How Long Does It Take To Develop An App?

How Long Does It Take To Develop An App?

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If you are wondering, How long does it take to develop an app, then you are not the only one. It is frequently asked by startups, small businesses, and enterprises. The article will highlight all the necessary information and how to develop an app faster. It also emphasizes the various stages involved and the factors that affect app development time.

There are a number of times when entrepreneurs drop their app idea as they do not get clear information about it. For example, how long does it take to develop an app? How much does it cost? How to build the app? Getting clear answers to these questions is crucial for each businessperson to begin with, giving it a shape. 

So, our aim with this blog is to clarify one question-How long does it take to develop an app?

Long story short, the app development process can take between 8 and 12 months. But why does it take months to develop the app, or is there no other way around? Well, each app development process includes several stages like discovery, design, development, and launch.

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Further, each stage has its own procedure and steps, making the app development a longer process.

In short, based on the complexity of the app, the app development time can vary:

  • Simple app development: If you wish to build a simple app, the whole process can take 2 to 4 months.
  • Average app development: If your app is neither simple nor complex, the whole process can take 4 to 6 months.
  • Complex app development: When you want to get an app developed with various complexities, the average app development time can vary between 8 and 12 months or more.

Knowing the average app development time is very important as it will prepare you to invest your valuable time in it. In addition, app development will require your time-to-time involvement in the project, so be ready to communicate your ideas and thoughts with the app development team.

To make it more clear to you, let’s understand the whole process in detail, where we will explain all the stages in-depth and how long each stage takes to be completed. So, let’s get started.

Key Takeaways
  • Scope and Complexity: The app's features and complexity determine development time.
  • Platform Choice: Developing for multiple platforms takes longer than a single platform.
  • Design and User Experience: Investing time in intuitive design and usability is crucial.
  • Development Approach: Utilizing frameworks or pre-built components can expedite development.
  • Testing and Iterations: Allocate time for thorough testing, bug fixing, and user feedback.

How to create an app- various stages involved

We can divide the process into several stages to understand the time involved in app development. It begins with generating the idea, designing, developing, and launching the app. 

Let's look at each stage one by one.

App ideation stage

The first comes generating good ideas for the app. This stage defines the appearance and behavior of the application. In this phase, you will consider questions like,

  • What problem will your app solve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What features will your app have?
  • What will your app's design look like?

There could be two circumstances:

1. You already have an app idea: The first situation could be where you have already developed an idea about the look and feel of the app. It is when you know how the app design will be, what features there will be, and how you want to take the process forward.

2. You do not have an app idea: The second circumstance could be that you do not have an idea for the app. For example, you know what type of app you want for the business but have zero clue about what should go in it. 

If you fall under the first category, this stage may require only a few hours for discussion or no time at all. But if you fall in the second category, the app ideation can take 1–2 weeks. 

Do you know “why do most apps fail?” The top reason is because of poor research of the market and competitors that they do not gain all the necessary information and fail to execute the plans properly. 

Here is a breakdown of the ideation phase.

Research and analysis: The first step in an app idea is thorough research. It will include identifying the opportunity the app aims at, market research to know the competitors, defining the business objectives, and analyzing the existing apps. This step cannot be neglected as it is during research that you can prioritize the needs and features that meet your business goals and objectives. Hence, the ideation can take from a few days to 1 week.

Idea generation and conceptualization: After you are clear about the market, company needs, and goals, it is time to generate the app idea. This stage involves creating multiple ideas, brainstorming potential features, creating a user persona, and developing wireframes and prototypes. Idea generation can take up to 1 week or longer as you must clearly identify the best idea for the app.

Validating the idea: No idea can be developed in one go. You will have to regularly discuss it with the stakeholders, take feedback, and work on making the idea better. You may have to change the whole concept and look for better ideas. The validation can take a few days to 1 week based on how well it goes in the first go. 

Overall, the ideation process takes between 1–4 weeks.

App design and development

Here comes the most important and time-consuming part of app development. It is where you will have to be the most active and communicate regularly with the app development team, as the failure and success of the app largely depends on this stage. It can be divided into two phases:

App design

How hard is it to design an application? The simple answer to this question is app design is easy when you recognize your audience well and discover their pain points; creating an app can be easy. But, on the other hand, designing may consume a lot of time if you are unclear about these things. 

Further, the time needed for app design also depends upon the app's complexity. For instance, to create a simple app like a chat app, designing can be quick, whereas when you want to create a complex app like food delivery, designing can take a long time. 

The design phase focuses on the UI/UX of the app to ensure that it engages the audience and provides a seamless experience. 

Moreover, the duration may vary based on the number of screens, the complexity of interactions, and the need for extensive user experience research.

Overall, the app design takes between 4–6 weeks.

