How to Hire Top Flutter Developers that Work Remotely?

How to Hire Top Flutter Developers that Work Remotely?

Remote Flutter developer hiring is at its peak. Though it might still be a relatively new concept for businesses, companies are preferring it over the traditional hiring process. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis could majorly be held responsible for the situation. 

Moreover, companies that allow employees to work from home (or anywhere) have seen a surge in profits and businesses. So, the reason why software companies are preferring to hire expert flutter programmers that work remotely are due to different causes, which are:

  • Better productivity 
  • Positive impact on the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Diversified talent pool to choose from
  • Complete ease in doing business in multiple time zones 

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By 2025, some 70 percent of the workforce will work remotely at least five days a month - says VOX

Considering that, it is a good move to hire remote flutter developers if you are thinking of setting up your business, building a team of experienced and top flutter programmers, or just building your social media app. 

Let’s thoroughly understand what it takes to hire a remote flutter developer.

First, Why Just Flutter Developers for Your Next Project? 

What’s the big deal about Flutter application development that other technologies fail to fulfill? Well, one of the most significant upsides of using Flutter is that it supports cross-platform development. That means coders can save development time and cost by building an app that runs on every platform simultaneously. Read our other post to know why startups should consider Flutter for Mobile App Development?  

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More Amazing benefits of using Flutter are:

  • Hot Reload

Developers usually have to write the code, wait for it to compile before finally loading it on the device. But with ‘Hot Reload,’ the effects can be checked almost instantly, without spending hours waiting for the process to happen. Hence, a fantastic technology to save time. 

  • Extensive Community Support 

Since Flutter is developed by the tech giant Google, hence the issues and bugs are constantly fixed. That is an instant option to amplify the performance as compared to other technologies in the market. The friendly programmer community lets experts from around the world easily share their experience and knowledge with all. Hence, more learning can be expected with Flutter. 

  • Own Rendering Engine

The problem with other cross-platform solutions is that they look somewhat similar on both Android and iPhone. But for companies that need to use ‘Material Design’ for Android and human interface for iOS might feel disappointed. Flutter, for such cases, is the most suitable solution that comes equipped with packages consisting of a set of custom widgets for both OS. 

  • Easy-To-Use Platform 

Flutter offers advanced OS features, like GPS coordinates, permission handling, ready-to-use plugins, Bluetooth, credentials, and much more. So, suppose your app relies on an OS-level feature that is not available as a plugin. In that case, Flutter establishes quick communication between the native code and Dart programming language, allowing you to implement anything on the native app. In a nutshell, Flutter is very adaptive.

(And, the most important one while you are still in the early stages of your business). 

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Cost optimization is the primary motive of firms, especially startups. So, when using Flutter for app development, you can save tremendous costs of building different app versions - for Android and iOS. Since Flutter is suitable for cross-platform app development, it is evident that you are going to save a handful of bucks on developing your new app. Just one flutter development team to create and manage your Flutter applications, which minimizes HR expenses and reduces the time, cost, and efforts for building a high-end app. Hence, a pretty reasonable cost savior

So now, since you are clear about using Flutter and how it can be good for you in terms of cost, time, efforts, and other processes, let’s just discuss the right way to find the right engineer for this cause. We understand you are hiring a Flutter app expert for the first time, so here is what you need to know to do it right and stay on track to carry on a successful development process. 

Necessary Skills/Experience/Roles/Responsibilities - The Insight of Barely Everything You Wish to Know About Hiring Top Remote Flutter Developer 

Firstly, it depends on your organization or project, the level of experienced remote flutter programmer you will need. 

Here are what’s typically categorized based on their experience:

  • Junior Flutter Developer - 0-1 year of experience
  • Middle Flutter Developer - 2-4 years of experience
  • Senior Flutter Developer - 3-5+ years of experience

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So, it depends on your budget, project needs, and preferences about which one you will settle with for your next app development project. 

Next, Let’s See What Roles and Responsibilities Should a Top Remote Flutter Developer Must Possess 

Starting with the junior one!


(0-1 year of experience)

When in the early stages of learning, they usually have a hold on one programming language, and tools that they are proficient with are limited. They might even require training and mentoring from the seniors. So, to fulfill their knowledge gaps, they will work slower comparatively. More time will go into understanding the framework’s architecture and logic. 


(2-5+ years of experience)

Senior developers have experience and knowledge in tailoring more appropriate business logic. They highly consider budget, business goals, ability to pick suitable tech stacks and build products needed by the businesses. They barely need any assistance, training, or mentoring to start or end the project. Hire dedicated developers who can solve any tech issues and find the most appropriate solution for your project. 

