How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

In this digital world, mobile apps have become a dominant form of digital interaction. With the growing number of users accessing the internet via smartphones, having a mobile app for your business gives you the unique ability to ensure reaching them quickly.

Bill Gates once said, “If your business isn’t online, you better be out of business.”

Businesses from all corners of the world are offering a diverse range of products and services. So, entrepreneurs have started migrating from the physical world of handing out leaflets, printing ads to the mobile realm. 

If you are someone who is running a business and finally decides to build a mobile app, a question immediately strikes your mind;

How much does it cost to hire an app developer?


What will be the overall cost to build a mobile app?

Hire Mobile App Developers (Location and Experience Matters)

Hire Mobile App Developers (Location and Expertise Matter)

The cost to hire mobile app developers varies based on location (cost of living). That’s why most businesses consider India to set up their offshore development center & increase their global reach.

Precisely, the price of the mobile app is calculated on a weekly or monthly basis as per the agreement. Your offshore mobile app developers will work 5 days and 40 hours a week. This approximately ranges to 160 hours a month.

Wondering what could be the average hourly cost of hiring mobile developers in different locations? Here’s an insight.

Indian Developers

  • iOS app development cost: $18-$40 per hour
  • Android app development cost: $20-$35 an hour

Note: To determine the actual financial cost of outsourcing, you just need to know the required number of developers and their approximate hourly rates. If you have this information, you can determine the cost right now using our outsourcing ROI calculator.

US Developers

  • iOS app development cost: $100-$150 per hour
  • Android app development cost: $120-$170 an hour

Ukraine Developers

  • Android developer: $60 per hour
  • iOS developer: $30 per hour

Australian Developers

  • Android developer: $200 per hour
  • iOS developer: $150 per hour

Russian Developers

  • Android developer: $60 per hour
  • iOS developer: $50 per hour

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

Now, after going through the hourly cost of developers in different countries, do you understand why companies prefer to hire developers from India? But the cost is not only the reason behind the same. There are a lot of other factors that make India a perfect choice to hire developers remotely.

Considering that you selected one country to hire developers, it’s time to look out for top developers.

Where to Find App Developers?

Where to Find the App Developers?

Every entrepreneur faces a challenge while hiring app developers. Well, not just app developers but the best-in-class professionals that can help you achieve your business objectives.

Here are a few companies that can help you overcome this challenge:

  • Toptal
  • Your Team In India
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Get Apps Done
  • They Make Apps
  • LinkedIn

Estimated Cost and Time to Hire Developers for your Mobile App Development Project:

cost to hire mobile app developers

The top mobile app development companies estimate the developer’s rate as per their experience and skills. This clearly depicts that Android developers are costlier than iOS developers. The complete development process and testing take a great deal of time. So, choose wisely.

However, the next challenge while hiring developers can be more confusing. Whether to hire freelancers or set up an offshore development center?

Freelancers or Offshore Mobile App Development Company: Which is Better?

When you are looking to hire an app developer for iPhone or Android app development, it is better to take help from a team of offshore developersHiring an offshore mobile app development company is more reliable as they have better resources, skills, and expertise at hand. 

1. The One-Stop Destination for Comprehensive Solution

Whether you are a start-up, mid-sized, or an already established brand, the offshore mobile app development companies offer you benefits no one can.

Having a skill set spanning across various technologies and industry-tested business acumen, you get everything that you can expect from the top-notch offshore app development company. The best part is the complete package is wrapped in a professional manner.

Plus, whether you want to hire iOS app developers, Android developers, Kotlin developers, Flutter developers, or web developers it’s easy to get all the technical expertise in one place.

2. Top-Notch Quality

With freelance mobile app developers, you are unsure of the quality standards. But that is not the case with an offshore development company. Most of the companies maintain a standard of services that require them to keep the latest tools, licenses, certificates, and software. 

3. Round the Clock Team Availability

Hiring a developer from a random freelance portal can be a risky affair. There may be times when they don’t have the availability of time due to health or personal issues.

On the contrary, an offshore development company will ensure that a dedicated team of developers is working on your project. And someone is always available to attend you whenever you need assistance or support. In case a developer becomes unavailable, they can use another developer as a replacement from their large talent pool.

