Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js – How To Choose the Best Framework for Your Project?

Angular vs. React vs. Vue.js – How To Choose the Best Framework for Your Project

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Javascript is one of the most popular languages among businesses these days. A lot of professionals and entrepreneurs who love to build their applications or projects using this technology. However, there is confusion when it comes to picking the best-suited framework for their software development project. 

Which is a project in itself!!

This makes choosing the front-end javascript framework quite challenging. If you try to look a little deeper into these frameworks, you will surely come across several reasons for each one of them. 

Now, with that, you will again find yourself back to square one!!

And, that  further goes like:

Let’s go for Angular? Because it is the oldest and the most comprehensive option around. 

Or, maybe, we should choose React.Js! People love apps developed using this framework, and all of them cannot be wrong, right?

Wait for a second! What do we have now- Vue.Js? It is a new framework, so it can be a lot better than the others…

Oops… You’re stuck!!

Let us look under the hood of each one of them to understand these frameworks better. We hope to throw some light on the matter of selecting these famous javascript frameworks and how they are different from one another. 

Let’s get started….

The Timeline- Angular, React, and Vues.Js

As mentioned earlier, Angular.Js is one of the oldest of the three. It has also seen several transformations over the years. This framework is a feature-enriched framework for front-end software development

It was first known as Angular Js and was renamed to Angular after several versions. Oh! By the way.… This framework comes from the house of Google. 

React is more of a library rather than a JavaScript Framework. The only purpose of React is to build a user-interface. However, it does its job quite brilliantly.  It is a brainchild of Instagram and Facebook, which cleverly uses its features  in their UI

Vue.Js lacks such a magnificent ancestry in several ways. As a matter of fact, Evan You (a former developer at Google) is the father of this platform. He was determined to develop something similar to Angular, which is light in weight. Evan succeeded, as this little four-year-old framework is different from others and is used by both startups and well-established firms. 

It is one of the best javascript frameworks!!

Javascript Frameworks Comparison

Remember, this is just the starting point for all three frameworks. Talking about the similarity(just as we stated above) ends where we learn about the three front-end javascript frameworks, language syntax, and their impression on the learning curve.

To start with!!!

Angular, as a framework, uses TypeScript. It is a superset of Javascript, which is a different programming language. TypeScript provides you with several advantages like autocompletion and navigation. It also comes with advanced refactoring capabilities.

The businesses that make TypeScript a primary choice for their large-scale software development projects, cannot jump straight right in if they do not know about the framework. It really takes serious learning to work with TypeScript.

React, on the other hand, is quite easier to work with. This framework uses its own syntax known as  JSX- which is not as steep to start with as TypeScript. 

Vue.Js is a breeze- when compared to Angular and React. this framework effectively works with a template-based syntax. Also, the code created using this framework can easily be integrated into an HTML file with any external conversions. 

Coming back to the learning, Angular and Vue.Js are known for their compact yet amazing documentation, while Reacts wanders somewhere far behind. 

Let’s now move to the significant features of Angular, React, and Vue.Js to understand which is suitable when and for what project.

Focusing on what software development frameworks to learn and work on, needs you to have the following understandings.

Don’t stop… Keep Reading!!!

Front-end Framework size

When talking about a software development project, the size of the framework matters. It is because the front-end frameworks are directly related to the performance of your product. 

Additionally, you need to download the app and framework much before the application becomes operational.

Here, Angular is the heaviest of others (with nearly about 143K) followed by React (with around 43K), and Vue.js is the lightest of all and sizes up to 23K only. Remember, it is useless to have a large-sized web app with no sophisticated features. Therefore, we recommend you choose a smaller framework. 

Performance-Based Comparison

In web app development, the performance of the product is directly related to the DOM (Document Object Model). This model represents the web-page in both the forms- web-based and code-based. Through DOM, you can easily manipulate your web pages in case of any updates. 

Angular tends to use the conventional DOM. It is re-rendered only if there is a single change. Now, that is its Achilles’ heel! Well, simply because conventional DOM highly affects the performance of your app, especially when talking about single-page web applications. 

In this case, both React and Vue.js are quite reliable, because they use the virtual DOM. Here, one can make the changes without affecting the DOM or any other feature in the app.

The virtual DOM is compared with a snapshot of the conventional DOM, and then the modified elements are re-rendered only. This approach quickens up the app performance.


Concerning front-end software development, scalability refers to the ability to maintain and expand functionality. Web apps tend to grow in size and functionality with time, and the development framework should support such technical growth. 

The community of developers is unanimous when it comes to both Angular and React. Angular offers scalability along with the modular development structure. Whereas, React provides a component-based approach with equally excellent outcomes. 

In this regard, Vue.Js lacks a bit, as it uses template-based syntax. While working on a large-scale project, templates are difficult to reuse, as contrasted to other JavaScript elements. 

Common Technologies Used

Angular, React, and Vue are used to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Such apps are web-based applications that smartphone users can access as shortcuts to their screens. PWAs often look similar to native mobile apps.

There are several templates as well as pre-made apps available for each JavaScript Framework.  However, Angular and React have more options than Vue. 

Talking about the Developer’s Community

According to a survey by Stack OverFlow 2017, React was listed as the most loved framework among the professionals. Coming right from the house of Facebook, this framework enjoys the unmatched popularity and support around the globe. 

