Mobile Apps Transformation - One Step Closer to AI and ML

Mobile Apps Transformation - One Step Closer to AI and ML

There is a huge potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the mobile app industry. In fact, Big brands like Amazon are already using this potential to predict the buying behaviors of their customers & make suggestions based on their data.

In different ways, AI and ML are shaping the future of mobile app development. Let’s find out how!

Mobile Apps Transformation

Voice Search Recognition:

We have witnessed a shift in mobile app interactions from text to image and now voice.

Voice search is on the rise. If you are an entrepreneur, it is imperative for you to dip your shoes in the voice recognition market. Approximately, 40% of the users are practicing voice search at least once a day. Moreover, a survey revealed that voice commerce (voice shopping) business will be worth $40+ billion by 2022.

Voice is helping brands come closer to their customers in comparison to social media. One of the major reasons for the popularity is the convenience & quick response to the user's query.

Natural language processing is a key element of AI and ML that offers extraordinary insights into user preferences and habits. This helps in addressing your customers in a language that resonates with them. It is just the forefront of voice search and there is a long way to go.

Automated Reasoning:

This is perhaps one of the most powerful elements of AI helping the customer achieve their goals. With the help of AI and machine learning development, the apps have been programmed to have ‘human-like’ ability of reasoning without human intervention.

Once programmed, apps analyze the actions of the users and make quick decisions. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, the app gives every consumer a tailored, individual experience.

Example; Uber uses machine learning ideas to suggest the best possible route for their drivers and also the traffic congestion. This helps the customers reached their respective destinations. This is done with the help of an algorithm that collects different part of data from the driver who takes similar routes.

Customer Purchasing Behaviour:

Once there are a decent number of downloads of the app, increasing the revenue should be the next target. Up-Sell to current customers helps in growth as gaining new users is quite challenging and time-consuming.

On the other hand, sending emails, push-notifications and in-app messages to your audience, forcing them to purchase irritates them.

AI quickly processes the data in a fraction of time, analyzing the behavior of users while distinguishing between the ‘hot-leads’ from those who are not. The AI system is smart and knows when to push relevant, targeted suggestions about the products and services.

Content Customer Engagement:

No matter if they are push-notifications, in-app messages, it is important that the content is well-written. From ensuring there are a few elements to writing concise content, this is not as simple as it looks.

A study by Gartner predicted that 20% of the business content will be authored by machines in 2019. This also included assistance in the research of potentially relevant topic for the marketers.

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How AI and ML in Mobile App Development will Impacts Businesses?

Flipkart, Amazon and giant retailers are enjoying artificial intelligence mobile apps for quite some time. Consider the product recommendation that pops up after you have accessed the Amazon app. AI and ML take care of everything.

Because of the increase in customer demand and competition in the market, it has become important to adopt AI and machine learning mobile apps.

Also, AI has a good scope in telecommunication, e-commerce, and retail industry, giving the customers more incentive to use their services. Not to mention, Amazon has made a major success by introducing Amazon’s Echo.

Furthermore, if you are running a business, it is imperative to develop outstanding apps with AI as it is providing a wide range of opportunities to make things possible. All you have to do is hire AI developers & get started. 

AI has already managed to make big waves in the marketing world but there’s always a scope for improvement. In the coming future, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will prove more beneficial to the mobile app market.

The benefits of building apps with AI is undisputed as it is reducing the complexities of human tasks by letting devices to optimize, analyze, diagnose, configure and deliver personal data in a customized solution.

Would you like to utilize this technology for the benefit of your business? If yes, you need to start now! Share your requirements at & get a free consultation for your next project.

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