Why You Should Hire a Dedicated IT Development Team and How to Make it Work Remotely?

Why you should hire a dedicated IT development team and how to make it work remotely?

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With around 2.8 billion of the global workforce working remotely half of the time, the growth of the remote workforce is undoubtedly at an all-time high. In fact, even the Indian remote IT staffing industry is growing at a rate of 10-15% annually and has increased by a whopping 35% over a period of 3 years. These facts and figures clearly indicate that working remotely and hiring a dedicated remote IT team has become a trend that is only going upward. Hence, if you wish to excel and stand out amidst competition, it’s high time you hire offshore development team and understand its benefits.

Why you should hire a dedicated IT development team and how to make it work remotely?
Why you should hire a dedicated IT development team and how to make it work remotely?

Huge savings on the financial front: Working with remote IT teams facilitates huge cost savings as it doesn’t require the company to spend on office utilities, supplies, and infrastructures. In fact, a study done by Stanford says that a company can save an approx. of $2000 per employee annually through remote working.

Productivity is an all-time high: Employees working remotely tend to work in excess of 40 hours per week because of the flexibility they are provided with. Further, with no chaos and hassle of commuting, facing bad weather conditions etc, workers concentrate solely on the work and significantly enhance their productivity.

Impeccable recruitment opportunities: Hiring a remote IT team or remote offshore team gives you access to impeccable global talent without any geographical restrictions. Not only they are highly talented but, are also available for work at half of the price that you offer to an in-house employee.

A Higher degree of employee retention: Working remotely is critical in employee retention. Even the Forbes headline says “You’re 87% more likely to love your job if you work from home.” Could it be any truer? After all, when employees are able to strike a balance between their work and life, they tend to be happy, satisfied as well as loyal to their company.

Greater flexibility: Hiring a dedicated remote IT team or dedicated offshore developers gives you the flexibility to easily scale up or down your resources in accordance with the work which is otherwise tough when working with an in-house team.

However, with the benefits of hiring a dedicated remote IT team, comes the responsibility of managing it too. How will you make your IT team work remotely? Apart from seamless communication, there are various other key ways to manage your remote workforce successfully. Take a look. Choose the right communication model: The right communication channel is imperative in the successful management of a remote team. While emails facilitate formal communications, chat rooms are a great way for quick, informal interactions. Phone calls and video calls are great tools too for addressing sensitive issues and keeping a check on employee’s performance. Incorporate the use of high-end equipment like screen sharing tools: Screen sharing tools like Zoom, Team Viewer etc. let you monitor the work in progress by allowing you to manage, control and make changes in other computers. It even facilitates sharing of the screen where your employees can see the exact information available on your screen, thereby, promoting work coordination and clear understanding.

Go for a proper project management system: A proper project management system allows you to keep a record of all the project related information, conversations, employee database and critical assets in one place and manage it flawlessly.

Be clear and precise with the guidelines: A proper standard guideline should be given to the employees so they are precisely clear about the job they are required to do. It plays an imperative role in maintaining the consistency and quality of work.

Maintain a proper balance between work flexibility and consistency: Since remote working involves flexible timelines, it becomes critical to strike a proper balance between work flexibility and consistency. Make sure the deadlines are met regularly without compromising on the quality front.

Keep a check on employee’s performance: Introducing well-defined performance criteria are significant in analyzing employee’s performance and productivity. Rating them based on certain performance criteria will help you get hold of their performance and give them feedbacks and appraisals accordingly.

Hence, hiring and managing a dedicated IT team can definitely help you pave new avenues of success. Just get hold of a top-notch remote IT staff service provider like Your Team in India and get access to an impeccable infrastructure, a pool of global IT talents and an offshore office with onshore qualities while saving considerably on costs. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] and we will help you build your own virtual office while significantly driving your organization towards success.

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