How to Find and Hire Good iOS App Developers?

2018 has witnessed a massive increase in the popularity of iOS App market. You should not get surprised by the fact that there are 2.2 Billion apps already available in the app store.

With more than 500 million unique customers visiting app store every week, it’s the second largest store after Android. Therefore, if you are planning to develop an application, you should have an objective to offer something new to your target audience. Not only it will increase the user experience but also help you to achieve success.

In case, you are not technically adept, consider hiring a team of developers to fulfill your requirements. However, choosing a vendor with inadequate experience may cost a lot for your project. In this blog, we are going to share some valuable tips about hiring a proficient team of iOS app developers for your next project!

The process of sourcing and hiring iOS app developers

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Sourcing high-quality developers

You can find high-quality developers by visiting online forums and interacting with development teams online. Moreover, you should minimize the time required to hire the right talent, as this time may affect the overall success of the project. To save up your time, you can search them on the search engines and social media.

Brands usually hire the developers by approaching companies directly. If done right, you can scale your development team at a low cost by hiring offshore developers.

Background Research

It’s essential to conduct thorough background research on the developers, analyze their work quality and execution time. You can also approach these developers directly to understand their background in the domain of iOS app development. Whether offshoring or working locally, you can conduct background research on many parameters.

Through interviews, meetings and prior work assessment, you can easily understand the quality of work that developers will deliver. Moreover, you can ask for the applications they have developed. It will help you better understand their analytic and problem-solving skills. If you have some technical experts in your team, you can take their help to examine the tech stack used for the design of an application. Altogether, conducting a thorough investigation will help you filter out unnecessary hassles that may trouble you in the future.

RFP & Features

Parallel to the investigation, it’s crucial to find out the teams that can help you develop the features required in your application. Some teams may have a stronger side of development than others. In this case, you should put forward your requirements & ask for their inputs.

Most of the teams will ask you to share a detailed list of functionalities required in the application (google maps, social sharing, account creation, CDN, Third-party API, etc.). After sharing the details, you can expect a proposal from the team along with cost, time and deliverables. This proposal will help you in finalizing the right team of developers.

Milestone-based approach

You can recruit the dev teams to work on a milestone-based approach to minimize the iOS development time. It will help you to work with developers on certain milestones & measure their performance at each step. If they can achieve these small milestones easily, then you can hire them for long-term projects. To begin with, you can analyze their performance by assigning them the task to build rough designs & wireframes (building blocks of the application).

Finalizing the right developers

Once you’ve finalized the right dev team, you can close the deal with a contract and an NDA. The contract can be in the form of a JV, partnership or an offshoring contract. Depending on the scale of the project & the level of involvement, you can create the customized contracts to which both the parties agree!

Understanding requisite languages & iOS app development environment

If this is the first time you’re entering the app development space, you need to understand the different languages and dev environment necessary to work. Certain apps are processor heavy, while others are more focused on the UI. This difference will change the core skill sets required to develop the application.

Since an application has multiple features and functionalities, the development process will require different skills. One app developer may be an expert of Swift/Objective-C, C++, and HTML, while others will be proficient with Java or Database systems. Moreover, budgeting of the app comes down to the man-hours (which largely depends on the language required to develop an application).

It concludes that you should find out the languages necessary to develop your application.

Cost benefits with In-house vs Offshore iOS app developers

If you don’t have an in-house team already, then it may be wise to hire an offshore development team. Working with offshore developers will help save up to 80% IT cost. Companies providing offshore development services have experience working with the largest brands to produce quality apps. You can prioritize your requirements with them, and they can develop an application that suits best for your business.

By hiring a team of iOS app developers from India or China, you can focus on critical aspects relevant to your core business. Development teams in the Asian countries are generally cost-effective and deliver high quality, robust and scalable end-product (the only difference is geography).

Freelancers, Dev teams, & iOS app development companies

For international clients, there are multiple layers of developers to choose from. Whether your app is more extensive in scope or has numerous features, dev time is another aspect that comes into the picture.

Whether offshoring or in-housing, there are three major tiers of development to opt for:


You can hire the freelancers that work on a one-time project. These freelance iOS developers can create smaller modules of the application or can fix bugs.

Freelance developers can also work on small projects that don’t require considerable investment and time. iOS app developers can design small modules quickly but may take more time to develop the complex apps. They work perfectly when you need to design a simple app that is based off an exiting market substitute. Freelancers can be found online, on Upwork, Freelancer, and social media websites.

Dev Teams

Dev teams provide the perfect middle-ground between freelance iOS developers and large-scale companies. They work within your budget and provide premier customer service throughout the process. Furthermore, dev teams focus on the development of the entire application rather than smaller modules.

They focus on working in the iOS ecosystem and have hired team members & freelancers to work with them. They are best suited for B2B applications and mid-to-large scale development requirements. You can also hire offshore dedicated developers under one dev team and have a singular point of contact.

Development Companies

Many large-scale development companies provide different levels of service and execution. These companies are best suited for large-scale SaaS or hardware driven apps (that requires maximum performance). They’re also adept at working within your requirement, provided that there is enough scope for their time and investment.

Development companies have global offices providing greater reach when it comes to scaling. You can also work with them for marketing your apps and compete with large players in the marketplace. You can find these companies by visiting highly functional apps and finding their contact information.


To find and hire iOS app developers, companies need to work with premier partners in the development space. They need to prioritize their app development requirements, source the right teams, and work with them on smaller milestones. They can filter out companies that aren’t fitting within the budget framework and work with leaner and scalable models.

Offshoring is a viable alternative that can also enable companies to find the right developers. The iOS market has been growing steadily, which opens up the requirement for better quality developers across the board.

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