellent idea to work on but fall short of dedicated resources. With an offshore development company, you can hire dedicated offshore software developers who work full-time on your project to meet the tight timelines helping you reap the first-mover advantage.

When You Seek 100%Transparency and visibility in operations

With an offshore development company, you get the advantage of operating hired offshore teams as a natural extension of your business. The offshore development team is directly aligned with you, providing you with complete visibility of operations and control of processes. You benefit from having a dedicated team working for you, helping you build quality products and solutions.

When You Need the Right Guide

The offshore development partner acts as a consultant. They help you throughout the software project development, from guiding you in the right technology integration, development methodology, quality testing to product launch and post-launch support. 

A reliable offshore development company like YTII can help you mitigate risks and challenges and make your offshoring journey smooth and seamless.

When can Startups and SMEs Hire Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India 

From ideation to development to management, an offshore software development center can help you throughout your product life-cycle. Read on to find how ODCs can help you in different phases of product lifecycle.

Product Discovery Phase 

Partnering with a trusted offshore development company helps you lay the foundation for the smooth development process, from conceptualization to bringing the project vision into a workable roadmap by creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Consequently,  the discovery phase will manage any project uncertainty and reduce risks. 

Product Development Phase 

A trusted offshore software development services provider addresses the challenges like budget, resource crunch, and other technical stack concerns with experienced and skilled professionals who dedicatedly work on your project.  

Product Refining 

If your project needs to cater to customers’ growing needs or require improvisation on an already existing product, an offshore development team comes to the rescue. An ODC can upgrade your product with new technologies and features, helping you build a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Today, companies across industries are reaping the benefits of offshoring software development to India. You, too, can empower your business by offshoring your IT project to experienced and trusted offshore development companies in India, which already have dominated the tech world with top-notch services and global skills. 

Learn how to choose the right offshore software development company for your project.

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