Online Payment Gateway 2022

Business Highlights



Reduction in delivery turnaround time



Increase in lead generation



Reduction in request resolution time for fraud detection



Man-Hours saved on QA


Gettrx, a payment processing solution provider, provides online payment gateway and Terminal POS solutions to thousands of American businesses. Being a Fintech enterprise that deals with financial transactions and third-party banks; it has to meet security and regulatory compliances that require updating its systems regularly and ensuring an infallible fraud control system is always in place.
Gettrx relies on a strong development team of IT resources with experience in Fintech businesses to meet their regulatory, security, and business requirements.



Gettrx sought a dependable team of experienced IT resources that took care of end-to-end development and management of the solution while ensuring code standards were being met at all times.

Transparent Selection and Quick Onboarding Process

After a detailed discussion with the client, Your Team in India suggested the Product Engineering model of the Offshore Development Centre.
Following a transparent hiring process that included the client in every step, YTII helped Gettrx select and deploy a team of highly skilled resources within a week. The hired team came with 6+ years of experience handling complex product development in an agile work model.



With a team of highly skilled resources, the client can now achieve its development goals faster.

Cost Reduction:

Cost Reduction

Hiring a highly skilled team from YTII has helped them reduce their project development cost and save on HR and infrastructure costs.

Quick Turnaround:

Quick Turnaround

The team has brought down the development turnaround time. This has reduced products' time-to-market and fast-tracked business roadmap.

Product Quality Improvement:

Product Quality Improvement

With experienced developers on board, the client enjoys constant consultation and team input on product improvement. The team introduced process automation at various stages, eliminating the risk of human errors and making the system more dexterous.

  • icon 90% reduction in Fraud Detection time.
  • icon 99% man-hour saved in QA.
On-Demand Scaling Of The Team:

On-Demand Scaling Of The Team

With YTII's large pool of readily available resources, the client enjoys the liberty to select and deploy new resources on the project whenever required quickly.

Successful Remote Execution:

Successful Remote Execution

The well-structured and process-oriented infrastructure allows seamless operation, enabling successful remote project execution. The client enjoys improved output, quality, and security.

Improved Lead Generation:

Improved Lead Generation

The digital marketing activations have resulted in 2X improvement in lead generation.

Delighted Customer:

Delighted Customer

Gettrx is delighted with Your Team India's professionalism, work ethics, and proactiveness. The collaboration that started as a 3-month set-up of the 'Project Engineering model' has now become 'Build-to-Scale model' and extended indefinitely. The client is also planning to collaborate on new projects.

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