8 Benefits of Hiring Offshore Software Developers

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line. One strategy that has become increasingly popular in recent years is hiring offshore developers. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, hiring offshore software developers can be an effective way to achieve your business goals.

Nowadays, both startups and enterprises are in the digital transformation process. This means taking their business online, improving the customer’s experience, and introducing the concept of automation.

However, in order to get everything right, you need a reliable offshore team by your side. And considering today’s remote work trend, most businesses would prefer working with a team of offshore developers. Some of the key benefits of hiring offshore software developers include cost savings, access to a global talent pool, and increased flexibility.

Most of the statistics gathered by the research companies show that working with an offshore software development team gives a competitive edge to businesses.

Top 8 Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers

Hiring offshore developers can be a smart business move that can help you achieve your goals. Below are the top 8 Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers.

List of Benefits of Hiring Offshore Software Developers

1. Cost-Effective

The main advantage of an offshore development model is cost-effectiveness. It allows you to hire dedicated offshore developers at reasonable and affordable rates.

This, in the end, manages to maximize profits. Apart from the monthly savings on operational overheads, it helps you to save big on setup costs and capital expenditures.

No need to worry about personal space, the HR team, and other laborious tasks. Pay as long as your project assignment is under development. Isn’t that hassle-free?

Do You Know?

According to KPMG, approximately 84.2% of outsourcing deals are made in the USA annually. With 5% of the shares, the UK comes second. In both countries, the cost of living is higher, therefore, developers native to these countries cost higher ($100 – $150/hour).

Whereas in a country like India, China, the Philippines, or other similar countries, the cost of living is not higher in comparison to the USA and the UK.

For example, if your budget is low and you don’t want to compromise on quality, hiring Indian developers would be a wise decision. As you can easily find software developers in India that work in a range of $10 – $40/hour.

Software Developer Hourly Rate Comparison Across the Globe

2. Flexibility & Scalability

Many startups & small companies do not monitor or follow every step involved in the development process closely. There are two reasons behind the same;

  • Lack of skills
  • Lack of objective targets

Failing to measure the success of products, can be disastrous for a small business. In such a situation, most companies prefer to hire developers and leave project management responsibilities to their offshore outsourcing partner.

Once you have finalized an offshore development team, you will get a chance to select developers, designers, and a team leader. Furthermore, you can add or remove members in your offshore team at any moment for valid reasons.

This flexibility will give an organization total freedom to make its development process more transparent and hassle-free.

3. Quality of Service

If your in-house team is missing the can-do attitude, it’s better to work with an offshore software company. Not just the attitude but experience working with different industry verticals will certainly put your offshore team one step ahead of your in-house team.

On top of that, if you are working with a dedicated offshore team for your project, you can stay rest assured about the quality. Because your team will be dedicatedly working towards achieving one single goal, rather than working on multiple projects.

Plus, an external team will reach out with new insights or brainstorm suggestions. And maybe these ideas will help to improve the overall development of your product by letting you leverage innovation & creativity at each stage of the development cycle.

4. Time Zone Differences

The difference in time can be a boon or a bane, depending on how you look at it. We know that there is a time zone advantage between India, the USA, and Europe.

By working with an offshore team in India, companies can utilize the time zone difference to their advantage & provide 24*7*365 days support/services.

And, if you are worried about the issues that may arise at the end of your business day, your offshore development team can help you resolve the issues even before your next business day will begin.

Isn’t that a relief?

5. Allows You to Focus on Your Core Business Activities

Focus on Core Business Activities

Working with an offshore development team allows you to focus more on your core business functions. You need not worry about managing the complex and time-consuming process of website or mobile app development.

When you associate yourself with a dedicated offshore development center, you will get a team of developers, designers, and a project manager. So, your offshore team of developers will be responsible to deliver you quality software.

All you have to do is coordinate with the project manager. This will help your company to focus on core practices without the additional stress of running and managing the development of your product.

Therefore, with less burden and extra focus, your in-house team can leverage their strengths and work towards the augmentation of your business.

6. Shared Responsibility

You can not underestimate the risk factors involved in the development of software. Both parties agree on the terms and conditions. Moreover, both parties share the impact and risk management.