App development

App development is the most time-consuming process of all the stages. One myth about coding is that entrepreneurs feel that the development process can be done at a fast speed if more developers are added to the project. In comparison, it will rather increase the cost and extend the time. 

Businessmen often ask how long does it take to develop an app if more resources are added to it? Unfortunately, app development is still a long process, no matter how many developers work on the project. 

The app development process is time-consuming due to the following reasons:

  • Development complexity of the app
  • Iterative development process
  • Platform considerations
  • Number of features and functionalities

The above-mentioned are a few factors that can affect the development process. In addition, some external factors, like lack of communication, information for app ideas, etc., can further affect the time needed for app development. 

Overall, the app development process takes between 4–6 months.

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Launching the app

Now that the app is ready, it's time for the last step-launching. This stage can be divided into two phases-pre launch and launch. 


Before you take the app to the market, the app developers have to ensure it is fully ready to download. In addition, the app has to be bug and error-free. Therefore, the testing process includes the following:

Unit testing: It tests individual code units and is done by the coders.

Integration testing: It includes testing how different units of code interact with each other. It is done by developers who wrote the code.

System testing: It is testing the entire app to ensure quality and is done by the QA team.

User acceptance testing: Done by the app's target users, the process ensures that it meets all the user's demands. 


Once all the testing is done and is made error-free, the app is ready to be launched. The app is then submitted to the platforms where you wish to launch it. App Store and Google Play have different reviewing processes; only after their final reviews can you launch the app. 

Overall, the testing phase can take between 2 weeks to 1 month.

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Factors that affect the app development time

It is to be considered carefully that the time mentioned above can vary based on various factors. The overall process may either require less or more time based on the reasons discussed below:

The complexity of the app

The first factor that affects the app development time is the app's complexity. The more complex your application is, the higher the time it needs. For instance, if you want more custom code, it will require longer to develop an app than pre-made templates.

Number of features

The higher the features and functionalities you add to the app, the more app development time will take. For example, an app that only displays information will be built faster than that lets users make online payments as well.

App development team experience

An experienced app development team will be efficient enough to develop the app quicker. It is because they will already be familiar with the development process.

The app development budget

A higher budget will let you hire a more experienced development team and buy efficient and better tools, leading to lower app development time. 

Technology stack

The technology stack selection, including programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, will also impact development time.

How long does it take to create an app-3 proven ways to speed up

You must look for ways to speed up the process after you know how long it takes to develop an app. We understand that with a great app idea, you would be eager to quickly build and launch the app to reach the audience faster than anyone else. 

Here are three proven ways that can help you make an app faster.

Constant communication with the app development team

The first step is to maintain regular communication with the app development team. Once you have discussed the project, your goals, and the idea behind the app, your work does not end here. Therefore, you need to ensure you take out time to discuss the project regularly.

One way to ensure this is by assigning someone to maintain constant contact with the development team. It will help both your business and the team to stay on the same page. Further, any confusion can be cleared beforehand. Moreover, it will also guarantee that the app is being designed and developed as discussed so that there is no need for many changes in the later stage.

Start with MVP

It can be fascinating to add several features and functionalities during the initial launch of the app. But remember that factors like these can extend the app development time. Rather, you should focus on core features and build an MVP that meets all the primary requirements of your users. 

Especially if your business goal is to get into the market quickly, it can help you achieve it. Start with some basic and most important features; you can always upgrade these in the next app version. It will not only help you launch quickly but also keep your customers excited about the next version launch. 

Work in sprints

One of the most practical ways to reduce the average development time is dividing the process into sprints. It can easily break down the large cycle into smaller stages, leading to better productivity and speed. The method also allows teams to focus on one task at a time and receive stakeholder feedback more frequently. Sprints further provide regular updates on the project's progress, leading to periodic evaluations.

Moreover, sprints can also help prioritize the task, so developers can first work on it. Better communications, regular project reports, timely feedback, enhanced productivity, and increased visibility are other benefits you can gain with this methodology.

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The above article should have answered your question- How long does it take to develop an app? Got more queries? Contact us now, and let’s discuss it.

how long does it take to develop an app

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to develop an app?
The average app development time can vary between 8 and 12 months. The time needed is affected by factors like complexity, number of features, design, and skills of app developers.
What factors can influence the development time of an app?
Certain factors that can influence the average app development time are external integrations, total features, design complexity, platform targeted, availability of resources, and efficiency of the development team.
What are the various stages of mobile app development?
The different stages of app development include ideation, design, development, testing, and deployment. Each stage has several steps to be followed for building a quality app.
Can I launch an app faster?
Yes, you can speed up the development process by using a template or pre-built app. But it would still need customizations which can be time-consuming.
How long does it take to launch an app on the app store?
Getting the app approved and launched on the app store takes a few days to a week. Further, it can vary based on the platform and any issues arising during the approval process.

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