12 Must Haves for Hiring an Offshore Development Team Successfully

What would you do if you have a project that has to be completed within 4 weeks and you don’t have enough skilled in-house developers in your company?

In that case you have to hire developers. But hiring development team with highly-qualified skillset & experience on a limited budget is very challenging. 

We are in a global economy and today talent exists across the globe. One of the best ways to hire developers is to look for a reliable offshore development company and then collaborate with them.

Having an outsourcing partnership works just like any other relationship but both sides have to exert a good amount of effort to produce extraordinary results.

Because you are not collaborating with a single client but a whole software offshore development team, it is important to have mutual understanding and respect as building a successful offshore development team requires efforts. 

Here are the 12 Must-Haves for hiring an Offshore Development Team successfully:

1. Give the Ownership to Offshore Development Team in India

When you have a dedicated development team up and running, then the last thing you want is a long term relationship. This maybe by far the most important aspect for many companies.

Hire offshore development team who take ownership and build something that enhances your business while driving revenue. Give top offshore developers the opportunity to resolve issues on their own and tag you in major ones.

You should not keep stepping in and keep interrupting but steer them in the right direction. This will certainly give them a sense of empowerment. Also, you will only spend time on something which is very critical.

Besides from lowering your operational cost, the main reason why you hire dedicated offshore developers in the first place is because they are more knowledgeable and skilled when compared from your in-house team members.

Involve them in certain decisions, ask them for ideas and consult them about process improvements. Many outsource development team don’t see themselves as only well-trained developers but also well groomed consultants.

So make sure you pick up their brain once in a while as it will prove to be very helpful.

2. Adopt a Strong Management Culture with The Remote Development Team

When you are working with an offshore mobile app development or web development team, it is easy to assume that if you are not hearing from them, everything must be well.

At times, silence is misinterpreted as an indication that nothing is being processed.

You should not only schedule one-on-one with the project manager but also give employees regular opportunities to give as well as receive honest feedback. This helps in removing the guesswork.   

Try to run an engagement survey with the team members, whether they are in-house or remote development team.

Ask specific questions to get a sense of how things are going and ensure to dig into data.

This not only helps in learning about your organization as a whole but also understand how individual is fairing.

In addition to this, it will give you insights about the whole company and discuss the plans that have to be implemented.

3. Avoid Micromanagement of Your Remote Development Team

Never micromanage the top offshore developers India with which you have collaborated as this will only lead to annoyance among them.

Micromanagement is a negative practice that gradually results in breakdown of trust. And this loss of trust is likely to have drastic consequences.

The best way to manage your full stack development team is to appoint a project manager.

This person will then make use of the best team handling and management practices to obtain results.

It is always good for you and your offshore development partner that the team is self-dependent and manageable.

So ensure there is a right mix of senior developers in the leading offshore development team that have the potential to make the project a major success.

4. Ensure Mutual Understanding Between In-House and Offshore Development Team

When it comes to offshore development team, mutual understanding doesn’t come naturally, especially when there is so much difference in the work culture.

Stick to the following recommendations to nip possible clashes.

Note the specific requirements: As far as development is concerned, if something is not written down, it doesn’t exist.

Don’t assume that your software offshore development team will do something that you may have assigned but did not explicitly mention in the requirements?

Keep all the non-functional requirements like security, browser support, and scalability in mind.

Make sure your offshore team understands everything before starting: A good practice is to cross check that every developer clearly understand what they have to do.

Never hesitate to ask your remote developers in case of any query. And explain that they should feel free to do the same. You will be surprised when you realize that understanding is not at all difficult.

5. Never Allow Your Offshore Team to Lose Track of Quality

They are experienced professionals who are aware of the quality standards so make sure they abide by them. Take care of the following to ensure quality.

a) Ensure compliance with deadlines:

Deadlines are very important part of the offshore development team’s performance. Make sure the team never delays the project regardless of the project size and complexity.

b) Stick to MVP:

Determine the essential features of the product and allow the remote development team to make the first release with them. Follow a gradual development process to keep the scope of the product manageable. If you and your team is comfortable with the idea of MVP, it will certainly help you to reduce risks and achieve high productivity.

c) Make offshore employees a part of the estimated process:

Select an estimated technique and try involving all the team members in it. This is a good way of creating estimatio. Here every developer evaluates the task in accordance to their personal experience as well as abilities.

d) Manage risks:

Make sure the offshore developers you hired and identifying potential risks.  If the risk is serious, allow them to take preventive actions immediately especially if it involves third party.

6. Build Trust Between the Outsourcing Team

Agile development teams thrive in an environment that has autonomy, trust and flexibility. Project involvement has a key role.

If the employees are not feeling the contribution to the overall project success, the team’s potential falls.

