What Makes ReactJS The Best Choice For Front-End Development?

Why use ReactJS for Front End Development

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What is ReactJs?

ReactJS is a Javascript library maintained by Facebook. It is an effective, efficient, flexible, and declarative open-source JavaScript library for developing simple, fast, and scalable web applications.

Ever since its launch, it has been used by developers for creating apps.

In fact, a survey by Stack Overflow shows that React is one of the most loved frameworks, with Angular in the 9th position in the same list. Additionally, there are around 220,000 react-based websites, with some of the major giants like Apple, Netflix, and Paypal using the technology.

With so many tech companies using React, it must be offering benefits that no other framework is. So, let’s get into the benefits of ReactJs that are encouraging these brands to rely on it:

Benefits of ReactJs for Front End-development

ReactJs offers various benefits; some of the common ones are:

Benefits of React Js for Front end-development
Benefits of React Js for Front end-development

1. Speed:

Since react allows developers to use most of the parts of their applications (on both client as well as server-side), its development process is fast. In other words, different developers can work on individual parts of the framework, and the changes made will not affect the Code- logic.

2. Flexibility: 

Compared to other frameworks, React code is easy to maintain and flexible because of its modular structure. This flexibility saves a lot of time and money for businesses.

3. Friendly UI:

React comes with high-quality UI, and you can design a simple and intuitive web application. The component-based approach and use of simple JavaScript make React very simple to learn, build and support web and mobile applications. You can combine HTML and Javascript to create a special syntax, JSX, which makes it easy to use and grasp.

4. Usability:

If you have a basic knowledge of javascript, you can deploy React easily. Its usability is easy and accessible. This means expert JavaScript developers can get along with the ins and outs of the framework.

5. Mobile Friendly:

React makes a great framework for mobile app development as well. It is not just used for web applications; you can have mobile apps with native applications for both interfaces. Also, you can make react compatible for both iOS and Android.

6. Reusable Components:

One of the main benefits of React Js is its ease of using the same components. This saves developers time as they don’t have to get into the coding for the same features. Moreover, if any changes are made in a specific part, they are not implemented in other parts of the application.

7. Performance:

ReactJs is designed to provide high performance. The core of the framework offers server-side rendering and DOM programs, which makes complex apps run extremely fast.

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Why do Developers like Using ReactJS?

Developers like ReachJS because it lets them create large web applications which can change the data without refreshing page. Whether you use it as a framework or a library, here are some reasons why developers choose ReactJs:

  • When used with a JavaScript extension, ReactJS makes it easy for developers to interact with the browser.
  • It offers a smooth learning curve as it deals with the view layer of a web page. This makes it easier to learn the common Angular JS Development and Counterpart Development.
  • ReactJS provides access to a large community of experts to help solve development issues.
  • Its independent, reusable bits of code can be reused in the other parts of an app. So, instead of the complications that occur in the system upgrades with reusable components, React’s isolated components are all about change in one that doesn’t carry forward to others.
  • The unidirectional data binding provides high control over the data access of components; this makes debugging and error checking efficient.
  • DOMs let you quickly and efficiently update the app, saving a lot of developers’ time.
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10 Reasons Why React Js Is The Best Choice For Your Project!

If you already know what React JS is and are still not sure about using it in your project, here are a few reasons that can change your mind.

1. Easy to Learn:

As compared to other popular front-end developers, ReactJS is easy to learn. This makes it easy for businesses to get projects done quickly and seamlessly. For any new technology, the more time it will take to learn, the more it takes developers to complete the development tasks. Therefore, with ReactJS, you can learn simple frameworks to make businesses closers.

2. React allows Writing Custom Components:

With React JS, you can write your own components, which have been made with the optional syntax extension called JSX. For developers, this makes all the subcomponents render a smooth experience, with the components accepting codes in HTML. 

After this, the JSX is used to convert HTML mockups into the React Element trees to make create an application and its custom components.

3. It Offers Fast Rendering Services:

It is very important to define a structure of an application at the start of the application, especially if you are building the complex one. This is also important when it comes to seeing the performance of the application. 

Earlier, apps were designed by following the DOM model, where the changes that occur at a higher level affect the apps’ UI. Virtual DOM was then introduced with React to resolve these issues. Also, with React JS, you can be ensured of having a better user experience while having a good app performance, as the virtual DOM calculates the risks associated with the changes with the app before making any actual changes.

4. React Comes with a Developer Toolset:

Facebook has added a variety of beneficial React dev tools and Chrome dev tools in the React Js framework. These tools help developers maintain and inspect the child-parent components within the app and help in observing the hierarchies.

5. React is SEO Friendly:

For online businesses, a faster loading application is one of the most important things for success. Also, the fast rendering speed and improved load time will help the app get a place in Google Rankings. React Js helps businesses by ensuring building applications with low load times.

6. Better Performance:

In React, the modifications made along the child structure should not affect the parent structure as it has a downward data flow. In this, special components are updated, and the developer has to make the relevant changes in the States. This helps in improving the performance of the app.

7. React allows Customization:

React js comes with JSX (an operational syntax extension) that allows you to write your own components. These components accept the HTML quoting and ensure that all the subcomponents offer an amazing user experience to the developers. 

8. It Offers Better Code Stability:

React follows downward data flow and ensures that the parent structure doesn’t get affected by any modifications in the child structure. So, when a React JS developer makes any changes in the object, they only need to modify the states and make a few amendments. This way a specific component will be updated. This data flow and structure offer better code stability and ensure the smooth performance of the app.

9. Testing and Functionality:

React results are not just in the performance but are also highly testable applications. This makes it easy for the developers to create a design that is test-friendly. This can be easily supervised by triggering the outputs, events, and functions. So, test it before utilizing it.

10. Template Designing is Easy:

Template designing with React is very easy and saves hours of development time. Also, it allows developers to write the app’s code instantly after the create-react app completes the setting of the development environment.


Businesses that want to develop smooth and fast-running applications should consider using ReactJS. if you are looking to get the benefits of ReactJS for developing web apps, connect to YTII and Let us access your Business!

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