Upskill your Company with Best Approach to Outsourcing: Dedicated Team Model

With the rapid growth of technology worldwide, no company wants to be left behind using outdated know-how for the production process.

The industry leaders perceive innovation as a mandatory mindset to solve

When you collaborate with an outsourcing company, you hire a team of specialists.

They are developers, designers, Quality Analysts, project managers, etc.

At that point in time, you have to decide how many team members are required, the minimum qualification and skillset.

What is a dedicated team model?


Dedicated Team is a business model that is gaining huge interest in the offshoring business.

This is an engagement model where the client and outsourcing agency mutually agrees on the workload and project requirements for a period of time.

The development company offers IT professionals that suit the client anticipation demands and requirements.

The dedicated team focuses on the decided project and the client has complete control over management control.

The company is responsible for recruiting and administrative support. The dedicated team acts as a virtual team of the in-house development team.

The offshore development company should have a clear cut approach to the DTM setup and working mechanism.

The company should be accountable and responsible for maintaining the resources in the dedicated model in the desired manner as agreed with the client.

Efficiency is guaranteed by the company as it affects the end of product development.

Mostly, there is a weekly or monthly billing cycle and very transparent having a simple pricing system.

Every cycle gives the offshoring development company pays the services provider a fixed amount depending on the size and composition of the team.

This type of model is best-fit for long-term projects, where requirements are initially unclear, scope changes frequently and projects are scalable in character.

In this scenario, the client’s development team lacks skills or expertise in specific areas.

The best suggestion is to hire DTM having the required skillset and can work as an extension to the existing team.

Why adopt a dedicated team model?

Let’s take a look at the 5 key reasons for using the dedicated IT Team Model in your business:

a) Continuous Software Development


A remote development team helps you guide app development and improves the productivity of the team.

This is better than a fixed and time & material engagement model.

The dedicated model retains domain knowledge for continuous software development.

b) Merging the in-house and offshore team


The dedicated remote development team is one of the best solutions for a project that works with individual members.


This focuses on specific modules and you get improved visibility, clarity in project development.

The development team is a chance to merge with the Dev team as per requirement thereby giving access to the flex-strength of this model.

c) Building a fast response team

The business requires quick response teams for ensuring improvement based on a product launch.

At this stage, a dedicated team helps to execute your development work by maintaining continuity and implementing workflows in a responsive way.

The model is your path to building a quick and responsive team on an agile platform.

d) Executing an agile project methodology

Agile gives you the flexibility of testing and execution on the basis of trial and error.

You can control the cost in a strategic way via a dedicated remote team model where the disparities are mitigated.

The high-cost predictability helps in upholding an unvarying monthly expenditure.

e) Comprehensive progress report

Hire developers from an offshore development team to the consistent business practices of the clients.

Different stages of the software development process and get connected with offshore developers directly for having an accessible reference point on the website.

You can review the progress report in a single window, get the bird’s eye view on the task during the development process.

When is the appropriate to use a dedicated team model?

You can consider the dedicated model in the following scenarios:

  • When you are planning to create long-term strategic relationships with the offshoring company.
  • If you have the requirement of a full-fledge team that has diverse skills and expertise but you are unable to manage them.
  • When you are looking for a quality development team and you have a tight budget for development.
  • The requirements and goals aren’t clearly defined and are expected to undergo significant changes during the process.
  • When you are working on a project that has numerous scalability chances, a dedicated team model is useful. This is because you can make use of a team with the same fixed billing.

Dedicated Development Team Benefits to Consider

1) Shared work

When there are two teams that are unable to communicate physically in an office environment, how do they manage work that too seamlessly?

Do you have any idea how the workflow will be organized?

Both the team is like your team is playing football blindfolded, you suspect that your teammates are doing something.

Well, to make the work efficient, you have to be job-specific for them so that it increases their efficiency. The goal of a dedicated team is to enrich the knowledge about the company as a whole.

With the help of Google Drive, Stack, Basecamp, JIRA, and other communication tools help in managing the offshore team.

This allows both the offshore and in-house teams to see the broader picture of the company and appreciate different types of work which isn’t self-evident.

So, when the system workflow is flawless, the project manager can monitor by allocating different tasks that need to be faster.

All the employees connect even on personal levels and this turns out to be a recipe for a successful team.  

2) The cost-effective partnership comes handy

The dedicated model has a transparent, simple and monthly billing cycle.

According to the size and composition of the team allotted to the project you can take control over the project.

3) Flexibility in tasks

Want to make modifications or willing to change the direction?

No worries! When you hire developers via the dedicated engagement model, there is always the scope of alterations.

Fortunately, the team you are working with is passionate and experienced so they help you forge the right way to bring your requirements to life.

4) High efficiency in the development process

When you collaborate with an outsourcing remote development company, you learn from their strengths, weaknesses and structure discrepancies.

With the knowledge that you obtain, you can strategize to make use of strengths, take weakness caution and solve the discrepancies.

This results in high productivity and team involvement.

The adaptability and control, in turn, gives you a highly efficient team that aims at your business objectives and all the requirements.

