Overseas Software Development – The Right Step to Maximize Productivity

Overseas Software Development (The Right Step to Maximize Productivity)

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Being productive, it is not all black-and-white. The possibility for the USA and India to work on the same project is the magic of offshoring or app development overseas. Of course, operating in the same time zone can be helpful.

But we can’t deny the fact that there are multiple benefits of overseas software development.

Hence, why not put your money to good use and increase productivity by investing in low-wage remote countries or overseas software development?

Any effective and successful business values the importance of productivity in the workplace. Utilizing dedicated & overseas mobile app developers can help businesses increase their productivity.

Most productive companies have always been flexible in terms of their employee structure and utility, which has become the basis of a successful organization.

Offshoring is, no doubt, an enduring trend in global software development.

In case you are new to this world, overseas software development (OSD), is the relocation of software services abroad. This business strategy is transforming the business principles of many IT companies today.

Wondering if web developers are being outsourced overseas? Well, yes. In fact, the concept of overseas software development seems to be so alluring, for it alleviates the distance factor.

“The amount spent on app development overseas globally has grown from US$45.6 billion in 2000 to US$85.6 billion in 2018.”

It associates with low operational costs, a large array of skill sets, and getting work done most quickly by an offshore development team. While there are no indications of the numbers slowing down, firms are going aggressively on building a team of web or app developers overseas.

Hiring in a region other than yours doesn’t mean you are lowering the quality of services. The only thing which is predominant in an overseas website and software development company is to build a seamless process or protocol.

With this, you’re already covered with having a very high quality, modular, and maintainable code.

That said, let us take a look at some of the ways how having your own team of overseas app development can increase productivity for your business.

How Overseas Software Development Team can Increase Productivity?

1. Timeless Productivity

The primary advantage of hiring developers overseas is the timeless productivity it offers. There is tremendous scope for growth and success as your overseas software development team is available round-the-clock in different time zones.

Your overseas mobile app developers can use this as a great advantage, scale up their efficiency, productivity and take it to greater heights.

For instance, you can set up a small app development team overseas that will act as dedicated resources for the customers and offer them after-sales support at any given time of day.

Your overseas software development team can work in shifts with the required skill set to provide an enhanced customer experience that ups your game.

Likewise, if you are a software firm, you can set up an offshore team that can help you with the testing activities externally and enhances the results by manifolds.

After your overseas team completes the development, the testing team working in another time zone can execute the testing and keep the bug report ready for the dev team for faster accomplishment.

2. Increased Connectivity and Performance at Reduced Cost

Ideally, companies set up their overseas software development team in a country that has lower employee wages with greater expertise.

Don’t worry, it’s not a dream or fairy tale expectation. You can easily find this combination in countries like India that are booming to be the next Silicon Valley.

Increased efficiency at minimal costs is one of the mainstays of any overseas mobile app developers team. The cost of setting up offices and providing a state-of-the-art infrastructure is cheaper in countries in India.

There is no doubt about the fact that setting up an office in your home country with equally skilled labor will cost you twice as much as a team of app development overseas would.

Cumulatively, you can have your own team and increased bandwidth — at significantly lower costs.

3. Easy Scaling

Every business initiates with a vision to increase the impact on society, increase revenues, and scale up as time passes. But, is that possible if you keep incurring excessive expenditure?

No, right?

Your scale-up strategy mostly involves less risk and cost with more revenue. An offshore development center helps you in mitigating several types of risks that a business can have. It helps keep your venture within definite boundaries and offers you that much-required shelter.

Nevertheless, it is easier to scale up and scale down your overseas software development team without adding too much pressure to your budgets.

Imagine, what could be better than having a micro team of app developers overseas as less as two-persons who are experts in their own niche and give you the flexibility to scale to bigger teams without any constraints.

The team brings in various contributors and experts adding the flavor of their experience to the table. You can do the same with your projects and get the tasks out of the way in an efficient manner.

4. Attention on Core Business

As the owner of a business, your paramount concern should be on the overseas software development and extension of your core business activities. It involves having a commendable strategy in place for business growth and augmentation besides team development.

Having a reliable overseas software development team in place will help you take care of several aspects of the tasks’ execution and project management.

So, it gives you adequate time to focus on your business activities without worrying about the secondary functions.

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You’ll be relieved of the burden as your roles will be streamlined and handled by experts. You can dedicate more time to expanding your network across the globe and establish connections with various companies to create more projects and expand the scope of growth.

Similarly, you can also employ time in marketing the business or lookout for new horizons.

5. Capital Resources

Do not worry about hampering quality, instead reflect upon the increased productivity and efficiency. Setting up a team of app developers overseas offers you the sure-shot success by hiring some of the most exceptionally talented people in any part of the world.

These resources can incorporate certified professionals who are proficient in what they do and are self-starters. Since they will already be experienced and expert at their work, you need not spend hours or the money to train them and get them working on any project right from day one.

6. Extreme Accountability

The overseas software development team is bound by time and works on a project basis. Whereas, your in-house team is not.

They are not frequently governed or micro-managed, unlike your in-house team. Their rewarding expertise helps in the delivery of the project in time. Simply because they are on autopilot mode and adhere to each and every rule proving to be 100% accountable.

7. Comfort Zone Promotes Productivity

This is no more just a saying that a happy employee is more productive. Research shows working from home increased productivity by 77%. An employee having the liberty to choose his/her working space (may it be a cafe, by the beach, or just their home) is more productive in comparison to employees that need to work from the office every day.

Similarly, an overseas software development team can also give you that extra percentage of productivity. All you have to do is just provide them with a proper framework and they’ll do the magic.


From the above, the offshore model or overseas software development appears to be not as bad a thing as you might think. Besides the notable cost savings in the IT budgets let offshore development teams grow in size exponentially.

No worries, economic benefits do not significantly require making a sacrifice of your time, and your communication.

Although challenges of app development overseas seem to be more numerous and convincing, they are, we are convinced that with proper planning, they are avoidable.

Do your research properly. Check as many recommendations as possible. Get in touch with the prospective partner, accept and agree upon the initial requirements, make sure to get solid management commitment, and you will be safe and secure.

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