Why Outsource App Development to India?

In the words of Janice H. Reinold, “in today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected”. It indeed holds true. The statistics of ExpressPigeon depicts how an approx of 50% smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up. These statistics are the significant reasons for businesses going the mobile way and opting for mobile app development. However, when it comes to mobile app development, the businesses are quite skeptical to chose between in-house app developments or outsource app development. Though in-house app development involves lesser monetary risks, the efficiency of outsourcing app development is par excellence.

why outsource app development to India - Your Team in India

From less time consumption to excellent marketing strategies, outsourcing app development has it all to make your business get that competitive edge. India is transforming into a technical hub steadily – especially when it comes to outsourcing. In fact, India happens to be the leading outsourcing service provider when it comes to mobile app development. With app development costs per hour as lower as $18-$20 as compared to $225-$250 of USA, Canada and UK, outsourcing app development to India just makes sense.

Let’s get you updated about the myriad benefits of outsourcing app development to India.

Efficient and Skilled Indian App Developers:

The skill and talent of Indian app developers remain unmatched when compared with the rest of the world. According to the reports of NASSCOM, India adds an approx of 3 million human resources in its workforce meant solely for accelerating the services provided to outsourced businesses. Having a plethora of efficient human resource, India is home to a pool of world-class and high-quality app developers who work extensively towards developing user-friendly, seamless and high-end mobile apps for your business and lets you pave new avenues of success.

Cost-Effective App Development:

It is already mentioned how the app development cost in India is significantly low as compared to that of the other countries. India is the favorite outsource app development destination of the world because of its cost-effective and talented pool of developers. High-end mobile app at low wages. Isn’t this all you need to cut short your development costs and generate considerable revenue?

Ample Work Flexibility:

ndian app developers are very flexible to work with. Outsource app development to India and see how a dedicated team of developers keep you updated, organized, streamlined about your business and provide ample support to the whole app development process. Furthermore, Indian app developers make sure to work in accordance with the respective time zones of their clients and deliver the work in considerably lesser time.

Reduced Development Time:

Indian app developers are very dedicated when it comes to working. They work extensively around the clock to deliver the best quality apps to its clients. They set up a definite timeline and work accordingly to complete their app development within the given time frame, resulting in reduced development time. Furthermore, they make sure to keep their clients informed with real-time updates so that you have a thorough idea of how your app development is going on. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that the outsource app development in India is transparent, seamless and beyond perfection.

Secure government and IT policies:

The Indian IT policies have always been framed keeping in mind the prosperity of the Indian economy. In this context, policies are framed in accordance with the GDP, taxation, telecom, information technology, taxation, growth etc. With IT being the dominant industry of India, the government policies make sure to extract the best out of IT outsourcing in India. In fact, 100% foreign equity is provided by the Indian government which makes the process of outsourcing app development to India quite profitable. In addition, the high-end security of these government policies keeps your data secure, confidential and offers support for seamless e-filing of documents along with full control over cybercrime.

State of the Art Technology:

The field of technology and app development is ever-evolving and developing. New technologies are incorporated and innovative software is included to give the best user experience to customers. So, it becomes imperative for a business to keep itself updated with these technological changes. This is when you can outsource app development to India. The Indian app development companies have access to the high-end technologies, frequent updates, licensed software and development tools which make the whole process of app development seamless, cost-effective and perfect.

Indian mobile app developers have the skill and credibility to develop innovative, creative apps which can boost your company’s value and sales to an altogether new level.

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