You will also have clear insights regarding the insights on the progress and how soon the targets can be achieved.

The dedicated model leaves no room for lags and holdups in communication.

Even if the project encounters technical difficulties, it is easy to overcome.

Employing the dedicated team for development helps in empowering the clients with more time and money that can be spent to boost strategy, research, and important features.

5) Proper onboarding is the key

You have been very clear about the project requirements before hiring a remote team.

As per the competency, communication skills and experience before deciding to bring them on board.

By investing proper time and energy in the recruitment process you hire new employees for your in-house team for your project. 

6) Cost efficiency and labor arbitrage

It is very clear that outsourcing a dedicated software development team is cost-effective rather than hiring a local team.

What is a need to spend more on infrastructure and providing other assets when you can hire specialized developers on a temporary basis?

7) Geographical mobility

The development team requires engaging communication between the client and the development agency.

The good news is that regardless of the physical location, there is effective communication via video conferences and other chat options.

8) Availability of solution-based developer

In most companies, there are certain projects where in-house employees are not capable of completing the project successfully.

However, with the help of a dedicated outsourcing team, there is a great chance of hiring developers who are passionate about putting an effort into the team and setting milestones.    

9) Access to experience IT specialist

In most like India, there is a massive talent pool of IT specialists having various skills and experience from which you can choose from.

Well, there is unlimited access to potential and talented developers with the offshoring team.

What type of companies can take advantage of Remote Employees?

Any IT company can take advantage of dedicated virtual teams, especially the one that doesn’t want to deal with the complexity of the development process.

It is a good decision for those who want to free themselves from challenging issues.

The dedicated team model is relevant for the customers who don’t want to deal with the complexity and all pitfalls of software development.

It is a good choice for those who want to free themselves from the tricky issues.

  • Companies with an urgent need to complete a specific task without having to defocus in-house team.
  • Dynamic organizations with a permanent hiring need for their fast-changing projects.
  • Enterprises that require rare expertise, especially with a limited budget.
  • Startups.

How a Dedicated Development Team is Hired?

a) Prioritize your needs

  • What type and size of developers you want: front end, backend, mobile, full-stack or having some specific skills?
  • What technology do you expect him to be well-versed in?
  • The candidate’s mentality is also accessed as the roles may require different personalities.
  • How many years of experience are you expecting?
  • Do you also need a project manager also to manage the complete project?

In addition to this, you should consider the one having effective soft skills.

Once you feel, the above questions are answered, the process moves to the next phase.

b) Do market research

Research the market and analyze the development company. Choose the country from where you will be selecting a candidate to set up an offshore development center.

  • Check for any conflicting legislation and currency exchange convenience.
  • Evaluate if the country has specialized developers.
  • Is the development cost high or low?
  • Are they hidden costs?
  • Does the company believe in helping you to grow?
  • Are the developers proficient in English?
  • Does their government support IT outsourcing? Do they have any policies regarding the same?
  • Also, clarify which specialists are required for the dedicated team in terms of the technology stack and seniority level.

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Discuss the overall project

Finalize the country and conduct negotiations with them.

Discuss your viewpoint and ask the team to give them their opinion.

Let the team make a flowchart of the complete development cycle.

Collectively find loopholes and remedies to solve them.

Shortlist the candidates to build the team

The best software development company offers most specialized developers.

You can conduct online interviews to ensure that they satisfy your needs.

Within the first 7-10 days, you will receive the first set of pre-scanned resumes.

Evaluate if the developer will be able to integrate with your in-house team smoothly and understand the work ethics.

Candidates that don’t fit in the terms of hard skills and soft skills are weeded out at once. In the next rounds exclude the ones that mismatch.

You as a business professional needs to review the resumes and give feedback to the development company.

Fix the time of audio or video interviews.

If you don’t like the developer, it is important for you to tell the company what didn’t fit.

This type of feedback turns out to be very fruitful and saves a lot of time in the future.

The developer’s interest in the role is analyzed for compatibility and is tested to verify if they have the required skills.

Candidates are shortlisted from the promising profiles for final review before they are hired.

Deployment of the dedicated team

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The team of hired developers is then deployed to work on the project and the service provider oversees the development directly.

Based on the requirement, the team can be scaled to improve the development pace or to work on other aspects.

Make sure to conduct a video orientation for the new remote team.

Give access to the systems and provide relevant information regarding who to contact in case of an emergency.

Explain how the task management system works for the organization.

Introduce the offshore development company with your in-house team as this will make them comfortable.

Overall, everything has to be systematic. Make sure you get what you expect.

Hire dedicated teams instead of struggling to employ talent!

If you are an IT company, what have you thought about your growth? You probably are looking to launch and test new products as quickly as possible.

Time-to-market is an essential factor and you are aware of the fact that your competitors are busy developing their solutions.

You know that recruiting in-house developers takes a lot of time, hassle and resources. Instead, you should hire a self-organizing independent team of best specialists that will work with the in-house staff.

Having developers from a dedicated model offshore development team helps in solving the most demanding issues and bringing your products to life.

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