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In the recent years, outsourcing has become the most popular trend across the globe when it comes to quick turn around and in-budget scaling-up. And, why wouldn’t it be? After all, it doesn’t only reduce the real estate and overhead cost of a business but, also let them get hold of an impeccable global talent at reasonable rates. In fact, hiring IT talents from outside your country can help you save 70% of the actual cost. It’s quite huge, isn’t it? Moreover, the statistics of PSFK, a firm that works in the field of providing deep insights of IT professionals say that an approx. 60% of the current IT workforce would work remotely by 2020. Isn’t this figure evident that outsourcing is growing at an insanely fast rate and is here to stay?

Indian Developers
Indian Developers

However, before you consider outsourcing your IT talents, you need to keep certain things in mind and plan the whole hiring process strategically to extract its benefits completely. To help you out, here are 7 tips that you can incorporate while hiring IT talents outside your country.

Give clear and precisely defined job description: It is important to give a clear description of the job you are hiring for. Apart from giving the precise skills, you are looking for, you must include details about the roles and positions too. It will help the prospective employees get clarity about your job profile, thereby easing the complicated hiring process for you.

Test their skills and efficiency: In order to make sure that you acquire the best of IT talents, analyse the skills of the shortlisted candidates through interviews and tests before bringing them onboard officially. This will help you tap the right global talent and hire the employee with the highest capability.

Get hold of their past work and analyse it: You can also analyse the potential of your outsourced IT workforce through their past experience. A thorough insight of their portfolio and freelancing work will give you a deep insight on their background and let you closely visualise their suitability for your job requirement.

Make sure to access impeccable tools and technology: You and your remote development team must have seamless access to the tools and technology required for working remotely. Make sure that your outsourcing service provider has a state of the art infrastructure with robust internet connections, all the round electricity availability, facility of video conferencing, webinars, emails along with management tools like drafts and google docs to maximize productivity and benefits.

Be clear about communication, language and culture: Language and culture play a major role in remote working. Hence, in order to facilitate seamless communication, your outsource software development in India must be well-versed in English and possess the ability to adjust in global work culture despite the location constraints.

Bring them onboard through formal paperwork: It’s always good to go for formal paperwork while onboarding outsourced employees. Have an IP agreement and make them sign the NDA in order to make the hiring process transparent and clear for both the ends.

Set realistic timelines and deadlines: Since your outsourced employees reside in different countries, it is critical to schedule their work in accordance with their time zones along with realistic deadlines so that the work can be carried out seamlessly in the given time frame. Also, keeping a track of vacations, festivals and holidays prevailing in your remote employee’s country can help you synchronize your work better and accelerate employee satisfaction and productivity.

There are a plethora of IT talents spread across the globe and you can surely find some top-notch employees amidst them by being clear and precise in your hiring approach. Just get hold of the above-mentioned points and bring in the best of global talents to escalate your business and have an edge over competition.

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