How to Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively?

How to outsource app development successfully? Well, this question rings the mind of many entrepreneurs. So, in this post, let’s discuss a few aspects before you actually outsource your project!

The mobile app development is a multi-million dollar industry. There are over 2 million Apple apps in the store and over 2.5 million apps on the Google Play Store.

So, this means there are approximately 19 million software developers in the world, and 50% are dedicated mobile app developers.

Many mobile app development companies, be it iOS or Android, consider working with offshore developers rather than in-house teams.

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Having a thorough knowledge to find out reliable & experienced mobile app developers can take your business to the next level.

Freelancers or Mobile App Development Team?

Hiring a Freelancer:

Initially hiring a freelancer seems to be an extremely attractive idea, but eventually, you will realize it is a major risk. Due to the communication gap & not up to the mark skills, freelancers cost higher on an hourly or weekly basis. They don’t guarantee timely delivery and are not organized in a process-oriented manner.

Hiring an Offshore Development Company:

Hiring the best mobile app development company will be a one-stop solution for all your app development requirements. Working with a team is much more efficient. It’s because a team is organized in terms of handling and managing clients.

In comparison to freelancers, your offshore team will have a flexible time schedule and ensure that the results are worth the investment.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • From front end development to backend development, everything is taken care of by the offshore development team.
  • You can get expert advice anytime from the professionals.
  • Deadlines are met before time.
  • They work in a highly organized manner.
  • You will get 24*7 support from the company.
  • Complete transparency of the project development cycle.

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How to Ease the Hiring Process of an Offshore Development Company?

If you choose to outsource app development, your decision will eventually take your company to the new heights of success. Follow the below-mentioned pointers to ease the process:

  • Consider reliable websites like Clutch, Directory of Google development agency, and AppFutura that gives complete information about the ranking of the company. (You can sort the list according to the geographical locations, reviews, hourly rates, and industry focus company).
  • Have a close look at the reviews to get a better idea about the company.
  • Ask for their quotations and portfolios. Have a look at the quality of work, scope of work, post-launch services, and availability.

What to Consider Before you Outsource App Development to a Team?

1. Skype Interview:

This is a must-do task in the checklist. You should not do only one call but multiple calls to check their response time. Because if they are not responding to your message, what can you expect from them once the project starts?

2. Strong Communication Skills:

Generally, good developers have good communication skills. But make sure you cross check as they pen down the project document and their portfolio in English.

3. Don’t Get Tempted by Cheap Rates:

Experienced mobile app developers take less time to develop an app. But they don’t come at $10/hour. Just remember that you have already invested a lot in the project, so don’t ruin it by considering cheap developers.

4. Discuss your Requirements:

Share your vision & requirements with your offshore team and see their take on the project. Observe if they are giving suggestions and putting expert inputs. Or it is just another money making project for them.

5. Have a Specialist by your Side if you are not Tech Savvy:

If you have no idea about coding and the technicalities of the project, keep an expert by your sides so that interviewing becomes an easy process.

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Mobile app development is a challenging task. Don’t rush into anything only because you are in a hurry to complete your project. Businesses have embraced offshoring mobile app development as the major growth accelerator.

Not only is it cost effective but also offers great productivity and better time management.

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