Understanding the ‘Indian IT Industry’ Inside Out(Cities, Skills, positives & negatives, major companies)

Do you want to own your IT team at affordable pricing in India? A good decision there! But how well do you know this market? 

Well, if you have been doing that for a while, you know how the Indian IT industry works. But what about those who are new to this? 

If you belong to category two (newbies), it is highly recommended to read this article till the end to gain some insights on the ins and outs of this industry. And, build your own IT team at reasonable pricing in India. 

Let’s begin with understanding why you must own your IT team (an affordable one) in India

Why Should You Place Your Bets in India for IT? 

Indian IT Services

There is a reason you should rely on the Indian IT industry for building your own affordable team. So many companies have tried and tested the IT talent here, and there is a reason we recommend it to you too. 

Before proceeding, you must read this!

End-user spending on IT services in India is on track to total $18 billion in 2021, an increase of 10.7% from 2020, according to Gartner, Inc. – Gartner

“The Indian IT industry is expected to touch the $300-$350 billion revenue mark over the next five years growing 10% a year. This will mean that the $194 billion Indian tech industry will be growing at a much faster clip than the 7.5% growth rate registered over the last five years, according to a soon-to-be-released report by McKinsey & Company.”

Market dominators like McKinsey & Company and Gartner predict the Indian IT industry to grow exponentially in the coming years. But, how are they so sure? And, why are we so confident to recommend the Indian IT services to you too? 

  • India has proliferated in this sector in quite a short period. The expertise found here is unmatchable in terms of quality, cost, and commitment. Have you analyzed how demand for niche and even super niche skills surged since the pandemic? 

(Seems India has been seamlessly fulfilling the demand for super-niche IT skills) 

And, industries like yours are likely to enjoy what they experience with IT services in India. Well, that’s why every major industry has been supporting and promoting the talent here. 

Thinking about exploring this industry yourself? 

These top IT skills are in demand right now! And, we ask you to try them yourself for valuing up your business. 

These skills prevailing here have visibly transformed everyone’s theory of the IT industry in the country. Furthermore, with hot demand for remote talent, companies across the globe are reaching out to talent here to scale up their businesses. It was somewhat happening (but at a low pace) before the pandemic. 

Are There Any Specific Cities That You Can Refer to as a Reliable ‘Technology Hub’ Here? 

Yes! There are some cities that give you access to the best IT talent. To name a few are:

It Services
  1. Bangalore 

Commonly known as India’s ‘biggest tech hub,’ ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ and ‘startup capital of India’ Bangalore never falls short of IT talent. Name super-specific niche skills, and you get it here. And, that’s why this city ranks as one of the top tech cities you can rely on for skilled IT professionals who are all set to scale up your business. Just like you expect it to grow! 

Some tech parks to check out in Bangalore are:

  • Global Village Tech Park 
  • Electronic City 
  • Manyata Tech Park 
  • Bagmane Tech Park 

And so on! The list for such talented professionals goes on and on here. 

  1. Chennai 

The next on the list is Chennai. Your other source for proficient IT talent for a business that only grows. Besides, how can we not share with you the city with Asia’s largest IT park (when it was built) in 2000 called TIDEL Park? Some major market dominators like Infosys, Amazon, Accenture, HCL Technologies, Capgemini, and TCS have their offices set up here. Most of the list have their largest bases here in Chennai, India. 

Parks worth mentioning here are:

  • DLF Cyber City SEZ
  • International Tech Park 
  • Mahindra World City 
  • L&T Estancia IT SEZ
  • SIPCOT IT Park 

Quite a few tech parks reside here, and the question is, which one would you prefer for your business?

  1. Hyderabad 

You can even call it Cyberabad or HITEC City, which in reality is the second-largest information technology exporter based in India. Hyderabad is known for its proficient full-stack developers. And, this city has some notable tech firms such as Deloitte, Amazon, Accenture, Dell, Cognizant, and Google. Now, you can imagine what kind of talented IT professionals Hyderabad has in store for you. 

Some prominent parks that reside here are:

  • Hyderabad Pharma City
  • Genome Valley 

Remember, Hyderabad is the largest bioinformatics hub in the country. 

If you are an Entrepreneur, check out some pro tips to maintain work-life balance

  1. Pune 

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation projected ‘Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,’ which is an $8.9 billion project that is home to almost 800+ firms – of all minor, big, and gigantic sizes. Your business is supposed to get the right talent out of such a variety of firms, set up to help businesses flourish and grow seamlessly. 

This city (having such a massive population of talented folks) is readily available to serve your business with apt IT solutions. 

  1. Delhi NCR

Another one on the list is Delhi NCR that has some cities like Noida and Gurugram to fulfill your IT needs with sufficient manpower as and when required. So all you need to do is search and find the best one out for your business. 

