How is Project Outsourcing Different from Offshore Software Development?

ODC vs outsourcing

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In this post, we will shed some light on what Offshore Development Center is, how it is different from project outsourcing, prominent benefits of ODC, and some top cost-effective countries for offshore development centers.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Offshore Development Center (ODC) – What is it?

what is odc

ODC is a dedicated office to fulfill the offshore software development requirements of the firms. It is easy to set up your own ODC in any part of the world. However, picking the country with the low cost of living is highly preferable to enjoy profitable outcomes.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we call it ‘A Global Extension’ of the existing IT team of any organization. And, it is supposed to be more economical and commercially sane to deploy the premium services.

Depending on the needs, the teams are designed. However, mostly, it is a full-time dedicated team of developers, programmers, quality analysts, copywriters, delivery managers, testers, and project managers. Simply put, the team consists of every expert that makes development a more manageable process as a whole, without needing any interference from the organization.

The best part for business owners is that everyone in the team seamlessly manages their development tasks, and they have enough time to focus on other productive chores of the organization.

More precisely, business owners/entrepreneurs/startups have more time:
✅ Launching the final product to the market
✅ Save a reasonable amount of time otherwise involved in hiring and infrastructure

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Hence, there is no reason why businesses won’t invest in an ODC.

How is Offshore Development Center (ODC) Different From Project Outsourcing? The Complete Outsourcing vs. ODC

odc outsourcing difference

Let’s figure that out one by one!

ODC vs outsourcing

Now, after analyzing the outsourcing vs. ODC, based on your business and offshore software development requirements, you can choose the best option for your organization. If you are looking for additional help to fulfill a skill-based project, it is better to go for project outsourcing. On the other hand, if you are looking to hire a dedicated full-time team, it is better to go for an offshore development center.

Benefits of Offshore Development Center (ODC)

benefits of odc

If it is advisable to set up an offshore development center (which in itself is a significant investment), it must deliver some extraordinary benefits. So, here we are mentioning a few most prominent ones.

1. ODC Focused on Core Business Needs
Offshore Development Center is designed with the motive to let organizations focus on the core business responsibilities. Therefore, the team is entirely dedicated to that specific project, offering enough stability throughout the project development lifecycle. Moreover, it even has the flexibility to modify as soon as the business needs changes. Hence, with ODC, your business can achieve complete flexibility and scalability.

2. Global Extension of your Business

We have been mentioning throughout that ODC is just like a global extension of your business. It is almost like setting up a new branch, except that it is located in a foreign land. The best part is that it makes the offshore software development of massive projects easy, involving 30 or more hired developers.

3. Access to Affordable Talents Nationwide
Recruiting and staffing are accelerating, making it tough to access the best talent across the world. ODC reduces this concern almost entirely while giving you access to the best talent in the world. That means you can expect the best development processes with quality outcomes.

4. Diminished Salaries and Infrastructure Cost
Every business appreciates the conditions when they can easily save some money. When you opt for an ODC, you can significantly reduce the infrastructure cost and salaries, depending upon the location you choose. If the cost of living where the offshore development center is situated, it is much easier to save a lot on salaries and infrastructure costs. Hence, you can always utilize the saved price in the development of the business.

Global software developer salary

5. Focus on Other Business Activities
When you know you have the experts handling your development chores, it becomes seamless to focus on other business activities. You can implement your new ideas, scale up your business, or even start a new business. Since the development area of your business is managed hassle-free, it is much easier to focus on other business activities.

6. Complete Control of the Project

Relying on an ODC doesn’t mean you are losing control of your project. It means you still have complete operational control of the project while accessing a pool of talented resources. You can have a direct interface with the team members who are responsible for executing the project. That even means you have efficiently allocated resources for the project’s success. Simply put, the project milestones are timely achieved.

Top Cost-Effective Locations for Offshore Development Center (ODC)

cost effective odc

Well, being a business owner, you must be highly interested in knowing which country is the most cost-effective in this case. So, here’s the list of top cost-effective locations for offshore development centers:
1. India
2. China
3. Ukraine
4. Vietnam
5. Philippines
6. Indonesia
7. Romania
8. Bulgaria

In the Nutshell
Being a business owner, it is eventually your decision to make your decision, of course, based on your development requirements. It is up to you to see which outsourcing method best complements your organizational and development needs. We suggest you pick an offshore development center for more complicated and extensive projects while pick project outsourcing if you are just looking for additional help for your existing team. This guide will help you hire developers that matter to your business.

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