The Software Development Technologies and Programming Languages of 2018

IT augmentation service and project outsourcing are two technical mantras that are ruling the sphere of Software Development and Programming Languages with a rod of iron. Though conceived as two peas in a pod, IT augmentation service is way more cost-effective, practical and utilitarian for this rapid-growing discipline of software and programming languages.


Okay, let’s put it straighter. Software Development and Programming Languages are the biggest-league of IT Industry today. Statistically, more than 65% of the IT market revolves around this software development chunk.
So, there’s no surprise that –

• Cost-efficiency
• Specialist expertise
• Easy adaptation

– are the stanchions of this industry. And yes, IT augmentation services is the perfect third bracket for these principles.

Let’s find out the Software Development Technologies and Programming Languages that will sustain and flourish throughout 2018. And yes, most importantly, how you can extract the most out of it with a proper IT augmentation service.


There are some things under the sun that don’t lose its relevance. Like 50 starts in the flag of the USA, the Swoosh in the Nike logo and yes, of course, JAVA.

In 2010, Oracle came up with a statistics that say, JAVA is used in over 850 million computers and since then, there’s no looking back.

Misirlakis marked 9 out of 10 “Fortune 500” companies using JAVA as their “official server-side language for backend developments”.

With the inspection of JVM interpreter (2010), JAVA has come out to be the ‘most secure programming language’. Though there is a negligible decrease in the installation of JAVA since last year, thanks to the hardware and OS Java Virtual Machine, it’s again gaining its ground in the upcoming year.

JAVA being an extremely branched out programming language, going for a bona fide IT augmentation service is the best way you can opt for.


Hybrid module from Ruby and Python, SWIFT is the letter from the future. It’s the fortitude for almost all the native iOS or Mac OS apps.

With SWIFT, a strain expansion is happening in the Native apps domain that’s giving a neck to neck competition to cross-platform hybrid apps, sometimes even outshining it.

The only hindrance lies in the full-blooming of this language is in the scarcity proficient developers. Hence, IT augmentation service is not only the most clever but almost solitary way to fill up the exact gap.


As TIOBE Programming Community Index says, PYTHON has been at the top of marketers’ choice since 1991 for two unique features: automatic memory management and dynamic type system. In the contrary to JAVA; PYTHON has gained more than 5000 job openings since 2017. Its popularity lies in its general-purpose language approach that can be coded for almost any web development project.

A bunch of independent study-surveys fact that PYTHON has been the most consistent and most preferred domain of IT augmentation service since a decade now. This is mostly because of PYTHON’s overabundant and dynamic demand in the market.

Data mining, Machine learning, scientific computing and supporting language are the most widely coded spheres for PYTHON. A recent trend among machine learning developers is seen to gradually switch their preferences from JAVA to PYTHON.


Just like PYTHON, C++ is an object-oriented, generic, general-purpose programming language. Though C++ is considered to be the most complex programming language among its contemporaries, especially compared to PYTHON and JAVASCRIPT, many developers like this 1979-Danish language for data security.

With more generalized approached, C++ is primarily used for game development, client-server application, drivers, system and application software development and this kind of developments.

The popularity of this particular programming language has remained broadly unchanged since early 2017. This is a much more revised, updated and pro-grammatically synchronized version of C.

By now, you know which programming language you’re going to rock this 2018 with.

And how to get it rolling? Just drop us a line at and we are sure to help you zero in!

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