Flutter App Development - Crafting Fast User Experience for Mobile, Web, and Desktop

Flutter App Development - Crafting Fast User Experience for Mobile, Web, and Desktop

What do modern-day smartphone users expect from a mobile application? Innovative design, beautiful animation, or better performance?

The right answer is all of them and a few more features.

Well, that's easy to accomplish with native mobile apps. But certainly, the cost would be high. So, the better option is to hire flutter developers and get started.

Let's find out why!!

The real purpose of introducing Flutter is to offer good performance, interactive design, and animation at affordable prices. Though, the real interesting part is that Flutter is not a framework, in fact, a full-featured mobile SDK offering a complete set of tools.

Which Companies are Using Flutter?

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Google Ads mobile application is one of the best examples of Flutter. However, it's impressive features has lured the top companies to consider it for their mobile apps.

List of Companies Using Flutter

  • Alibaba
  • Reflectly
  • Birch Finance
  • Hamilton Musical
  • Coach Yourself
  • Hookle
  • Cryptograph and the list goes on..!

Approximately, there are 700+ Flutter apps that are running on mobile app stores and working amazingly.

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 The Core Principle of Flutter

Flutter is a very good replacement for native mobile apps. Why? 

Flutter uses a different approach than the one which is used by React Native and Xamarin. The technology doesn’t turn the source code to native. Instead, Flutter has the ability to draw all the screen elements independently.

So, the system architecture’s key features include all the widgets and components that are responsible for rendering widgets.

How Flutter Works Effectively?

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Flutter uses Dart, which is created by Google and an improved version of JavaScript. In this language, the mobile application is built with the graphic interface and complete operation logic.

The result is then added to the native app with images and font. At the same time, a single screen is built in the native app. This is created where the Dart virtual machine executing Flutter has to be loaded.

Therefore, there are Flutter files and virtual machines that are added depending on which app is being compiled.  The virtual machine has a graphics engine that draws the app UI having transitions between the screens, dialogs, fragments, and more.

The cross-platform app development comes with plenty of surprises. Earlier, only React Native was considered as the dominant cross-platform technology. But today there is Google’s Flutter.

Brief on History

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Flutter, on an open-source platform, introduced Google in May 2017 and the initial version was released on 4th December 2018. However, the popularity surged lately in 2019.

Flutter came as a surprise for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established firms as they always wanted to adopt tried and tested techniques.

Therefore, a period of two-years for Flutter helps in rising as a reliable and modern way. In short, the demand for Flutter programmers and technology has risen as a reliable and modern way of application development that stunned all.

How Flutter Crafted the Best Experience on Mobile, Web, and Desktop?

Here are 7 points that evaluate Flutter experience.

  1. Hiring Flutter Developers
  2. Single Codebase
  3. Application testing
  4. Framework maturity
  5. Third-party support
  6. Look and feel
  7. Flutter for Desktop & Web

1) Hiring Flutter Developers

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As an entrepreneur, adopting a new technology comes up with a long list of queries. How much should you invest in the platform? Should you hire Indian offshore developers? What should be the expected work quality?

Flutter developers make use of Dart and this is quite similar to Java. This makes it easy to learn even for your in-house developers. It is very important to hire Flutter programmers who have a diverse knowledge of native and cross-platform development.

Experienced professionals know how to swiftly work on this platform.

As these apps can be written with any Flutter Android IDE, the development experience for Android developers is comparatively smoother. Because Xcode doesn’t provide that splendid experience for iOS developers, Flutter comes as a boon. Also, it is easy to switch to Visual Studio Code or an Intellij Flutter IDE.

Lesser Mac machines are used for development as they are required only for building and submitting the app. Most of the app features are developed and tested on Windows/ Linux development environments.

To avoid any challenges, it's best to hire certified Flutter developers only.

2) Single Codebase

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The single code base promise is kept by the Flutter UI toolkit. Writing once and running on multiple platforms (Android and iOS) helps to a great extent. When you hire offshore developers, you also get a Project Manager by default who manages the communication between your in-house team and remote team.

As a result of which you achieve cost-effectiveness, high-quality work, and that too within the timeline. This benefit alone makes Flutter way better than Native apps.

Whether it is a Flutter chat app, video app, e-commerce, or any other app, a single code base will help. 

3) Application Testing

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It is a fact that Flutter renders the UI with the utilization of the high performing graphics engine (Skia). Rather than native platform UI elements, this feature makes it consistent across a diverse range of platforms.

The architecture makes testing less dependent on every platform. This further minimized testing and rework cycles. Backward compatibility also comes with a bonus.

Platform-specific features like notifications, device storage access, GPS, Camera using any device hardware is carefully inspected on both platforms separately. However, the overall experience is much better than other cross-platform technologies.

Planning to bring down the cost of testing operations? Hire software testing team from India & reduce the cost upto 50%.

4) Framework Maturity

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You will agree that there is one common challenge for new technology-community support. The Flutter development companies, especially in India, strive hard to crunch open issues.

Upgrades are always effortless. You only have to take care of the third party compatibility during the update.

5) Third-Party Support

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Third-party plugin plays a significant role in the ecosystem. There is a wide range of plugins and you can choose as per your choice.

For apps, a Flutter firebase is important. As the plugin repository is continuously growing, the support is constantly provided. In addition to this, the package management errors are descriptive helping you find the issue easily.

6) Look and Feel


Flutter offshore companies promise to deliver a seamless experience for web, mobile, and desktop. So, it's best to hire dedicated offshore developers & build interactive mobile apps at lower costs.

Does the app have a simple native design? If yes, then there is an option to choose from various widget collections from Material or Cupertino libraries.