Now, the question is which one to hire for your next project?

Well, everything depends on your project’s requirements. In some cases, junior developers can do all the work accurately, while some pretty much belong to professional senior developers. The experienced ones just have the upper hand when it comes to getting the projects faster. 

Responsibilities of Every Flutter App Developer (Irrespective of Their Experience)

Flutter experts have tons of responsibilities, so here some of the most prominent tasks they are responsible for.  

  1. Designing and developing a Flutter application
  2. Writing clean and clear code
  3. Being a continuous part of the development lifecycle
  4. Fixing bugs
  5. Knowledge of the latest technologies to build apps faster
  6. Know-how of new trends in flutter app development

Some Hard and Soft Skills that Remote Flutter Developers Must Possess

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Apart from the technical skills, here are some soft and hard skills that every remote Flutter developer must possess. 

Soft Skills of Remote Flutter Developers

  • Problem Solving 

Remote flutter developers must be ready to face any issue that they face during the development process. They must be skilled enough to look at all concerns objectively and solve them efficiently. 

  • Teamwork 

Your remote flutter developer must be comfortable working with a bunch of other specialists, including project managers, designers, and specialists. 

  • Creativity 

Competent flutter engineers need to have a creative eye, look at things from a different perspective, and present new uncommon innovative solutions. 

  • Communication Skills

Remote flutter developers might be working from their location. However, regular communication and teamwork have to be maintained. The programmer must brainstorm new ideas while maintaining good communication with others in the team. 

Hard Skills of Professional Remote Flutter Developers

  • Understanding of Computer Science 
  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Complete understanding of software development lifecycle
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Experience with GoF patterns
  • Complete hold on Dart programming language
  • Strong understanding of networking
  • Understanding of Flutter framework 
  • Knowledge of programming languages for mobile development - Swift or Kotlin
  • Experience in iOS and Android development services 

What are the Best Countries to Hire Top Remote Flutter Developers?

There are different countries where you can easily find your experienced remote development team, like India, Brazil. Europe, Australia, and Indonesia. There are multiple factors that you need to consider before hiring your remote flutter developers. For instance, the geographical vicinity, cultural similarities, cost of service, and the availability of experienced and skilled developers. Being a startup or someone looking for experienced remote developers, you will need to analyze all these factors before hiring a remote coder for your project. 

Cost Comparison: What are the Hourly Rates to Hire Top Remote Flutter Developers? 

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Hiring remote flutter developers becomes easy if you know the cost of living standards of different countries. You can easily set the budget accordingly for the developer you are going to hire. 

Here is the cost comparison of a few top countries that are highly considered when it comes to hiring the best developers:

India - $35-$40/hour

USA- $75-$120/hour

China- $40-$45/hour

Brazil - $45-$50/hour 

Common Questions Asked When Hiring Top Remote Flutter Developers? 

  1. Do you belong to any agency or work as a freelancer developer?
  2. Tell us something about your country.
  3. Do you have any apps in Google Play or App Store?
  4. Have you ever worked with remote teams before?
  5. Can you please share your Github/StackOverflow/Linkedin/Portfolio link?
  6. How many years of experience do you have in software development?
  7. How many years of experience do you have in developing iOS and Android apps?
  8. What technologies do you use for developing apps?
  9. Can you please list your experience in programming languages, tools, databases, and frameworks?
  10. How often do you play competitive multiplayer games on mobile, pc, or console?
  11. What technology stack have you most worked on?
  12. Tell us about a situation where you had to do something you never did before? What were the challenges faced, and what did you learn from them?
  13. Can you identify the differences between stateful and stateless widgets? 

During the interview:

It is recommended that you host a video call with the candidates to develop a good relationship with the candidates and choose the best remote flutter developer for your firm. 

With that, you can easily:

  • Verify the candidate
  • Developers prepare well when they know they are going to be interviewed on a video call. 
  • You can see face-to-face their reactions when you ask technical questions regarding Flutter and Dart, or any other question for that matter. 

Your Right Remote Flutter Developer is On the Way

Great! Now you know everything about hiring your remote flutter developer. So, are you ready to give them the job?? Well, not so fast!

Once the last video meet is done with the developer, you must send an official job offer, which shows:

  • Genuine excitement to work with the chosen developer
  • Give them the offer, benefits, and comfort of working with your existing team. 
  • Don’t be stubborn about the offer you made. Be open to the candidate’s attempt to negotiate. 

When all of it is carried out successfully, it is the perfect time to hire a flutter developer for your next project and get the work started. At your Team in India, we have a team of Flutter App Experts. If you want to hire Developers or have any questions on what all services we offer at Your team in India– Click here to contact us.

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