Top 5 AngularJs Features you Should Know!

What is AngularJS?

Angularjs is a popular JavaScript framework maintained by Google that simplifies development and testing process. It is an open-source framework that addresses the web development challenges by offering ease in integrating HTML codes and application modules.

Built with MVC (Model View Control) architecture, it is commonly used for designing rich internet applications. Angularjs framework takes help of HTML to offer extension, making the website truly responsive & dynamic.

Angularjs is ideally used to develop Single Page Applications. Having sheer support of Google and ideas from a huge community forum, most companies prefer Angularjs web development.

Indeed, it is the next-gen framework that has each tool designed to work with the other tool. And all of them are interconnected with one another. So, without further ado, let’s discuss;

The 5 Key AngularJS Features:

Top 5 AngularJS Features You Should Know - YourTeaminIndia


1. The ideal MVC

Model View Architecture has a model layer that manages the application data. The view layer displays the data while the controller connects the model & view layer. It is one of the best AngularJS features that make it an ideal choice for web development.

Other frameworks that implement MVC, urge you to split your app into components. Splitting app components requires you to write the code to string them together, which is a time-consuming process.

However, with AngularJS framework, you just have to split the application into MVC, and it completes the rest of the process itself. Altogether, it manages all your components & also serves as the pipeline that connects them.

2. A Declarative User Interface:

AngularJS takes help of HTML to build its user interface. HTML is a declarative language that has short tags and easy to understand. Because of this reason, AngularJS web applications have a simple & organized User Interface.

HTML also determines the execution of the app. And special attributes in the HTML controls the use of every element. These attributes are responsible for determining ‘what’ gets loaded and ‘how.’

This approach simplifies the app development; as it is based on what you see is what you get. You only have to define your requirements and Angular framework will take care of the rest.

3. POJO Data Models:

(POJO) Plain Old JavaScript Objects are self-sufficient when it comes to functionality. Earlier, you had to monitor the data flow in the models. But the POJO data model offers spontaneous and well-planned objects with logic. You can easily add and change the properties based on the requirements. This gives a spontaneous & crystal-clear code. Therefore, the end result you get is a user-friendly and interactive web-based app.

4. Flexible Filters:

Filters sort the data before reaching the view. It may involve simple things like formatting decimal places on a number, reversing array order or implementing pagination.

Filters are very beneficial. It’s because they help to create an HTML table using filters only (without writing any JavaScript).

5. Code Less:

AngularJS development requires very less code. This is because there is no need to write separate code for MVC. HTML defines the view and HTML is concise. All the data models are simple.  Moreover, the data binding in AngularJS allows not to put the data into the manual view. As directives in AngularJS are different from app code, it can be written by another team with minimum integration issues. A single code for the application makes the task done. 


The list of AngularJS features could go on, but the aforementioned features are compelling enough to prove why AngularJS is one of the most preferred languages of the web developers.

AngularJS is capable of creating unique and powerful web applications. With plenty of AngularJS features and benefits, it makes sense for companies to shift to AngularJS development which offers ease, effectiveness, and productivity while developing the web structures giving a win-win situation.

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