6 Reasons Why React Native is the Future of Hybrid Mobile Apps

As the technological world expands beyond comprehension, the demand for the change and adaption becomes obligatory. In the hustle and bustle of modern life smartphone apps have become our best friends.

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It is a fact that we can achieve high performance through native apps that require a good amount of development time. The development cost reduces on building cross-platform apps.

Hybrid apps are developed to gain the advantage of both. This has resulted in the quest for better language and frameworks as it creates exceptional hybrid apps having the ability to keep developers on their toes. iOS and Android are the two operating systems that dominate the smartphone world. Facebook and Instagram React Native are great examples that are transforming the world. The major benefit includes the designing of a single app. It was developed separately as iOS and Android by the react native mobile app development team.

React Native is worthy of being in the top technologies of the world and here is why:

  1. Great performance, High Speed

Redefining the concept of cross-platform development and code-reuse, this development speaks for itself. Everyone wants to get the maximum benefit at a reasonable price range and with React Native the similar code is deployed on both iOS and Android by react native developers. You can save a lot of time as the react native developer doesn’t have to write two different set of code. You get native performance and faster release cycles with React Native.

  1. Easy to learn

React Native relies on language fundamentals which are highly readable. For the react native app developers, this makes it very easy to learn and follow. If you are new to JavaScript, React Native is the best place to start with as it serves as an amazing teaching tool for learning multiple components like maps and filters.

For the ones who are already well-verse in standard language features, React Native saves time and development money as it is easy to understand and apply. Don’t worry as it isn’t an entirely different concept. You will get it simple.

  1. Learn and apply everywhere

In the cross-platform app development, learn the codes, write them and run everywhere. This way the things are done more differently and efficiently. Embed JavaScript files in the app and are run locally. There is an ecosystem flourish having components available for the developers having the ability to integrate any new feature as a simple plugin without manipulating the complete code.

  1. Instant Updates

The Apple app is popular for its review process and approval time. For the app launch, developers should have enough patience to do it all over again every-time they have to update the app. There is a solution to this as well. As it uses JavaScript, React Native allows you to release updates directly without entering the app store. With React Native, the process is quite simple and streamlined as the app is already built on the same framework.

  1. Among the leading frameworks

React native popularity is growing constantly. You don’t require Java, Swift or Objective C for iOS and Android. There is no need to hire a separate team of developers.

  1. Transforms web project into Mobile App seamlessly

The code of React Native is reusable. The single update is sufficient for both the platforms. The interface of React Native is modular and intuitive. It is easy for a developer to understand who is not working on that particular project. The flexibility of the team enhances and the web app updates become easy to create. All this saves time for transforming web project into a mobile app.

Final thoughts

Hybrid app development is one of the most sought after technologies in the world of mobile app development. Having native performance and shorter development cycle, React Native will overpower. React Native community is growing exponentially, thriving to offer great support to the framework. The apps built on this framework by offshore react native mobile developers work efficiently and with more agility. If you aim to get fast development of powerful mobile app at a reasonable price, React Native is the thing you should consider.

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