The IT Outsourcing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Outsourcing IT to India: why this trend is so buzzed in the market these days?

Let’s dig deeper.

Huge Workforce

India is a country where 3.1 Million youth enter the IT domain every year. Bracing this, India is the largest English speaking country in the world, leaving behind USA and UK combined.

Now, IT outsourcing is a sector where cheap labor, advanced technology, and huge workforce are the pillars of excellence. And yes, India has these all.


Cheap Labor Rate

India comes under the tag of ‘most cost-saving countries’ when it comes down to IT services. For an instance, an average American IT employee charges almost 4 times for the same responsibility than to an Indian IT professional.

Consistent Work Quality

‘The National Outsourcing Association’ has confirmed that Outsourcing IT to India has constantly been the top priority for the multinational IT giants because of consistent high-quality services. Record says the majority of the companies had primarily come to Indian IT firms because of the cheap labor cost. Later, they have sustained the agreement on the virtue of persistent work quality.

India is the top priority of 4 out of 5 American and European outsourcing companies, as per quite a few recent industrial surveys. Outsourcing IT to India has become the reach for the sky to most of the western companies since India has become the most wide-reaching talent pool of Information Technology across the globe.

Which Sectors have the highest chance of Outsourcing?

Robotics, data security or cloud computing: the options for the probable trends of Outsourcing IT to India are excessively diversified. Still, let’s try to put these darlings together in the most pin-point way possible.

• Cloud Computing will take hold of the market says, since 2007, IT companies have succeeded to cut down one-third of their total expenditures, just by switching to cloud computing technology. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM Corp. alone have invested more than 30 Billion in this low-backup-and-maintenance-cost technology. This industry aspires to reach the 200B $ mark in 2018 itself.

Cloud Computing has opened a new horizon to Outsourcing IT to India with its great ease in customer handling, global data storage and customized services.

• Data security at greater emphasis

The more information technology will spread its wings to open network, the more obligatory data and cyber security will become.

Keeping pace with the ever-expanding database, data security is gaining its ground in strategically detecting, preventing, securing and counter-threatening digital-info domain as one of the shielded means of Outsourcing IT to India.

• Robotics and automation are the future

Robotic process automation is a non-disruptive, business user-friendly and code-free software programming that is presupposed to have a groundbreaking turnover in the IT industry in 2018.

When Outsourcing IT to India is in its heyday, this cost-effective, time-effective and better-productive automation program is supposed to take the hold of industries like BPO, IT and management in a large part. More than 65% of foreign investors have voted for Indian outsourcing when it comes to this ‘near-zero maintenance’ and ‘near-zero error’ application.

• Industrial insecurities: to bid adieu

Industrial insecurities like DDoS attacks and ICS hacking have constantly been a threat to IT-based enterprises. Besides, treading with local businesses often expedite political complications. This year, outsourcing, especially Outsourcing IT to India will work as a philosopher’s stone for both the reasons. Outsourcing from cheap labor costing country like India will help in getting the best quality cyber security, minus the fret of political turbulence and increased corporate taxation.

• Chatbots are in the limelight of call centers

Marketers always run behind the ‘best at the cheapest’ and chatbots are the epitome of it. New-generation call centers are more and more into computer programmed, virtual customer executives than the regular resources. These are high volume customer handling and cost-effective as well. India itself is trusted to grab this huge demand of Chatbots in 2018.

Not only the progressive workforce but also the time zone helps India to venture with most of the IT markets across the globe. Outsourcing IT to India has just started to gain its ground and it has a long way to go now.

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