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In this post, we shall learn about Facebook ReactJS, why you should opt for it to scale up your business, which business giants are using this framework in 2021, and what are some potential benefits of ReactJS that can help you grow and stay competitive in the business world. 

What is Facebook’s Reactjs? 

Reactjs is a free and open-source front-end JS library that helps developers in building user interfaces or UI components. A highly reliable javascript framework maintained by Facebook and is backed up by the supportive community of companies and expert ReactJS developers

Facebook React.js
  • It’s Declarative 

Reactjs makes it painless for developers to create and build interactive and innovative UIs. just design some simple views for every app state, and it will update and render just the right and the most suitable components when your data is updated. Being declarative means your code is more predictable and simpler to debug. 

  •  It’s Component-Based 

With React, you can easily build encapsulated components that easily manage their own state before composing themselves to make more complicated UIs. Developers know that component logic is written in JS instead of templates. So, you can quickly pass rich data through your application while keeping the state out of the Document Object Model (DOM). 

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  • It’s ‘Learning Once, Using Everywhere’

In react, you even have access to developing new features without rewriting the existing code. It can also render on the server using  Node.js and robust mobile apps utilizing React Native. Hence, it is just a one-time investment in learning React to further utilize it in creative ways to develop innovative apps. 


Why Choose Facebook Reactjs for your Business? 

Giants like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook rely on React.js for their highly reliable businesses. The reason could be the way React has given them access to unique, highly creative, and user-friendly solutions. Besides, the fact that it is perfect for every business size – startups, small, and even large enterprises. 

Well, there are quite a few reasons why you should prefer Facebook’s React Js for your business. Here are a few of the most prominent reasons:

  1. Exceptionally Efficient

Facebook’s React.js has the ability to create its own DOM, where you can make your components live in no time. The developers gain high flexibility and extraordinary performance as it calculates changes required in DOM beforehand. Besides, it even updates the DOM trees accordingly as per the changes required. Hence, extra expensive DOM operations are avoided while keeping everything updated efficiently. 

  1. Incredible for SEO

Isn’t SEO amongst the most prominent challenges faced with almost every front-end framework? It is! SEO can’t bear even a single error in the JavaScript code, as that might let Google bot not index itself. With Facebook’s React.js, you can easily have the server-side rendering and Google bots will have no trouble finding and reading the content on your app. Hence, this aspect of SEO is highly satisfied with React.js.

  1. Access to Reusable Components 

One of the major things considered when React was built was the reusability. Hence, using react.js you can easily build components that can be reused for developing numerous projects. That is enough to save the developer’s time and effort to be consistent in building UI. The reusability even helps in maintaining as well as keeping the size of the codebase to a minimum. 

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  1. High Performance

React.js backed up by Facebook gives two robust features to the developers – Server-side rendering and Virtual DOM. Due to these two features, the load time of the app becomes much faster and the UI becomes more seamless. In Virtual DOM, we can maintain the UI state in memory by just adding only the delta of the difference to DOM. Hence, quick rendering is possible. 

  1. Code Stability 

A top-down approach is followed by React, where you build app parent components in the beginning and then just keep on adding the child components further. That approach even goes for the design. Hence, it minimized the chances of breaking the code. The flow of data is pretty seamless and smooth, delivering a premium experience to the users while enhancing the app’s performance. Even the most complicated apps are built with ease. 

  1. Data Binding 

When using React.js, you can easily bind the variables with the UI. So, when the variable changes, the UI gets rendered automatically. This feature is highly adored by the developers, as you don’t have to worry about refreshing the page nor maintaining the site. After the completion of data binding, it is maintained in virtual DOM. This DOM is added to the actual DOM and the UI is refreshed without doing anything. 

  1. Friendly Supportive Community 

React is an open-source framework with a highly supportive and friendly community where you can find solutions to almost all your React-related problems. Do you think you know enough about this framework? Great! You can even contribute to the community. Besides, when you are facing the issue, simply post about your concern and you will soon get the best solution from the experts nationwide. 


Top Companies Using React.js 

Well, there are quite a few companies that are using React.js. Some who were not using it earlier have now shifted to React.js. One such example is ‘Dropbox’ which switched from CoffeeScript to React, at the time when the technology was trending amongst web developers. 

Here are the top companies that rely on React.js for their business:

  • WillowTree
  • Resourcifi
  • RNF Technologies
  • Rootstrap
  • Table XI
  • STRV
  • Saritasa
  • Cheesecake Labs
  • Wildebeest
  • Perpetual


Benefits of React.js – What Makes it the Right Choice for your Next Project? 

Let’s explore some amazing benefits of React.js, so that there is no doubt before adopting/switching to this technology. 

  1. Speed – The UI refresh rate is high, Virtual DOM quick updates, utilization of both client-side code and server-side code, minimized dependency together enhances the overall development speed, saving developers a lot of time, effort, and cost. 
  2. Flexibility – React.js lets you divide the entire front-end into smaller UI, which is called components. It saves a lot of time and effort, and of course, the cost to make it modular and easily manageable. 
  3. Performance- The primary motive of React is to deliver performance using Virtual DOM that includes server-side rendering which even assists UI in being more responsive, seamless, and smooth. 
  4. Usability – This framework is quite easy to use and anyone who has a basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can easily onboard ReactJS. Even the documentation of ReactJS is pretty user-friendly and simple to understand. 
  5. Effective Development – ReactJS is not just apt for building web apps, but mobile apps as well. And, that too for both iOS and Android platforms. Also, there is no need to write separate codes, as the same code can be used on both platforms. 


Facebook ReactJS is one of the most used languages that efficiently builds front-end apps. Since it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, because of its amazing benefits and features, there is no point in not using this framework for your next development project. Furthermore, it is open-source, free to use, and quite easy to understand and implement. Virtual DOM is the most prominent selling point in ReactJS as well. So, go ahead and try this framework yourself to understand how effective your app development could be with this easy-to-use framework. 

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