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Cost to hire react developer

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Quick Summary: In this blog, we have covered the average cost to hire react developers across different regions across the world and different hiring sources, so you can make an informed decision on where to hire software engineers for your app development project.

React.js has become a popular frontend development library used by some of the most popular brands, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Uber Eats, Airbnb, and Netflix.

Over 40% of developers prefer ReactJs for its ability to deliver highly dynamic web applications that are SEO friendly, easy to test, and supported by a large community and handy tools. The fact that you’re looking to hire a react js developer is a testament to its popularity. 

This brings us to our main query, ‘How much does it Cost to Hire React Developer?’

The cost of hiring a react developer can range between $18-$80 per hour depending on factors such as years of experience, developer location, project complexity, etc.

In this blog, we will try to answer your query by sharing the average cost of hiring react developers across different countries.

So without any further ado, let us begin.

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Average Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers

In any economy, ReactJs developers are divided into three broad categories

  • Junior React Js Developers- These are front-end developers with less than 3 years of experience. Their expertise lies in supporting the pre-existing team in development.
  • Mid-level React Js Developers- These are front-end developers with experience between 4-6 years. They can help you in assisting ongoing projects or can work independently on some modules of projects.
  • Senior React Js Developers- These react developers have expertise in full-stack development. They can work independently and also act as module leads/project leads.

As already mentioned, the hourly rate of these three categories of react js developers would vary according to the experience, but just to make things simple, we have listed a region-wise breakdown of the hourly cost of hiring a react developer.

RegionAverage cost to hire react developer (Per Hour)
North America$40-$120
Western Europe$60-$150
Eastern Europe$40-$100
Africa$14- $35

These are the average rates to hire react js programmers, but when we explore the major IT destinations in these individual regions, one might find a considerable fluctuation in the rates.

Let us examine the cost of hiring react developers in different countries of the regions mentioned above.

React Developer Hourly Rates (Globally)

Now that you know how native app developer hiring costs vary with skills and experience level, it’s now time to put some numbers to the variation and give you an idea of how much it would actually cost you to hire react js developers.

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in North America- USA

Being a matured IT development market teamed with a tech talent crunch, the US is amongst the most expensive economy to hire resources. As per Glassdoor, the average pay of an in-house react developer in the US is around $85000 per annum.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in USA (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$35-$80
Mid-level React Js Developers$100-$140
Senior React Js Developers$140 -$200

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Canada

Like the US, Canada to is an expensive market to hire react programmers. As per Payscale, the average yearly income of a react developer can range from CAD 70000 to CAD 100000, around $50,000 to $72000 USD.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Canada (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$30-$60
Mid-level React Js Developers$80-$120
Senior React Js Developers$140 -$200

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Latin America

Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico have come up as IT outsourcing destinations in recent years in In Latin America. Though these nations are still at a nascent growth stage, they offer to react coders at a much lower rate than the USA or Canada.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Latin America (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$20-$35
Mid-level React Js Developers$40-$50
Senior React Js Developers$55 -$80

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Western Europe

When we talk about IT destinations in western Europe, countries like UK, France, Germany, and Austria come in mind. Being a developed economy with a high cost of living, hiring react js developers in these countries is not cheap.

In fact, when compared, countries like UK and France are costlier than the USA.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Western Europe (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$50-$80
Mid-level React Js Developers$70-$120
Senior React Js Developers$150 -$210

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Eastern Europe

Unlike its western counterparts, hiring react coders are much more economical in eastern Europe. Nationals like Hungry, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, and many east European countries provide highly skilled software engineers to power your project development.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Eastern Europe (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$25-$40
Mid-level React Js Developers$35-$45
Senior React Js Developers$45-$65

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Asia

Countries in southeast Asia are considered some of the best destinations to hire software engineers. India and China are considered amongst the top 5 destinations in the world to outsource IT services to. 


India is a mature IT market that has been providing outsourcing services for more than 3 decades now. India has become a preferred choice for outsourcing is its vast talent pool of resources available at competitive pricing.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in India (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$16-$25
Mid-level React Js Developers$25-$35
Senior React Js Developers$35-$60


Though China as an IT destination does not possess same experience as India in software development outsourcing, it still offers large pool IT resources at low pricing. 

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Eastern Europe (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$20-$25
Mid-level React Js Developers$25-$35
Senior React Js Developers$35-$70

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Australia and New Zealand

Like USA, Australia & New Zealand too have a high cost of living and offer react js programmers for hire at high rates.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Australia & New Zealand (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$25-$35
Mid-level React Js Developers$60-$80
Senior React Js Developers$120 -$140

Hourly Cost to Hire React Developers in Africa

African countries have a lower cost of living which may translate to lower rates for hiring developers, but they are also relatively new in IT development, thus finding an experienced resource in this market may become a challenge.

Experience Average cost of hiring react developer in Australia & New Zealand (Per Hour)
Junior React Js Developers-$10-$20
Mid-level React Js Developers$20-$30
Senior React Js Developers$30 -$70.

Now that you have a glimpse of what hiring a react js developer may cost you in the different regions, let us move further to explore the different modes of hiring available in the market.

Different hiring models and sources for React Programmer

There are three recruitment models available in the market to hire react resources for your application development.

  • Fixed Model of Hiring– Here, the scope of your app development is predefined so that you can hire software engineers at a fixed cost.
  • Hourly Rate– In this model of app development, the scope is constantly changing; thus, the developers are paid on the basis of the number of hours they work on the project
  • Retainer/Monthy Rate- This model is generally used when the app development has moved to the maintenance phase, where a team of programmers is hired to maintain the app

When we talk about different sources of hiring react app developers either for mobile app development or web app development, there are numerous there are options like hiring freelancers from various platforms, building your in-house remote team by hiring jobseekers with basic knowledge of react native and full-stack development or work with an offshore react js development company.

All three options have their pros and cons. Hiring freelancers is the most inexpensive in terms of the cost of resources but when you consider the cost incurred in finding the right resource & coordination between team members during the project, one really has to wonder if the hassle is worth the pain.

When you hire an in-house remote team,  you are basically onboarding permanent employees for the project, which adds to the fixed cost (salary, systems, employee benefits) of your project. And once the project is done, you still need to find alternate work to keep these resources engaged.

Out of the three, the cost of hiring developers from an offshore company is higher than freelancing but when you compare the advantages like

  • Access to pre-vetted, experienced, and certified resources
  • Quick hiring
  • Zero infrastructure cost

The benefits of offshoring outweigh freelancers and in-house hiring manifold.

With the right offshore partner on board, you can create an awesome web or mobile application or any other digital products that meet your business’s needs and exceed your customers’ expectations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated React developer?

Hiring a React developer can cost you between $18-$100 per hour, depending on the developer’s location and experience and the project’s complexity.

Is a React Developer worth the effort?

React is one of the most trusted and preferred frontend frameworks by developers worldwide. It is a widely-used JavaScript library for applications and is known for its flexibility, scalability, and ability to create high-performance user interfaces. 

How to hire a good React developer for my project?

There are many ways you can hire a good React developer. You can work with freelancers, hire in-house remote developers or work with offshore developers.

What is the react developer job outlook?

Considering the high demand for React developers and constant improvement in this technology, one can say that the job outlook for this tech stack is positive. React is a widely used JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and it is commonly used in web development, mobile app development, and other software development applications.

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