Hiring Dedicated Remote IT Teams is Not Just about Saving Huge Costs: There’s Much More to it.


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If we go by the statistics of IT outsourcing, the figures show a whopping 53% of the IT workforce being outsourced with small, medium and large businesses investing 6.1%, 4.6% and 7.4% of their total IT budget on IT outsourcing respectively. In addition, the GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com says that approx.3.7 million employees that comprise 2.8% of the total working population work remotely half the time. Hence, the popularity of remote working and outsourcing is quite evident. After all, the plethora of benefits it gives is not only enticing for the companies across the globe but, also helps them pave new avenues of success. Apart from saving huge costs, there are plenty of other benefits of IT outsourcing too. Want to get a deep insight on its numerous advantages? Take a look.


Gives access to a huge pool of global talent: Outsourcing lets you go beyond your physical location and get hold of the impeccable IT talents residing across the globe where a plethora of software developers and IT engineers are willing to give you their global expertise and high-end services.

Increases productivity: The productivity of a remote workforce increases considerably because they work from the comforts of their home and have no external forces like traffic, bad weather, sickness, office politics etc for distraction. Also, the availability of diverse technologies allows them to be in constant sync with their clients through video conferencing, instant messages, emails, and webinars – which makes the virtual work process seamless.

Considerable reduction in employees’ turnover: 94% of employers say that flexible working hours and better work-life balance resulting from remote working contribute significantly to employee satisfaction and retention. A study done by Stanford revealed that the productivity of employees increases by 13% while working remotely. It doesn’t only motivate employees to work better but, also trigger their innovative skills and encourages them to be loyal to their companies, thereby considerably reducing employees’ turnover.

Provides higher flexibility of workforce: Hiring a remote IT workforce gives you the flexibility of scaling up or scaling down your workforce as and when needed which is otherwise not possible when working with an in-house team.

Helps to get hold of multiple markets: As your remote workforce belongs to diverse locations, you can get hold of their local market and spread a word about your company through your employees. In short, you can tap multiple global markets without having to incur heavy costs. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that working with a remote workforce is a never-ending learning process and opens new doors of opportunities both for the employees as well as employers.

Continuous work with round the clock availability: A remote workforce gives you the advantage of differential time zones. It lets you have round the clock availability of workforce where you can allocate them work in different shifts according to their time zones and facilitate a continuous flow of work with proper management. It helps in smooth completion of projects and gives you ample time to market.

No stress of commuting: According to the statistics of Connect Solutions.com, remote employees save an approx of $4600 yearly by telecommuting. In fact, not only they save money but, the stress arising from daily commuting is nowhere to be found and makes them happy and productive.

Though the companies save around $10,000 per employee through IT outsourcing, the above points have made it clear that hiring dedicated IT remote developers is a lot more than just saving costs and can be critical to your company’s success.

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