Things to Know Before You Hire Offshore Developers

Today offshore development is on the peak of popularity. The key reason is the desire of the enterprises to save costs while creating a high-quality product at the same time.

Engineers are king right now and “Coders are super important to everyone.” notes Sam Schillace, senior vice president of engineering at cloud storage and collaboration company Box.

Having a wider pool of talent from where you select superlative developers for your project is the best thing. Hiring offshore developers to complete software development tasks is preferred as the owners can get inclined towards working for the important business objectives. This way, businesses get detailed work, office-wide productivity, and get innovative ideas from creative and talented minds.

Before you take the leap and hire the best offshore developers, there are a few things you should consider:

Things to Know Before you Hire Offshore Developers - YourTeaminIndia

1. Develop a Communication Strategy

The major challenge while working with someone who is not on-site is communication. Look for different methods to communicate the objectives via phone, email, or chat is useful.

Whether it is the initial establishment or the specifications or short conversations for project discussions, everything should be done with perfection.

A well planned and documented strategy is paramount importance, especially when it comes to the success of the remote collaboration. If you don’t have the right tools, make sure you develop with time.

The strategy should have a schedule that organizes the structure of the whole company on time with scrums, seminars, training, and meetings.

What are the collaborative tools you will be using collectively that will help make it easy for the team to interact? Programs like and Skype helps to share screen and improve communication with the remote developers.

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2. Clarity and Responsiveness

There should not be a business environment where the managers keep waiting for a vital piece of information. Everything has to be transparent and crystal clear so that everyone is on the same page.

The ability of the dedicated offshore developer to communicate with a considerable depth is one of the greatest assets. Whether the developer discusses with the in-house team or with the project manager, he should have excellence exhibited in completing projects. Having a high standard of competence, English expression and facilitating a strong work ethic is important. No matter if the project is large or small, a long list of specifications and a valued client, hire offshore developers that handle it with the highest degree of competence.

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors don’t, you are putting yourself out of business. – Lee Kuan Yew

3. Keep Time Zones in Mind

If you are working with an offshore developer who is located in a different geographical location and time zone, then you have to consider the hour difference. See what effect the hour different will have on the overall project. Try to set up your offshore development center in a country where time-zone difference can turn into your advantage.

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4. Synchronizing the Working Hours

Plan an extra hour for synchronization and information flow between the teams. Plan activities like joint team events (in-house and remote), pair programming, reviews, and more.

5. Smooth Work Process

Developers should establish a continuous integration approach with test coverage. Having common email thread and group chats between the teams helps to reduce the issues they are facing.

1. Do they have experience working remotely?

This is really very important. There is a lot of difference between having an in-house team and offshore development team. You should know how to make this work collaboratively.

A company that has never worked with a virtual team will have no idea how everything is done. It is important that you ask the following questions to the developers before hiring them. 

2. Why are you interested in working with our company?

Make sure that the candidate has done his homework regarding the company. This question will make sure if the offshore developers actually want to work for you.

3. How does your work environment look like?

Developers should have a minimal distraction to get the work done effectively. Ask if he has a comfortable place to work. What type of system setup he has.

4. Have you ever collaboratively worked in an in-house team?

This question gets a feel of how they are working with others. They should be comfortable in collaborating with your in-house team. Only then a successful project is created.

5. Did you ever face an obstacle while working on a project, and how did you resolve the issue?

The answer if the developer should reflect the ability to adapt when things don’t go the way that has been actually planned. If the person is not giving you the required details, don’t forget to probe for more. Make sure they describe the complete situation, the actions taken and the corresponding results.

Has there been a stressful situation ever? How did you react to it?

Understand what the developer finds stressful. Their answer should actually help you get an idea of how do they react on workloads.

6. What are your accomplishments?

The answer should be crisp and smart. This is actually a sneak peek of what they actually value and how they perceive work.

7. Do you like to master new technology this year? If yes, which one?

This will show what technology he is interested in and if it fits in what the company is using. You will have an idea if a person like technology enthusiastically or it is just a work for him.

8. Has any project on which you were working ever failed?

Whenever a project fails, there is a reason for the failure. If he is genuine, he will accept his mistake. Failure gives experiences that help to make things better.

9. What are the collaborative tools used previously?

Explore how many they have used and how many they know about? Skype, Dropbox, Basecamp, Slack, Trello are the basic ones he should know.

Moreover, Evaluate the Company on the Following:

  • Does the outsourcing company has a quality management system?
  • Is the company satisfied?
  • Do they follow any strategy that manages risk?
  • Do they have a vertical and technical business specialization?

Make sure the professional developers understand what your business objectives are. This will save you tons of time and prevent you from making a bad choice. Get in the habit of being personally involved in the process of the interview. Take time to see if the personality of the developer or the development team fits your personality.

Never neglect soft skills as they are very important. Go ahead and ask open-ended questions and pay attention to the communication of the developer. Take your time and choose the best fit.

Undertaking a period of due diligence before awarding the project to the outsourcing team can be the most important thing you do during the complete hiring process.

6. The Kind of Team you are Working with!

You should hire offshore developers in exactly the same way you hire your in-house employees. Look at the same qualities that you look for potential hires. Hold the team for the same standards. Hire dedicated developers that get along with your in-house team. That way communication comes easier, and trust is established quickly.

7. How to Pay for these Services

Before hiring offshore developers, you should know how you are going to pay for the services. Make sure the country is legitimate, and they offer different payment models. Talking to the happy customer is another great way to gain confidence that you are selecting the right team of offshore developers.


Define the requirements based on the project, decide the tasks you will outsourcing to the developers. Also, the technologies and skills your company is looking for.

Make a shortlist of the type of work you require and check the expertise of the developers. Then, successfully set up negotiations by online meetings, Skype calls and let them know your standards.  

Successful offshore stories exist when there are strategic approaches that follow to fulfill business objectives. Trust your remote team as they know what is important for your project. Treat them like your in-house employees, and this will make the quality of their work good so that you get to benefit from it.

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