Teams that have given requirements to “code up” have less motivation and involvement.

So, make the dedicated offshore team understand the business content while creating a sense of purpose to achieve high engagement in the project.

Hire Offshore Developers

7. Create a Consistent Development Environment

While you are working with the offshore development team in India, it is important to have a designated product lead with the accountability to make decisions and thereby take responsibility for the complete outcome. This lead can be a CTO or a project manager.

Make sure the team shares ideas and have views regarding the project. This will help in enhancing the product and making it better before it reaches the end user.

8. Explore Possible Business Models

It is very important to consider the factor of cost of hiring offshore developers or building an entire team.

The offshoring industry is very competitive. Still there are some reliable companies that are likely to charge their services at pocket-friendly prices.

What is more important is knowing that your offshore team is providing worth for money. Undoubtedly, India is one of the best countries when you want to hire development team.

You find the most talented workforce here at absolutely low cost as compared to other countries (most of Indian offshore developers charge $20-$40/hour).

 9. Hire Developers Who Keep an Eye On Work Process

Development of every successful product required extraordinary attention. You should know what your in-house and remote development team is working on and what different challenges they are facing. Here is how to keep track:

Develop a clear communication strategy: When you are managing a large team that is distributed at a different geographic location, a well-established communication process is an absolute must.

The strategy should include the meeting schedules and organization structure of the whole team. Everyone should know who has to be contacted in case of certain issues.

It will also help in monitoring, sharing and coming up with different project ideas for your team having different views.

This helps in allowing your project suggestion to be updated in real time and automatically as the hired team of developers work on different tasks.

With the right tools, project management is not only easy but also helps in managing workload hassle-free.

You can discuss, chat and comment on different tasks during the development phase in real time.

There are a set of tools to track bugs, store and control the version of your project files. You can also calculate the total time spent by every team member to complete their projects.

Examples of timesheet tools include Basecamp, Zoho and Hubstaff.

File Sharing tools: Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox etc.  

File version control software includes Bitbucker, Team Foundation and GIT.

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10. Ask the Offshore team to Conduct Regular Demos

Demo is the intermediate result of the teamwork that is held at the end of each iteration. The main purpose is to show if the remote team managed to achieve as per the deadline and if the performance has met the expected requirements.

During this session, it is important for you to give constructive feedback and make sure it is documented.

Also analyze the previously sent iteration, jot down the positive and negative points and ask the dedicated offshore developers to develop solutions for them.

Because everyone will be actively involved in the demo, there is a continuous level of collaboration between different parties which is very important for the distributed team.

 11. Minimize the Wait Time Between The In-House and Offshore Team

It is always good to collaborate your in-house team with the offshore developers in India on one component project.

Let’s imagine your in-house team is assigned some work to the offshore team. The virtual team has query regarding the task. But they are unable to connect with anyone as is the middle of the night in another country.

The only time when both the team can collaborate is during the afternoon or early morning frame and this ends up in destroying the productivity sometimes.

The best you should do is to give the dedicated outsourcing team an independent project that they will be building from start to finish.

This is the way not only the hired developers will make a significant contribution but both the parties don’t have to waste as much time in attempting to communicate on small issues.

12. Keep Cultural Differences in Mind

Communication is an absolute key to success and the alignment of cultures and values play a major role in it.

Many development companies get so used to the way they interact with people in their own culture that they forget it is not the same way individuals interact in every part of the world.

An outsourcing contract is between parties of two different countries having cultural differences. If your teams have different cultures, it is significant to have a sense of sensitivity to know how the company operates and how every culture behaves.

There is a possibility that your remote development team will be compromising on certain cultural norms.

In this case, there are a host of factors that have to be taken into account like the language, time zone, cultural differences and national holidays. Their nationality, culture and work ethics should be respected. Also make sure they don’t become divisive issues as you both move forward with the project.

Hire a team of developers that are experienced and allow everyone to agree on the same page so that the workflow doesn’t hamper. Also, it is important to understand what the vision of the best offshore company is in the long run and evaluate if it is aligned to your future needs. Because in most cases, this type of collaboration like development of an offshore development center bears fruit in the long term, it is important to set expectations early on.

And as business goals may change, update one another with these changes so that the other can seamlessly recalibrate expectations.

Now is the Right Time to Get Started with the Best Offshore Team

When building your offshore development team, the choice of your partner is the most important decision.

Always remember that best offshore developers can bring so much to the table and equally significant part should come from your end as well.

Only then the offshore development team can work smarter way more than simply contributing time and skills, they will put in their highest quality work.

Combing the offshore development partner’s technical expertise and your company’s active involvement in the project is the key to getting the software solutions in the market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There is no better time than now to get your business ideas out of the planning stage and take the help of the best offshore development team.

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