If the app has a custom UI, the theme can be customized as desired by the brand. Flexibility is not confined to the UI design. Flutter programmers also deliver highly reusable components for several screen sizes. It gives the ability to compose complex widgets from granular UI.

This becomes as simple as making a picture out of a jigsaw puzzle.

Flutter also adds the flexibility API for adding the animation. With small code, you can add simple yet impressive animations. Furthermore, Flutter takes advantage of Flare.

Flare is a powerful design and animation tool allowing the developers to embed high-quality animation to the apps.

7) Flutter for Desktop and Web


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Flutter for Web is the technology that was released on May 7, 2019.

It is a code compatible implementation that is rendered using standards-based web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the help of Web Flutter, the existing Flutter code us written in Dart. This is then embedded in the browser and deployed to any web server.

You can take advantage of all the Flutter features and there is no need for a browser plugin. The stable release is expected this year.


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On the desktop front, Flutter progress is two-fold. Right now only supporting the Chrome Operating System. It will soon target Mac OS, Windows, and Linux apps.

They are running well on Chromebooks. The APIs are in the development phase and are subject to random changes without any warning.

Well, there is no backward compatibility. Google is constantly making efforts to make Flutter apps possible on almost all devices via Flutter Embedded. This brings the development experience to scenarios that are inclusive of home, automotive, and beyond.

Flutter desktop apps power some of the Google Assistant Smart Display experience.

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Reasons for Flutter’s Popularity

Google’ Flutter has become more popular over the years, rest you can judge for yourself. The dynamics are proved with the following statistics. It is very evident that there is a growing impact of iOS and Android app development.

Technical Features

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The open-source mobile SDK offers native performance for the applications. The best part is you can obtain native performing apps using Flutter without native user-interface components.

The every growing Flutter plugins and packages ensure the users are getting as per requirement within the time. Features like Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets, rich-motion APIs. Others include hassle-free scrolling, platform awareness, etc.

And this emphasizes on improving the user experience. Transitions and animations running at 60 fps are Flutter’s key takeaways. Then comes the Flutter objects. The object allocation is done via a single pointer bump.

And this type of object allocation eliminates the scope of UI jank or stutter.

Developer’s Experience


Flutter was created to make the life of a developer easier. When Eric Seidel, the founder of Flutter introduced it, he wanted to come up with something that was able to render pages at a faster pace.

The absence of a JavaScript bridge has helped the development company from the tedious task of a higher level of abstraction. There are very few backs and forth conversations between the codes which are underlined. This has eventually proved to be one of the major benefits of using Flutter.

Next comes the utilization of Dart. For faster development cycles, Dart is compiled Ahead of Time (AOT) and Just in Time (JIT). Here comes the popular ‘hot reloading’ feature that has made business and developers drooling over this technology. While using Dart and FLutter, the software development company doesn’t have to move ahead with a declarative layout like JSX or HTML.

The learning curve of language is very simple. Darts manages to make the platform fast, powerful, and customized.  

Rapid Development

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The Flutter team managed to take the concept of rapid application a step further. A single codebase can be easily used on both iOS and Android without an additional JavaScript bridge. During the development phase, the UI development takes a lot of time.

As Flutter focusses on more UI, the widget approach turns out to be a knight in the shining armor. Rather than using traditional compiling methods, it focuses on advanced theories.

With the ‘hot reload’ feature and Flutter JS, the changes get instantly visible in the live application once saved. As the developer’s productivity increases, expect a faster turnaround for an application built via Flutter.

Quality Assurance

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Every application regardless of its size should be perfectly functional. In creative Flutter apps, the total amount of time taken for app testing and quality assurance plays a crucial role in reducing the single codebase.

Developers and QA team, no one has to give extra time as well as effort in testing separate codes on various platforms. Flutter gives an amazing testing system for different levels of UI, functional, and unit.

Simple Flutter app features like widget testing in Flutter helps in running UI tester quickly. Having an individual package especially for a running test called the Flutter Driver. The fast documentation of Flutter depicts how easily a Flutter developer can run tests at different levels during the Software Development Life Cycle.

Key Benefits of Flutter

a) Perceptivity of Technology

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Google is planning to replace the native Android app creation with Flutter mobile app development. This clearly depicts that Flutter has a promising future.

b) Multiple Device and Platform Compatibility

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This is provided by a portable graphics accelerator and accelerated complication of fast machine code.

c) High-Speed Development Process

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Hot Reload is one of the main features of Flutter. IT aims at transferring all the changes from the code to a connected device or running an emulator quickly.

This gives an amazing opportunity to safely experiment with the app without rebuilding from scratch.

d) Collection of Widgets Flutter technology

Creating a beautiful Flutter UI requires a minimum amount of time.

This became possible with a lot of template cross-platform widget providers. This reacts in the same way on different devices.

e) Code Independent User-Interface

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The Flutter developers that you hire and the programming language plays a major role in creating the interface. It is easy to change the app interface with simplicity and elegance as the UI is associated with the code.

The developers only need to focus on the scenario and the state of the program. You can also easily start the Flutter app when you have the right team by your side.

Wrapping Up

Building a Flutter application paves a path for having an advanced app. When Fuchsia launches, Flutter app developers can swiftly move the existing apps to the new platform.

Whereas, for Android and iOS developers, it will turn out to be a roller coaster ride of compiling an already existing app for a new platform. Also, with the help of this language, the Flutter future has the new expansion of the robust library transitioning to Fuchsia.

One thing engraved in the Flutter project from the beginning is providing value to users immediately. As Google strives to enhance its unique SDK, there are many new things coming up in the near future.

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