Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers in India

Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers in India

Technology is a crucial aspect of modern business. There’s absolutely nothing that can replace it. Considering the fact that most organizations are highly dependent on tech for expansion, companies prefer to hire dedicated remote developers rather instead of setting an in-house team.

This model is widely popular as the name of IT staff augmentation. In this case, an organization collaborates with an offshore technology partner to fulfill their business objectives. Not only it helps companies to save a lot of capital but it also provides them access to world-class professionals.

Remote staff hiring has been in the market for the last few decades. Earlier companies used to work with team of remote developers to reduce their development costs. Nowadays, it has become an effective marketing strategy that has the potential of helping you accelerate your business growth.

In fact, young entrepreneurs that are eager to start their company, prefer to work with remote developers. It helps companies to save a lot of capital, which makes it possible to scale up the company quickly.

However, when it comes to hiring developers, India emerges as one of the most favorite outsourcing destinations for companies in Europe and the USA. So, in this post, let’s discuss a few things you need to consider while hiring remote developers!

How to Hire Remote Developers in India?

Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers in India
Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers in India

Before we discuss how to hire remote developers, let’s list down a few reasons why you should outsource to India:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Large Talent Pool of Programmers
  • Communication
  • Time-Zone Difference
  • Support from Indian Government

1. Test their Level of Adaptability and Cooperation:

This is an important aspect while assessing a candidate. An ideal candidate must be able to adjust well with co-workers, scattered across the world. Your remote developers must be capable to adapt the work culture in your organization. Look out how well they communicate. Do they have the right mind-set and attitude required to fulfill your business objectives?

To avoid working with a non-competent candidate, it’s advisable to work with a remote development company instead of freelancers. It will ensure that your remote web developers will adjust well with your in-house team and work towards one goal; the success of your business.

2. Work Experience:

It is imperative to perform a thorough background check of your outsourcing partner. Look out for their market reputation on Google, LinkedIn, AppFutura, Clutch, and other similar review and rating platforms.

Once you are certain about their credibility, it’s time to take a profound insight into their portfolio. Seek for the most similar work done by your remote developers in the past.

If you are technically adept, that’s great. If not, it’s best to take help from a technical manager and ask a few technical questions from your remote team to ensure they have actually worked on the project. In case it is possible, ask for their client contact details and take their feedback into consideration.

This will help determine their suitability for your project. Through this, you can take a glimpse of the technical skillset of your remote employees.

3. Communication

Communication can determine the success of your project. Especially, when you are working with remote staff, it becomes significant to communicate effectively. Working with a remote app development team requires a lot of communication. In case you are outsourcing from the USA to India, it’s essential that your remote employees are adept in English.

It’s easy to evaluate the communication of a candidate via phone or video call. Therefore, consider getting in touch with all of your remote employees at least once before hiring them.

4. Keep a Track of their Progress

Monitoring your employees is essential but make sure that you make them feel comfortable while working. They must be empowered to connect with the project and express their ideas.

Conduct video conferences, connect the employees working on a particular module and help in the ice breaking. A friendly approach always motivates both remote developers and in-house team to put forward their best.

Involve them in the major decisions you are taking related to the project. It will send a sense of reassurance in their minds and help them connect well to the project and your organization. This will help in better processing of information and result in a much higher level of synchronization.

5. Remuneration

It is necessary to provide remuneration to your remote developers similar to your in-house team. If they are working exceptionally, it’s best to appreciate their efforts.

You cannot offer travel allowances, housing allowances, food, and other such benefits to your remote staff. However, periodic training or bonus will do the work for you. Not only it will motivate them but also help boost their confidence and loyalty towards your organization.

Wrapping Up

Managing a team of remote developers in India is indeed a task and demands a lot of time & interest. You may employ a manager to handle the project for you. But it makes a huge difference if you are personally involved in the team management process and interacting with your remote employees on a regular basis.

Your remote staff can help your company actualize its ultimate potential. Furthermore, retaining and maintaining a better relationship with the team will work wonders for your organization.

Do you want to hire top offshore developers in India or having a challenge managing your virtual office? Drop us your line of requirements at “[email protected]

We believe in a sense of dedication towards providing our clients with the best possible remote staff at an affordable cost and delivering as per their expectations. We strive to help starts and enterprises to build their virtual office space with real employees, delivering results and adding value to the organization.

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