4. Security and Reliability:

There may be a case when freelancers are not using the up to date systems installed with firewall protection. Moreover, their systems may be susceptible to online hacks. This leads to a huge loss as they have confidential information about your company.

On the other hand, offshore mobile app development companies are serious about their security standards, and for this reason, they ensure that the client data and application is highly protected.

Considerations Before You Hire Developers

Let’s suppose you have made the decision to hire app developers from India, and want to set up an offshore development center. What do you think is going to be your next move?

Let’s get started.

1. Prepare an App Requirement Document/Brief

First, you need to define your requirements. Do you only want your developers to implement the functionality or want to get them started from scratch? Be precise about your project requirement in detail to Indian developers and get an accurate price and time estimate.

Benefits of Clearly Defining the Requirements
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Better understanding
  • To have a better estimate of time, cost and resources
  • To ensure the quality end-result

The project specification document will ensure that your offshore team is on the right track. While preparing this document, consider to use;

  • Clear, simple and concise language
  • Easily understandable terminology
  • Explicitly state the need
  • Have an interpretation
  • Use active statements
  • Express one idea per statement

Make sure to Include these Details in the Requirement definition:

  • Your Company’s Information: Provide background information and a brief history of your company to let your offshore developers get a better understanding of your business. Tell them about your products. Include the links to your website, references, and any other material that might be useful. Give your company’s email address, phone number, and whatever you feel is required. 
  • Project Scope: What the project is all about? How it will help the customers. Do you need a corporate identity kit? Describe the development and design work to be done.

2. Mobile Platform

Characterize what type of app you need: iOS, Android, both, or cross-platform. Your choice is critical because every platform entails a different development approach and tech-stack.

If you have a good budget and want your mobile app to work fast & seamlessly, it’s best to move ahead with native app development. However, if you are low on the budget and considering building a prototype first, then it’s best to hire Flutter developers instead of native app developers.

3. Define Technical Requirements

Selecting the right mobile app platform is just the beginning. Consider all the system needs of your app and mention the same in the document. All the technical requirements are directly related to your features and target audience.

4. Mobile App Functionality

Analyze all the required features like push notifications, geolocation acceptance, payment gateway integration, and social media platforms. Also, it is highly recommended to use some of the latest and trending features.

You may also have plans to monetize your app. As per your monetization strategy, developers will have some features. You may add advertising support, registration and authorization and access to in-app purchases or additional premium subscription.  

Also, specify what type of content you prefer for the future: video, animation, RSS. It is always good to describe in brief all the features you want to get embedded in the app so that the developer has an idea of what you expect from him.

5. Mobile App Design Specification

You can add information that is crucial for the user interface. If you have the flowchart, provide it to the developer in the PSD file. If you are clueless regarding the design, discuss it with your mobile app developers.

In addition to all these, mention the below-mentioned points as well in brief:

  • Your Target Audience
  • Deadlines and Milestones
  • List of Stakeholders

The app requirement document will act as a roadmap for the development team. It displays the work direction and specific goals you want to achieve. Now, as you have laid out project specifications, here are the additional factors that can affect the cost.  

The App Development Platforms

You are looking for Android, iOS, Windows, cross-platform development, or hybrid appsThe development platform affects the cost to hire an app developer because of many reasons. 

  • First and foremost, having a native app binds you to a specific platform. You create a codebase that is for the mobile platform exclusively. Developing a mobile application for different operating systems adds up the timeline, budget of the project.
  • Secondly, if you wish to own a business app that runs on multiple platforms, you choose from hybrid or cross-platform options that are available. Having one version for all the devices helps you save time and money. Furthermore, it is easier to update the app whenever required.

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Mobile App Features

Laying out the features of the app helps you determine deliverables, phases, and the total time it will take to complete the project. The complete development time may range from one to six months depending on the designs, integrations, and other features. 

Additional Categories that Influence the Cost to Hire an App developer:

1. Simple Apps: Built with drop-down menus and templates

Estimated building time: 100 hours

2. Database Supported App: Data sorted on database/server integration and employs a BaaS

Estimated development time: 190 hours

3. Gaming App: Built for single and multiplayer

Estimated development time: 500 hours

4. Enterprise App: Business integration and data stored on the device

Estimated time: 230 hours plus

With this, you must have got an estimate of the cost to hire an app developer to complete the project.

