How to Outsource IT Operations to a Company in India?

How to Outsource IT Operations to a Company in India?

India still remains one of those countries that companies rely on for Outsource IT operations. 

With such a vast population and talented pool of IT professionals, it becomes easy for you to find out the best fit for your project. Also, unlike many other countries, India is still one of the top countries that businesses choose when they want affordable yet quality services. 

Hence, India has genuinely presented itself as one of the most affordable, reliable, and trustworthy sources for talented and experienced IT professionals. 

In this article, we will understand more about how to outsource IT operations to a company in India to make your IT operations more seamless and efficient. 

First, Why Just India, and Not Anyone Else? 

Outsource IT Services

Several ‘impactful’ reasons help India dominate the IT operation market, or any other markets for that matter. 

  1. Flexible pricing options make this country considered for IT operations by many other countries out there. On top of that, you can even avail the best quality services at lower prices by utilizing your negotiation skills. Hence, great work within the budget can be expected from Indian IT professionals. 
  2. With the perfect blend of hard work and smart work, you will never regret hiring IT experts from this country. In fact, you will be amazed to see how quality remains at the top for professionals here. Also, if India is among the top countries chosen for outsourcing, the quality work has to be one of the reasons why they chose them.  
  3. India has an incredible population that constantly strives to excel in IT. Considering their experience, skills, and ability to deliver what’s expected is what makes all these countries hire from here.

Next, How to Outsource IT Operations to a Company in India? 

Well, this has to be done very carefully since your project and company’s reputation are at stake. You can’t just go for anyone, but choose the best one only after thorough research, which includes understanding the following: 

  1. Utter Clarity About Things At Your End

The first step is to have utmost clarity at your own end. You have to be crystal clear about what you are doing and why you hire an IT company from India. For that, you start by asking yourself a few questions, which are as follows:

  • What problems do you want them to solve for you? 
  • Are you relying on them entirely for solutions, or do you know about it too? 
  • How are these solutions to be implemented for utmost success? 

This would probably clear out certain doubts regarding deciding the scope of work in your mind. Once cleared, you can peacefully move further with another set of questions, which goes like this:

  • What is the foremost goal of hiring them? 
  • What volume of work are you expecting from them? 
  • What will be the duration of hiring and engagement? 
  • What is your minimum budget, and what ROI are you expecting? 
  • What exactly is the risk-taking capacity of your project? 
  • How sensitive is your data related to this project? 
  • Are you comfortable dealing with multiple vendors or just one? 

  1. What Type of Professional Do You Want? 

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Once you have answers to these questions, it is time to decide on the type of professional you need to work with. Eventually, it even depends on the size, complexity, and objective of your project. So, choose carefully!

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A.) Startups/Small Firms 

How big is your project, or do you think a small company would be sufficient to do your job? One point you must remember is that every option you choose will come with its advantages and disadvantages. 

Hence, you need to analyze your project first. In this case, you have to be careful since it will have limited professionals. 

However, that doesn’t mean they are not good. On the contrary, they can be excellent at their work. Observation skills will work great here since there will not be much for them to show you at this point. 

You can even start with a small task, in case you wish to test their skills. Keep interviewing and interacting sessions as much as possible to understand their level of skills and expertise. 

Moreover, you will have to stick to the available team members. A small firm might face difficulty adding more people to help the project immediately. 

B) Big Firms

Do you wish to be associated with a firm that is large in size with a bunch of IT professionals? If yes, this one's for you! 

Larger firms are better when your projects are bigger and more complicated. When your projects need a lot of experienced hands altogether, it is better to go for bigger firms.

You can even find more specialized professionals here who can make the most of their skills to take your project to the next level. 

However, with such specializations and experienced teams, the cost of your project will surely go up. You will have to maintain your budget like that and not think about spending a little more than you spent on the smaller firms. 

But you can be sure of better project organization and management with such specialized professionals. Besides, one of the significant benefits is scalability - which will align more professionals if the project demands almost instantly. 

C) Freelancer Professionals 

That could be another option to outsource from India to handle your IT operations. Usually, freelancers are people who might not be getting the job of their choice, not likely to commit themselves to any firm due to their reasons, or love the freedom to work as and when they want. 

In this case, the professional will be able to manage a minimal amount of work compared to bigger organizations. 

There is a possibility of this freelancer professional working with another set of IT professionals. However, you can’t take the risk of assigning them a big project. 

Or, any company will think twice before doing that. That trust is automatically built with the large organization or even small organizations, for that matter. 

But if your project has a pretty low budget and is not too big, picking up freelancers is a great option to get work done at a reasonable cost. 

Moreover, if you are picking different freelancers for different IT operations, chances are you will need to have extraordinary management skills to handle all of them together. 

  1. Getting to Hire the Most Suitable Talent for your Project 

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The last and final step is to figure out the best talent for your project. By now, you will have a clear understanding of your project, its objectives, and even what type of professional is most suitable for it. 

Hence, this step is to hire them actually by following some steps that are bound to take your project to new heights. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Define the clear scope of your project and even the objectives so that all the efforts are directed towards a particular direction. 
  • You will need to keep ‘expertise’ on priority. The skill sets, technical aspects, access to technology, passion for getting things done, and experience in solving all complex projects. 
  • Since market reputation is also important, you need to focus on it too. Thoroughly research how your associated partner is seen as in the market before hiring them. Eventually, that will decide the quality of work delivered by them. 
  • Ensure that your data is absolutely secure with the firm you are partnering up with. 
  • Focus on communication, as that will solve many problems if done right. Lack of good communication may lead to misunderstanding and issues in the project, highly impacting the success of your work. 


Outsourcing IT operations to an Indian company is probably one of the best decisions for your business. The talent that you will get from the pool of experienced and skilled professionals is awesome. If you have gone through all the information mentioned above, it would be easier for you to reach the best one that fits your business needs. 

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