Now that you know which cities you should reach out to – it is suggested not to make any delays. You need to act now to get the best talent for your firm. 

But, wait, there are always some ‘What If’ questions that troll us when opting for anything new for our business. And, we know you go through that too!  

Wouldn’t it be easy if you knew some positives & negatives of accessing Indian IT services? 

Of course, that will be a genuine help for firms that have just hit the market. 

  1. Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali)

The next big IT hub in northern India, where highly affordable companies reside in ‘Tricity’ – Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali. The rise of startups and the curiosity to develop the IT sector in Tricity is simply incredible. 

Totally unavoidable, though! 

Tricity was already in the limelight, but the highlight was shifted here in July 2020, when a two-year-old Chandigarh-based startup ‘PrepLadder’ was acquired by a giant called Unacademy. And, the acquiring figure ended up at $50 million. 

This entire scenario lets everyone conclude that the IT startup doesn’t necessarily have to be in the metro cities – it can be built and made successful almost anywhere. 

Hence, an affordable and highly considerable option for your business! 

Starting with the ‘POSITIVES First (Because That’s What Matters)

Here is why your business needs to hire IT services from India:

Hire It Team
  1. Affordable Costs for First-Class Quality 

We bet you don’t get such an amazing combination of low labor cost and high-quality work anywhere than in India. 

IT Outsourcing

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Compared to the labor cost in the US and UK, India is pretty affordable. However, that doesn’t mean it impacts the quality anyhow. The skilled developers take pride in delivering top-notch services to satisfy the client’s expectations. Hence, a reliable and cost-effective option to opt for. Calculate cost with outsourcing Cost calculator.

  1. Gigantic Base for Skilled IT Talents

India is home to millions of talented IT professionals nationwide. With such availability of highly proficient IT professionals, we are sure you will get the one that matches your needs. Also, such a gigantic base of IT professionals is almost like an IT paradise for firms across the world. Or, shall we say, the affordable and the fastest way to prepare your product and market it in the least time possible. 

  1. The Availability 

Since the pandemic, ‘time constraints’ have not remained an issue anymore. The remote workers have adjusted themselves well to the time differences with different countries. Hence, the availability is barely a concern for those hiring IT services from India. Moreover, the IT industry is more open to adjusting to time differences now, than ever before. 

  1. Adoption to Latest Technologies 

Indian professionals are pretty quick in adopting the latest tools and technologies in the world. The fact that IT here is growing so rapidly, and is expected to grow in the future too (as predicted by giants across the nation), it is evident that professionals here are much more active in adopting to learning about the latest technologies. Hence, you get skilled, experienced, and well-trained IT people to work with when hiring from this country.  

  1. Quick Turnaround 

Indian IT companies are known to deliver what is promised within the given timeframe. Time zone also plays an important role in helping to deliver the projects on time. In case yours is a firm looking to produce and market your product in a tight time frame, India is the country you should place your bets on. The professionals here are quite competitive and believe in delivering what’s promised. So, no delayed projects anymore, just everything is done on time. 

  1. Better Focus on Core Business Processes

When you have hired an Indian IT professional, you are bound to enjoy reliability, timely delivery, and quality work at an affordable price. That means a lot of time is saved to focus on core business processes. That means higher productivity, better flow of work, and much more profitable business. 

Now the ‘NEGATIVES (Since That is Also What You Should Know)

Here are some downsides that come with hiring from this country:

Hiring IT Team
  1. Time Difference Challenges 

Yes, we said that people have now adjusted to different time zones. Still, there could be certain times when they are unable to keep up with the time difference. For instance, with the United States – where the time zone difference is almost 12 hours. At times, it can become inconvenient for both parties to proceed with such collaboration. However, with proper planning, this challenge could be minimized or avoided. 

  1. Communication Concerns

That brings us to another challenge, which is the lack of smooth communication. But that also goes for countries where the time difference is huge. For others, it could be managed easily using reliable communication tools such as Zoom and Slack. 

  1. The ‘Hidden’ Costs

That is not always the case, so don’t worry. It happens one in a thousand times. However, you can easily avoid this concern by clearly setting your budget. Also, ask them in advance about any such costs. Make sure the communication is to the point from the beginning to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the costs. 

What’s the Conclusion?

The Indian IT industry is proliferating. And, with cities like Tricity, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and all the others mentioned above (including those trying to build their reputation in this industry), we can clearly see that India is all set to make it in the top IT countries of the world. 

Also, being super affordable, anyone would be lured to build their own IT team at such reasonable pricing here. 

These cities are highly reliable for any sort of IT outsourcing services- backed by highly proficient experts dedicated to taking your business to the next level. 

Are you looking for a reliable and proficient IT outsourcing partner in India? 

If yes, you are at the right place! 

Connect with the experts at YTII and be ready to own your IT outsourcing team at super affordable prices. 

Act now to scale up your business with experts! 

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