Outsourcing moderates risk exposure as your service provider will share the responsibility with your company. It provides support on overall risk management as it helps you adapt to changing market conditions.

This ‘sharing’ not only leverages the delivery of services across business units but also represents a ‘sharing’ of accountabilities and responsibilities between the shared services organization and its customers.

It is useful to understand how risks may emerge and how they can be mitigated with adequate preparation. Detailed scope of work, detailing assumptions, entry and exit criteria, as well as acceptance test documents can help mitigate risks.

7. Cultural Advantage

Every organization has a different culture and different aspects of working. When you hire an offshore product engineering team, you will get introduced to a new way of doing a thing or you can peek into different cultures of working. Sometimes, it may turn around as a benefit for your company.

Outsourcing to India is the best example of Maximizing Cultural Compatibility.

India is greatly immersed in Western culture, from entertainment and politics to business and tech. Moreover, India was colonized by UK, Netherlands, and France in the past, and continues to embody some of their values and cultures until the present. 

This greatly places them in a strategic position wherever they will relate and understand to several nations, while still embodying their own principles like hard work and perseverance, as well as warmth and friendliness.

So cultural compatibility should be one of the important things to consider when choosing who to give this valuable job. Never underestimate the importance of cultural compatibility, as the result can be the key to elevating your business to the next level.

8. Excellent Resources

Technology is evolving every day, and maintaining the growing economy will be rewarding. By outsourcing your software development, you’ll get access to new ways for getting things done, and meet innovative people with strong and numerous technology experiences.

Therefore, access to the best technology, manpower, and equipment becomes possible when you set up an offshore development center

This will help them to finish the project successfully and hence the issues are clarified and an excellent strategy is executed.

Outsourcing is also an excellent way of testing out the available resources that will help your company to make any huge commitment. Ultimately, your company will realize that your outsourcing partner gives you added value in the long run.

Few Cons of Hiring Offshore Developers

Offshoring development services isn’t a perfect fit for every business. Hiring offshore developers can offer many benefits for companies looking to cut costs and improve their bottom line. However, it’s important to consider the potential downsides of this strategy as well. Here are a few Cons of Hiring Offshore Developers:

Cons of Hiring Offshore Developers

1. Management and control issues

Working with offshore developers might lead to certain management and control issues. However, you can easily resolve these issues by hiring a dedicated IT outsourcing company. It ensures that your tasks will be completed in the required time frame.

2. Lack of proper coordination and availability

Since the products developed need regular support and maintenance, the time zone difference can be a barrier in coordination and instant availability of the remote developers. Though a prior intimation regarding the same can help in coordinating with the remote team effectively.

3. Language and cultural differences

Language and cultural differences can be an issue. Hence, it is imperative to hire developers from an outsourcing provider who understands, coordinates, and supervises your outsourced employees well.

4. Security issues

Since all information is on the cloud, your confidential data can be at risk while working with remote developers. So, make sure you have a deep insight into the NDA, IT policies, and security parameters of the outsourcing provider you are going to work with.

Bottom Line

In this era of technology, there is a boom in the demand for offshore development models. Hence, it is now easier to manage offshore operations from across the globe.

In the end what matters is experience, skills, communication, and dedication. Before you make a final decision, do your homework regarding what kind of team can prove to be a perfect option for your project.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to kickstart your projects without any hassles, just go for it. In case you have any query or project to discuss, connect with us now & our team will get in touch with you shortly!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the cost benefits of hiring offshore developers?

Offshore developers typically charge less than their counterparts in developed countries, which can result in significant cost savings for companies. This can be especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources.

What risks are associated with hiring offshore developers?

Risks associated with hiring offshore developers could be the Quality of work, cultural and language barriers, time zone differences, and dependence on a single vendor.

How can I ensure that the quality of work from offshore developers meets my company’s standards?

One way to ensure the quality of work is to establish clear expectations and deliverables for the project and to provide regular feedback and training if needed. It’s also important to communicate regularly with the offshore development team to address any issues that may arise.

How can I overcome the challenges of communication and cultural barriers when working with offshore developers?

One way to overcome these challenges is to hire developers who are fluent in your company’s language and to provide cultural sensitivity training. It’s also important to establish clear communication channels, set clear expectations, and have regular check-ins with the offshore development team to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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