Today, the react developers and their community exceed 30,000 members (a wow factor!). And,

 all of them are contributing their skills to the development sector, for which Angular was once known. However, as per the statistics provided by Bestof.Js, the initial version of Angular still has more followers than the new version. Whereas Vue.Js is far from being popular in the community. 

The more developers cooperate on the functionality of the JavaScript framework, the better it gets, and the greater the library becomes.

But, with React, you are sure to get a hold of all the reusable elements that have once been contributed by a developer. Therefore, if your team supports and the availability of the elements is crucial for you and your project- React may be the one for you. 

Talent Availability & Demand

If you already have a team of front-end developers, your choice then is much easier. So, if you have an Angular programmer….. Well, you are going to work on software development projects based on Angular Frameworks. 

As simple as that. 

Here, team selection is one of the crucial aspects to consider while planning your software development project. With the high popularity of frameworks like Angular and React, you are likely to find and hire professional developers for either of these frameworks than Vue.Js. Vue.js developer is somewhere in between, with its easy learning curve, and experienced front-end developer will have a little difficulty in learning Vue.js.

Depending on your needs and project, you can either outsource your software development from Your Team In India or post your requirements on portals like Upwork, Toptal,  and more.  

At Your Team In India, we provide you with an entire remote product development team that specializes in software development in three of the above-mentioned technologies. Here, your choice of the team will depend on several factors, your location, budget, NDA, and other requirements. 

In the survey, the TypeScript skills were also rated higher than the plain JavaScript. Now, considering the salaries, are a bit more expensive than React or Vue.js. It is due to the skill set required in terms of TypeScript.

The Global Acceptance of these Front-end JavaScript Frameworks

No matter how perfect your Javascript Framework is, the reputation it holds always plays a key role. Besides, when you develop a web-app on a highly-used and loved framework or platform, the maintenance and support becomes much easier. 

Let’s now take a look at the brands that have happily adopted Angular, React, Vue.Js.

Trust us… you will be impressed by the names you see in every group:

According to some observations, if you are planning to outsource software development, Vue.js is more famous in Asia (especially in China).

However, this trend is the other way round in the US. Vue.Js are not appreciated by the companies based in the US, who prefer Angular or react for their software development and related projects. 

It is quite obvious that Angular and React have some heavyweights around the globe. This gives their users an extra pro-level argument.  Vue.Js being limited to the Asian countries only is also winning the trust of several businesses or brands such as Grammarly, WizzAir, and more. 

Here, Vue.Js is a framework that sits somewhere in between React and Angular. It is not as popular as Angular, but surely includes additional functionality and features than React.  If you are looking to hire Vue.Js developers to build apps like UberEats, GitLab, and Alibaba, don’t forget to consider the functionalities this tech comes with and the features it lacks. 

For instance, Vue.js provides you with built-in-state management and routers. However, it lacks validation and other client-based functionalities.

A Quick Comparison:

How to Choose the Right Framework For your Software Development?

So, here is the answer to the big questions- When to choose the three frameworks? And, How to make the most of these frameworks?

Based on the pros and cons of these frameworks, we have listed out the following criteria that will help you to select the best platform for your project.

When to Choose Angular?

  • You are planning to start a large-scale and complex project. 
  • You are looking for an easy yet reliable platform to increase your application’s performance and scalability. 
  • You have an in-house team of Angular developers.
  • You can afford some time to let your professionals learn TypeScript much before the project starts. 

When to Choose React Framework?

  • You are ok with the reusable components. 
  • Your app’s front-end is not very complex. 
  • High performance and scalability are something you are looking for. 
  • You have super-tight deadlines

When to Choose Vue.Js?

  • Your project scope is quite small.
  • You want to develop high-performance apps.
  • Your team has no skills but the developers do have a sound knowledge of JavaScript. 
  • You do not have much time to make your team learn a new framework. 
Hire Developers Who Keep an Eye On Work Process

Future Predictions

Well, as we all know, many open-source platforms and frameworks fade into oblivion and vanish. Is it wise to be worried about any of the JavaScript Frameworks, we are discussing here?

Although we can’t fully predict what’s gonna happen next. The ongoing development and expanding industry is quite a good indicator of the future of these projects. However, popularity and growth are also crucial (just as we mentioned above) when predicting the longevity of a project. 

The Last Words

Angular, React, and Vue are playing a very active role in software development. You will find new versions of these frameworks every now and then. With the amazing support and high-end productivity, you can safely use any of these frameworks.

It is quite important to consider that Angular is not growing quickly, while Vue or React- however, it started quite recently. But, these frameworks are growing a lot faster.

As we stated in the section above, we can’t predict which of these frameworks will be shining bright, in the coming future. But, every project tends to have a huge community working for its success behind the curtains. 

Our goal with this guide was to explain the basic differences and compare them wherever we could. So, before choosing a new framework, there are a few things that you must consider. 

First comes your team’s experience when choosing a new technology. Secondly, you have to consider the talent available for your project. Lastly, it comes to the project itself, the scalability and scope can also affect the framework you choose to work with. 

Therefore, by taking everything into your account, we hope you can decide on which is the best front-end framework best suited for goals and project-related requirements. 

Good Luck!!


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