Employing Mobile App Developers in Core US Markets is No Longer Sustainable!

Employing Mobile App Developers in Core US Markets is No Longer Sustainable

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Based on the remarks of top CEOs, it’s very difficult to hire new employees in the US market. While there is a high demand for mobile app developers, it’s quite tough to find the tech employees in the midwest region.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the USA fell to 3.7% in October 2018. This is the lowest unemployment rate recorded since December 1969.

Indeed, it’s bad news for startups. And now, to fill the gap between demand & supply, you have to pay higher salaries. Still, it doesn’t promise that you will find the right talent.

Moreover, the hiring process is tiresome & wastes a lot of time. You have to post jobs on multiple online platforms, conduct the interview process & follow up with training sessions for a developer to suit your requirements.

That’s gross right?

Possibly, that’s why most companies prefer to hire developers from an offshore country.

But let’s assume that you want to stick with a local team and have managed to hire a mobile app developer, that actually suits your requirements. The situation is going to be even more challenging ahead.

Wondering why? Well, hiring and retaining an employee are two separate things.

Your local USA developer will continuously get the new job offers by recruiters. On top of that, friends will keep them pitching about the new startups.

For this reason, there’s a chance that they will flee anytime. And anyhow, if you will unintentionally treat them in the wrong way, you may lose your precious developer. It’s because they have got multiple job options available for them.

The Current Scenario

All in all, building a new venture looks scary. As a startup, what are you supposed to do? Should you take care of your core business functions or look after your employees like a babysitter? All things considered, the confusion only leads to the failure of your business.

In situations like these, outsourcing is the most viable option. Just share your requirements with your outsourcing partner, and it will become their responsibility to provide you a top-notch remote development team.

If you don’t outsource than things might turn out worse than it looks.

Even for the established enterprise, losing an important team member can lead to the downfall. Eventually, it might discourage entrepreneurs & create a long-lasting effect on the IT industry in the USA.

What’s going through your mind? Possibly, you are thinking about an appropriate solution, right?

To find out the solution, it’s important to understand the expectations of an employer from a developer. Usually, the unmatched expectation is the reason behind a conflict between an employer & employee.

So, to make it easy, we have listed the common attributes you might expect from your mobile app developer.

Common attributes of an ideal developer

  • Experience in developing excellent mobile apps
  • Average monthly salary
  • Good communication skills
  • Good work ethics and moral values

An ideal mobile app developer will have the above-specified qualities. Now, heading towards the next section, it’s time to unveil the solution to your problem.


Being a startup, if you find it hard to hire reliable mobile app developers in the USA, then outsourcing is the best solution to your problem. You can hire an offshore mobile app developer on contract, that will solve your multiple purposes:

  • Commitment
  • Work quality
  • Low salary
  • No infrastructure cost

By outsourcing your mobile app development project in countries like India, you can easily fulfill your business requirements. In the long run, there are multiple benefits of outsourcing the software or mobile app development. However, among all the counties, India is the most favorable outsourcing destination of companies in Europe & the United States.

In short, outsourcing in India will save you a lot of time & money to invest in your core business activities. With an increased focus on your core business activities, you will see an exponential growth of your business.

Though outsourcing is your best alternative, you have to closely monitor the process in order to make things efficiently work for you.

Here are some Tips that will Make your Outsourcing Journey Successful

Tips for Making your Outsourcing Journey Successful

1. Don’t look out for Cheap, look out for Best

Remember, cheap only means low quality. It’s one of the top mistakes made by the entrepreneurs while outsourcing. If an offshore development center will offer their services at a cheap price, get cautious. By outsourcing, you will be saving a lot of money, therefore, don’t try to push extra on cutting down the hiring cost.

Look out for a reputed & established enterprise. It will ensure that your project is in the right hands & will get completed before the time. Also, an established enterprise houses a number of talented mobile app developers. This will give you the assurance of building a product with excellent quality.

Want to get started on your dream project? Hire mobile app developers now & get started!

There’s one more benefit of working with a reliable offshore partner – no shortage of talented mobile app developers. You can add or remove a mobile app developer with prior notice to suit your project requirements. And it will satisfy your main purpose of outsourcing.

2. Appoint a Technical Manager

To make outsourcing successful for your business, you have to understand the cultural difference between you & your offshore team. It’s not easy to fill up this gap on your own. You need the support of a technical manager, that will act as a medium of interaction between your company & offsite mobile app developers.

Your technical manager will be responsible to lead your dedicated offshore developers. He should be the one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way!

3. Treat your Employees Well

It’s very crucial to treat your remote employees as your team members and not like the offshore laborers. You should welcome them as an integral part of your company. Most companies don’t treat their remote development team in the right manner.

Instead of texting them about project updates only, develop a relationship with them. Know their names and make them understand your vision. Rather than managing, you should lead your remote team. Appreciate them for their efforts & you will see the results in their work productivity.


The bottom line is that if you will keep looking for local mobile app developers in the USA, you have to pay higher salaries & spend a lot of time to cater to their daily whims.

Do you have an idea for developing a mobile app? Find a strong offshore development team and hire a technical manager to be on your side. And that’s it. Their discipline, reliability, work quality & values will amaze you!

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