Can We Build a Web App with Flutter 2.2?

Can We Build a Web App with Flutter 2.2?

So, you are planning to develop your app using Flutter 2.2? Or finding developers who can do that for you? But wait, do you know everything about this version of Flutter, as though it might be hot in the market right now, but how do we it is the right technology to build an app that we want. 

This post will help you get a clear insight into what Flutter 2.2 is, how it is beneficial for your next app development project, and how you can use it to build your app without any hassle. Companies that use Flutter:

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Flutter 2.2: The Introduction 

The interesting potential of Flutter 2.2 is yet to unlock ultimately. However, what we have seen already is nothing that can’t amaze our developers or businesses who are hiring Flutter developers, for that matter. 

This version of Flutter is seen targeting and improving its usability with numbers web platforms. In fact, Flutter 2.2 is said to be the best version of Flutter that we are going to use. With updates, it is a hassle-free chore for coders to monetize their apps using in-app purchases, payments, and ads. There is no trouble connecting it with the cloud services and APIs that take apps to a new level of capabilities. The amazing language features and tools will let programmers eliminate errors, increase the app’s performance, and minimize the package size. 

What’s New? 

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The very foundation of this new version of Flutter 2.2 is the Flutter 2, which has extended the Flutter from mobile roots to be included in the desktop, web, and embedded usage. It is the world of ambient computing, and Flutter 2.2 is uniquely designed for this kind of world, where users have a massive variety of devices and are constantly looking for new experiences that can improve their daily lives. 

What can Businesses/Startups/Entrepreneurs do with Flutter 2.2? 

Using this innovative and brilliant technology, businesses can easily create high-end solutions that have reached the maximum potential of their addressable market. In addition, flutter 2.2 allows startups to enjoy creative inspiration rather than just target platform to be the single limiting factor. Read our other post to know why Flutter is the best option for startups.

Benefits of Flutter2.2 Over Other Versions - Why Should You Prefer It? 

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Innovatively designed Flutter 2.2 is capable of plenty of innovative things, which we never enjoyed with the previous versions. Here are some of the benefits that make it more adaptive

  1. Flutter 2.2 is Highly Stable

Flutter engineers will be happy to hear that Flutter 2.2 is highly stable. Besides, it has the capacity to make improvisations keeping in mind every device, including Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. Moreover, what’s new with Flutter 2.2 is that it enhances the overall web experience for its users. So be it Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, Flutter 2.2 is going to make it the best for you all. 

 What can be expected with Flutter 2.2? 

  • Fresh and innovative material icons for app and web development 
  • Better scrollbar responsiveness for incredible UI
  • Mouse cursor support for text span for easy hovering options
  • Augmented platform support due to single code base
  • Altered text handling ability 

2.Web App Development Software Updates 

The Flutter 2.2 version is highly advanced, and there is a scope for extensive enhancements in the updates and loading. 

Some amazing features of Flutter 2.2 for web app development are:

a) Accessibility at its peak 

Every user has a unique way to use the app/website or interact with it. And not one rule is going to fit them all. Flutter 2.2 offers that specific unique experience to the user, allowing them to enjoy the app/website as they like. Simply put, Flutter bridges this gap using its gigantic collection of accessibility widgets that enhance users’ overall experience. 

Suppose a user grants the app accessibility, then the role of Flutter 2.2 is to generate a DOM tree rendering itself to the rendered objects. Hence, the easy translation of properties from semantics to Aira. Furthermore, since the space between the mobile-based apps and desktop is now eliminated, the overall priority is given to enhancing the unique experience of the users via the app build.

b) WebDev Tool Updates

The Flutter web developer community has now something more to experience with Flutter 2.2, which is:

  • A fresh version of provider plugins
  • Add custom notes into the timeline of memory 
  • Object location tracking, keeping it secure from memory leaks

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c) Quick Loading Mechanism 

The new refresh feature in Flutter 2.2 is exactly like refreshing a page. Yes, it is that simple. Just push the refresh button, and you will be able to see all the updates almost instantly. 

With the previous version of Flutter, users had to refresh the page manually, quite a few times, before seeing the changes. However, Flutter 2.2 automatically considers the changes and downloads the full versions without refreshing them manually.

d) Higher Flexibility 

Flutter 2.2 is more flexible and adapts to the different devices and platforms easily, without diminishing the quality. Flutter developers will see how tools like Flutter Folio and Flokk make your app easy to be seen on both the mobile and the web. In addition, this version of Flutter has more visually appealing features like interactive UI and UX kits and UI builder, which keeps the users hooked to the app. 

3. Dart 2.13 Updates 

That uses nullable and non-nullable types, allowing Flutter programmers to reduce the null error instant crashes. In addition, you can fix those bugs more quickly with the new type aliases, enabling you to use them in types and functions. 

The most prominent features that come along with Dart 2.13 update is:

  • Docker systems included
  • A complete in-depth guide on fixing promotional failures
  • Enable Google API’s that gives you access to firebase
  • More understandable command line tutorial for quick problem solving

Flutter is setting new trends in 2022. How? Read here:

Flutter 2.2 for Web - What you need to know

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Let’s see how it works:

Step 1: Download Flutter 2.2 

Start by downloading Flutter 2.2 and installing it on your system. Once done, you can even check which version  of Flutter your system is using by doing this:

Flutter --version

And, here’s what you should see;

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Also, our focus is on Flutter web apps (in this post). Therefore, it is essential to check which devices you are targeting with this Flutter installation. For that, you can type:

Flutter devices

After typing this, you will see:

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Step 2: Build the App

You will need to create the scaffold using:

flutter create webapp

That’s easy, right! Now, you will get a fully working Flutter web app just by using a few commands in the terminal shown right in front of you. You will now be seeing the freshly created folder, which looks like this:

Step 3: Start the Web Application

Flutter run -d chrome 

-d flag ensures that we run the application with chrome (as a flutter web app). The flag is absolutely optional here, as your flutter environment will have more device options. And, upon asking by CLI, which one to choose, you just need to select the web option. Once everything is done successfully, you will see a new Chrome instance started up on the machine, which must connect to your running web application. 

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Step 4: It is Ready!

If all you have done so far goes well, you will see something like this on your screen:

By this time, the scaffold has set up a fully themed material web app, which has a stateful widget, and simply by pushing that + button on the lower right side of the screen, you can increment the counter, shown in the center. 

Step 5: Analyze the App

Now, you will have to run a Lighthouse audit on the development version of this newly built web app for analyzing the flutter web app. You can check SEO, accessibility, performance, and best practices there. However, for the in-depth performance check of the app, you will have to go to the ‘network’ tab of the chrome dev tools. 


Flutter 2.2 is really the best version of the Flutter that we have seen so far. Flutter developers have so much to explore (the benefits), and businesses thinking of hiring a new flutter engineer now know what they want when building a web app with Flutter 2.2. at Your Team In India, we have a pool of certified Flutter engineers. Need help setting up a dedicated team of Flutter developers in India? Connect with us our business head now and get a free consultation.

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