How to Outsource Mobile App Development Effectively?

How to Outsource App Development Effectively?

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Hiring mobile app developers in the local community is challenging. Especially in countries like Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, etc., where the cost of living is high and so is the hourly cost of developers.

Let’s suppose that you got successful in hiring a mobile app developer at an affordable price. But how long will that app developer continue with your company?

According to a report, more than 27 out of every 100 USA employees have quit jobs in 2018. So, employee retention is another big problem to consider.

All in all, if you want to build your team of mobile app developers in a western country, there’s a high probability that you will lose focus on your business.

That’s where outsourcing app development comes into play and makes things easy for you. And considering that you have already made the decision to outsource the development of your app, let’s discuss how can you do it effectively.

Apart from having a fantastic idea, you will need to hire mobile app developers with hands-on expertise, that can bring your idea to reality. So, let’s begin the process!!

Freelancers or a Team of Top Mobile App Developers?

Freelancers or a Team of Top Mobile App Developers?

1. Hiring a Freelancer

Initially hiring a freelancer might seem to be an extremely attractive idea. But eventually, you will realize it is a major risk. Because while working with freelancers some unavoidable issues may arise.

Such as the communication gap, less industry experience, etc. This might result in late deliveries and disappointing end results. Also, some industry experts believe that working with freelance mobile app developers is not reliable.

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2. Outsourcing App Building

Hiring an offshore mobile app development company is a one-stop solution. Most of the companies follow a systematic approach while working on projects.

And there is a high probability that they will provide you a structured team of top app developers, with a project manager equipped with the latest technologies and tools to build your mobile app.

Also, working with a reliable & trusted offshore mobile app development company gives you an upper hand, as they have industry experience and resources to fulfill your business objectives.

Moreover, you can expect the project delivery on time blended with quality and innovation.

A Few More Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Benefits of Outsourcing App Development

1. Your Offshore Mobile App Developers Will Take Care of Everything

From ideation, conceptualization, front-end to backend development and deployment, everything is a part of offshore development services.

Along with this, they also provide services and updates even after the development and deployment of the app. So, the expertise is with you from beginning to end.

2. Expert Advice Anytime from the Best App Developers

Not being an expert, it’s possible to come across a situation where you might need suggestions from the best app developers.

Thus, having an offshore development team (with years of industry experience) working on your mobile app can prove beneficial for you. In case of any confusion, you can simply write a message to your assigned team and expect an instant response.

3. Launch Your Mobile App Quickly

Since the dedicated offshore developers are experts in their niche and have worked on their skills for years, they are capable of delivering the project on or before time.

Or another situation is where you can bring your in-house team and offshore mobile app developers to work in collaboration and launch your mobile app early into the market.

4. Offshore App Developers Work in a Highly Organized Manner

As your offshore mobile app developers have been working with clients overseas for a long time, they have a definitive way of working and delivering projects. 

Most of the offshore mobile app development companies work in a highly organized manner. These companies also keep their process transparent to ensure a stress-free environment for them and their clients.

5. You will Get 24*7 Support from the Offshore Company

Suppose there is a situation that your iOS app catches an error or stops functioning properly. It is the time where you need someone to fix that error immediately.

Considering that you have collaboration with an outsourcing partner, you can easily find the technology experts under one roof. In other words, it will become easy for you to hire iOS developers instantly & fix the bugs.

6. Complete Transparency of the Project Development Cycle 

Setting up an offshore delivery center of top mobile app developers can offer you a wide range of benefits. One of them being complete transparency of the project development cycle.

With the help of timesheets and other project management tools, offshore mobile teams keep the entire development phase transparent to keep the client aware of their app building at every phase.

Especially, at Your Team in India, we believe that you should know what your dream idea is building into at every point of development.

7. Risk Reduction

After signing the contract, all the app development risks are equally shared with your outsourcing app development partner. 

But if something goes wrong, the client has an option to terminate the contract at any time with a money-back guarantee. All these terms must be clearly defined before signing the contract.

