Checklist to Hire Remote Software Developers

Checklist to Hire Remote Software Developers

Right now the world is relying on technology. And software developers are in demand. But rather than hiring in-house, most businesses around the globe are preferring to work with remote software developers. Wondering how to hire a team for your business?

How to Hire Remote Software Developers?

Hire Dedicated Developers

It’s not a cakewalk job to hire developers. First, you need to be certain about your vision and then outline your requirements carefully. Once you are clear, the next steps are;

1. Select a Location

Location is the most important factor and can impact the overall success or failure of your project. Most businesses hire developers online in remote locations to fulfill the following purposes;

  • Significant reduction of operational costs
  • Industry experience
  • Access to the global workforce
  • Flexible hiring process
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Higher retention rates
  • New ideas and fresh energy
  • Shared responsibility

Note: We are talking about full-time developers, not freelancers!

To enjoy all the benefits of working with remote software developers, most businesses prefer outsourcing to India, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

2. Level of Understanding

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of any project. So, define what exactly is it that you want to achieve through your outsourcing relationship. Have a clear vision of your expectations. Identify where it is that you want this relationship to culminate in and with what results.

Every organization has its very own agenda while outsourcing the process – it may be the need for a team to handle the current project while the in-house teammates focus on other important matters.

Or it may be the need to work with a remote development team with skill sets that may not be nurtured within the organization’s boundary. Lowering cost is definitely a popular reason but redefining real goals are important.

3. Communication

Moreover, ensuring the best possible communication methods can make your outsourcing story a success. Therefore, make sure that you understand and evaluate your outsourcing partner’s communication practices. This factor is critical if your remote software developers and you live in different or extreme time zones.

For example, if your business is operating in the USA, and your offshore developers are located in India, creating an amicable communication route is critical.

Overlapping of days and delays that may occur due to such differences may cause serious problems. Hence, be specific to the channel of communication. Emails, instant messages, VOIP, etc are the many ways by which you can connect with your remote developers easily and work efficiently.

Who is going to be the single point contact? How is your team supposed to connect with you in an emergency situation? Do you have a common language (English in most cases) that can make things easier? All of these questions have to be sorted and communicated well in advance.

4. Industry Experience

Hire Full Stack developer

When deciding to outsource a particular project, you should first evaluate the skill sets required to complete the project. Therefore, only get in touch with the teams that are well versed with the skills required and follow a systemic approach for any project.

Look out for the experience of your offshore software developers and do a complete check of the projects undertaken and the kind of reputation they have in the market. Also, check the projects executed, the type of clients they have worked for, the success level shared by each of them, and the kind of expertise that was employed for intense projects.

You may also scan the details of the core team involved and may also check their profiles. In case you are planning for a long-term relationship, you ought to know the team well. Interact with the team and make them feel comfortable enough to engage in a clear exchange of ideas and solutions.

5. Client References

Seeking a client reference and speaking with them (if necessary) may clear all your doubts regarding the remote software developers. You may also ask for work samples in order to understand the quality of work done by them to understand if the team was able to tackle the challenges met while working on that particular project.

It may not be possible for the team to share delicate information with you due to confidentiality agreements with other clients. Hence, I do understand that this aspect has some inherent limitations.

6. Measure the Financial Stability

In case you are planning to set up an offshore development center, it’s important to assess the financial stability of the outsourcing partner. It is important that your partner has enough working capital and financial merit.

In case the assignment requires a large investment, a detailed analysis must be done for the same to assess if they have the capacity to develop and deliver the process or service.

7. Infrastructural Audit

It is necessary to also check if the infrastructural capacity of your outsourcing partner complies with the standards. Once again, this is crucial when you are contemplating a long term relationship with your vendor. The best possible IT support and data security are imperative for every successful outsourcing process.

Uninterrupted service is a typical requirement and you must ensure if it is possible with the quality of strength in your outsourcing partner’s company.

India has become the de-facto destination for businesses planning to work with remote software developers. Shifting the focus from China and other Asian countries, the world is planning to rely on India for software requirements.


Outsourcing is a crucial business decision. Therefore, it is important that you do everything right from the very beginning. Since business is influenced by every possible change in its environment, it is necessary that you remain open to any possible diversions that may be the need of the hour.

Also, if you are an individual or a small business organization opting for outsourcing for the very first time, don’t’ forget to follow the checklist we have shared.

Want to discuss your project requirements or planning to hire dedicated offshore developers? Drop your requirements, our business manager will get in touch with you.

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