Here are the Types of App you can Create while Hiring a Developer:

  • Utility
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • News
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
  • Social networking 

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

How to Hire a Mobile App Developers?

While accessing through the portfolio and resume of the developer, you should also study the creativity they imbibe within themselves. Checklist before you hire Android app developers and iOS developers.

Luckily there is no shortage of app developers across the globe. You will get the required skill set and experience as per your company’s requirements. So before you begin, take care of the important principles you should stick to:

1. Understand the Basics

Know what programming languages are used to develop mobile apps. Don’t dive deep but have a basic idea about the platform. At the same time, be aware of your target audience. The app complexity determines the language of code used. A good offshore mobile app development company will discuss your project and tell which platform and style would work for you. 

2. Check the Experience:

No one wants to hire a developer who is a fresher just passed out of the university with no experience. It is natural for you to look for an experienced mobile app developer or company. You are also free to ask for a portfolio, samples of the code, and the details of the work they have previously done in this field. 

3. Evaluate Creativity:

As a business owner, you will like your app to stand out from others. Therefore, innovation plays a major part in choosing the app developer. Your interpersonal and communication skills come to the forefront here.

Look for a developer or development company that is ready to walk the extra mile along with you. This certainly helps in building up a tremendous rapport. 

4. Payment Terms:

Before creating the mobile app, you would have your budget in mind. After reading the complete article, you must have got an idea about the estimated amount the developer or the development company would charge. Does it synchronize with your budget? It is always better to clarify things beforehand.

Make sure the company doesn’t have hidden costs or other issues like an additional cost for developing the security system. Remember the cheapest option is not the best. Quality always comes with some cost, so never compromise on quality standards. To avoid conflicts later, sign a brief contract and NDA with your team of developers.

Hire Offshore Developers & Reduce Development Cost up to 60%

5. Communicate Project Requirements:

If the app developers perform well during the interview, don’t forget to guide him to your business needs. A dedicated mobile app development team or company knows exactly how to design and develop apps, but they have no idea about your business and customers.

Therefore, it is important to communicate regarding business and also your competitors. If you feel there a few applications you look up to, let them now.

Note: It is important to know that a well-rounded mobile app developer should be aware of front-end and back-end design and development. 

iOS Developer for iOS App Development

The main requirement of an iOS developer is the knowledge of programming languages like Object C and Swift and have to be proficient in the following:

  • XCode
  • Cocoa & Cocoa Touch
  • Apple UIKit Framework
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Table View
  • Key-Value Coding 
  • Auto Layout Element
  • View Controllers
  • Storyboard

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Android Developer for Android App Development:

The main requirement for an Android developer is the knowledge of Java, Scala, and Kotlin. Other requirements include:

  • XML
  • Android Studio 
  • Android SDK
  • API
  • SQL
  • Material Design
  • Native Script
  • Flutter
  • Litho

Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring a Developer:

1. Where can I find your previously developed apps?

2. What team size companies have you worked with? 

3. What types of mobile apps have you developed?

4. Do you have a good understanding of the business and target audience?

5. How you plan to enhance design & user experience in an app?

6. Can you give a list of your current and previous clients?

7. What platform are you most comfortable in?

8. Can you handle app testing?

9. Do you have a developer account?

10. How will you ensure my app will be secure from hackers?

11. What quality assurance process you follow?

12. Can you recommend any additional features for the app?

13. When will you be able to submit the app to the app store?

14. Do you believe in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Parting Thoughts

A mobile app is definitely a standard component of your business today and tomorrow. So, it’s definitely a great idea to hire mobile app developers from an offshore location. As it will help you transform digitally without spending too much.

Before diving headlong into mobile app development, consider all the aforementioned factors, and then make the final move. Associating with experienced and leading mobile app development company can prove to be very helpful as it will provide you with comprehensive and detailed blueprints of the entire project.  

We hope the article has given you an idea of how much will it cost to hire a mobile app developer. Want to get a quote for your specific app requirements? Share your requirements with us & our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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