8. More Stable and Reliable

Setting up an offshore development center gives an assurance that you will have a stacked and experienced team of the best mobile app developers throughout your project development.

Supposedly, if someone drops out through illness, or moves on to another opportunity, they will be replaced by someone else in the company without skipping a beat.

And this will happen in no time as the ODC has a long pipeline of resources as a backup to ensure that deliverables are shot on time. 

How to Ease the Hiring Process of an Offshore Development Company?

If you choose to outsource app development, your decision will eventually take your company to new heights of success. Follow the below-mentioned steps to ease the process:

  • Consider researching on reliable websites like Clutch, Directory of Google development agency, and AppFutura that gives complete information about the ranking of the company. (You can sort the list according to the geographical locations, reviews, hourly rates, and industry focus company).
  • Have a close look at the reviews to get a better idea about the company.
  • Ask for their quotations and portfolios. Have a look at the quality of work, scope of work, post-launch services, and availability.

What to Consider Before you Outsource the Development of your App to a Company?

1. Developer’s Profile 

This is a must-do task in the checklist. You can schedule multiple Skype meetings to ensure their response time and other aspects of their development process.

Moreover, check out their Github profile and recent projects to get an understanding of their coding skills.

2. Strong Communication Skills

Generally, IT Outsourcing companies hire offshore developers that have good communication skills. But make sure you cross-check as they pen down your project requirements and talk to you during meetings.

3. Don’t Get Tempted by Cheap Rates

Experienced and top mobile app developers take less time to build an app. But they don’t come at $10/hour. Just remember that you have already invested a lot in the project, so don’t ruin it by hiring cheap developers.

Check this post to take a sneak peek into the cost of hiring app developers.

4. Discuss your Requirements

Share your vision & requirements with your offshore mobile app development team and see their take on the project. Observe if they are giving suggestions and expert inputs for your mobile app development. Or it is just another money-making project for them.

Note: If you are considering outsourcing iOS app development, always check whether they have the right technology and expertise to launch and develop your app for the App Store.

This is important because the App Store has a lot of guidelines more than the Google Play Store. Therefore, before you hire developers, ensure checking out their experience with previous projects.

5. Have a Manager by your Side if you are not Tech Savvy

Running a financial or retail business? Do not have the technical knowledge to transform your business digitally? Well, don’t worry. We have a solution for you.

Under such circumstances, it is recommended to hire a technical manager, that will act as a single point of contact between you and the offshore app developers.

Not only it will make the process of outsourcing the development of your app easy, but also make it successful.

6. Security Concerns 

As the number of security breach cases is increasing day by day, it is important that you make security a priority.

This is critical as both the Application Stores are going to be more strict in 2020, and making your app secure is also a significant aspect for your users and business.

So, ensure that your offshore mobile app development company is abiding by all the security measures. 

7. Take Charge of Quality Work

Evaluate the potential of your outsourcing app development company.

Ask for their portfolio of mobile apps that they have developed, references of their previous projects, and conduct meetings with them to make sure they understand and can deliver your vision.

8. Following I.D.E.A. Methodology

To add innovation and efficiency to the existing set-up, implementation of I.D.E.A. i.e. Identify, Design, Engineer, and Analyze is the simplest and sure short pattern to streamline the entire process of mobile app development.

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Summarizing the criteria for selecting an outsource app development company;
  • A Solid portfolio to judge their work. There should be excellent and appropriate examples of their previously done projects.
  • A wide range of capabilities suggesting their work in diverse domains – Android, iOS, Web platforms, etc.
  • Abundant resources to meet your needs.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Well-organized to reflect a critical mass in terms of the size of the organization. 
  • They should abide by all kinds of government laws.


Outsourcing app development is a challenging task. Don’t rush into anything only because you are in a hurry to complete your project.

Businesses have embraced offshoring mobile app development as it is a major growth accelerator. Not only is it cost-effective but also offers great productivity, lower dangers, better time executive choices, and better time management.

If you want to outsource app development to India, feel free to get in touch with our top app developers.

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