ReactJS for Enterprise App Development: 10 Reasons to Choose it

ReactJS for Enterprise App Development: 10 Reasons to Choose it

React is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved tools for uncountable reasons. If stats are to be believed, at least 68.9% of reliable React developers use react library and stick to them. Its popularity has been high for many reasons, some of which are listed in this blog.

Let's get into the blog and see why you should be choosing ReactJs as your next development framework for your new project. 

Why ReactJs is the Most Popular Choice for Big brands?

Thanks to react latest practices and advantages like scalability, stability, and reusability, React’s application architecture is used by many big names. Here are some popular names with React is associated:

Facebook: Since React was created at Facebook, it's no surprise that its apps and websites are built over this. Instagram (owned by Facebook) also relies on this for web and mobile app developments.

Netflix: React is the popular choice of Netflix because it helps improve the load time, modularity, and runtime performance of the application. Besides, there are numerous other reasons why developers chose ReactJS for app development over other frameworks. 

Other applications that are built on ReactJs are Dropbox, WhatsApp web, Codeacademy, and more.

So, let’s take a glance at the benefits of ReactJS that make it the most preferred framework for the development process.

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What are the Most Common Cases in Which ReactJs and React Native are Used?

From enterprise software to eCommerce custom web development, React can be used to build various apps. Here are some common cases in which React Native and ReactJS are used:

Mobile App Development: React Native is used to build applications for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Single Page enterprise (SPA): React is also used to build Single Page Applications or SPAs. These web pages allow users to interact with the data from the server without reloading the page.

Data visualization dashboard: ReactJS has an excellent set of tools that helps build an attractive and functional dashboard for data visualization.

Enterprise application development: Thanks to the component-based architecture, development-based projects are divided into small segments through UI components. Therefore, large companies use React in their software development stacks.

Reasons to Choose Reactjs for Enterprise App Development

ReactJS is the future of enterprise app development, and developers totally agree. And, the reason is that this framework of Facebook comes with tons of benefits, which are as follows:

Effective and Intellectual 

The code usage is pretty easy with ReactJS. So, it doesn’t have the fiddly JS code but a seamless fusion of JavaScript functionalities and HTML, making app development easier for the developers. Hence, the overall development time and efforts are minimized. Further, using the state, props, action, and event management of this framework, developers can easily control the behavior of the apps upon user’s activities. 

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Reusable Components 

ReactJS developers know that with this framework, they get component reusability. The generic components can be reused anytime while maintaining them with no extra effort. It is even easier to create a class and use as much as instanced as the developers want. Furthermore, the reusable components don’t affect the functioning of others as every component is completely isolated and stored separately from other components. Overall, a lot of time and effort is saved.

Legacy System Integration 

ReactJS gives you access to upgrading your current system with an interactive UI, which can enhance the overall experience of the legacy system. In addition, there is enormous scope for improvements in the existing UI if ReactJS is integrated. So, the development team can easily integrate this framework into a legacy system considering your business requirements without wasting a lot of time, effort, and cost. Furthermore, the new mix of your outdated system and new ReactJS components will put aside the extra cost of maintaining the obsolete technology. 

Simple Learning Curve 

The simplicity of this framework makes it easier even for newbies to understand and work with it. So, a developer with basic knowledge can also work on this technology. Hence, it becomes a feasible option for almost every organization with any development team to make the most of it. Moreover, since the framework doesn’t have multiple components, it will not be challenging for developers to get acquainted with this framework. Besides, this framework allows both the apprentice and even the experts to get an equal chance to learn.

Amazing Community Support 

Amongst the most prominent reasons to use ReactJS for app development is a vast and supportive community that is readily available to solve your concerns. Furthermore, the gigantic community of expert developers from around the globe helps you when you get stuck anywhere in the development process. You can even contribute to enhancing the documentation if you are an expert with years of knowledge and experience. Also, the community drive approach lets everyone access the information and documentation of innovation. 

Boost Productivity 

Adding to some incredible reasons to use ReactJS above, here is another reason why the developers must go for ReactJS. The React Ui framework’s library is highly efficiently integrated with all the features and elements that will end up in a faster and more efficient enterprise app development process. For example, there are features like Virtual DOM, component reusability, and flexibility with other platforms, which help developers improve productivity, even in the complex workings. 

Outstanding Flexibility 

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ReactJS is the best choice for developers because it supports different libraries and complete flexibility to pick the tools and architecture for enterprise app development. That means businesses can opt for app customization as and when they want and even select the technology and tools of their choice. That’s the reason why this framework is just the perfect solution for the front-end development platform. It delivers enterprise apps much more quickly with an outstanding user experience. 

Enterprise App Scalability 

Today’s businesses need rich enterprise web apps, which are easy to use and scale. That includes the app to efficiently handle the massive number of users, changes, and datasets without showing any error. The credit goes to ReactJS, which delivers the much-needed scalability for the apps to perform as users want. The project’s scalability, including the architecture, app structure, and code management, can be quickly done when using ReactJS. Hence, this framework helps the app to be more scalable even when you are adding or removing components or modifying the enterprise app in any way. 

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Backward-Compatible App

There is barely any need to change the existing code when an update is required. The public API on the ReactJS framework remains unchanged, no matter how complex or easy the enterprise app changes are. ReactJS programmers don’t need to replace their knowledge due to the backward compatibility of ReactJS. Hence the updates keep the framework more relevant for the future, allowing your enterprise app to be more secure and reliable Developers can easily fix any error or bug using the reusability components and single codebase for every platform, including iOS development and Android development. 

SEO-Friendly Framework 

Today’s users have tons of options to choose from, which even goes for the enterprise app. Hence, SEO becomes extremely important to stand out amongst the crows and reach the target audience with minimum hassle. You may face issues if your app is not SEO-friendly. That will certainly not be the case when you are using ReactJS to build your enterprise app, which reduces the load time to make it more effective for the users. Besides, it works exceptionally well on the server working with the node. Hence, your app can get a desirable ranking on the web page allowing users to reach your product faster and easier. 

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ReactJS focuses on improving business objectives by creating premium enterprise apps to take your business to the next level with ReactJs and keep you ahead of your competitors. Irrespective of whether you are a startup or a well-established business, ReactJS is bound to deliver the best to your enterprise app, making it exactly like you want for your business - robust, reliable, and error-free. So, you are definitely relying on ReactJS for your next enterprise app development project. 

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