Top 12 Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Web Development!

Whether you wish to build native apps, progressive web apps (PWAs), or develop single-page applications, every business seeks an impactful digital presence and wishes to build interactive, cross-platform, & dynamic web apps to engage its customers. AngularJS, also known as Angular, an open-source JavaScript framework, has emerged as a winning technology for building attractive front-ends to engage your customers.

But what makes AngularJS development one of the most loved technologies for building client-side applications? 

Read on to find out.

12 Reasons to Choose Angular for Web Development

As per a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, 52% of developers love AngularJS for web apps'& here is why.

  • Backed by Google:

Angular is owned and supported by Google. The constant upgrade in the Angular framework and Long-Term Support (LTS) by Google is proof that Angular is here to stay. It is one of the most stable frameworks in the programming world and is supported by a large community of developers. Angular offers an extensive toolkit & plugins for developers and designers, making it a preferred technology for building interactive UI/UX.

  • The Ideal MVC:

Angular JS supports a modern view controller(MVC), enabling quick and easy development. 

Model View Architecture has a model layer that manages the application data. The view layer displays the data, while the controller connects the model & view layer. 

Other MVC frameworks require you to split apps into components, but in AngularJS, you just split apps into MVC, and it completes the rest of the process. Altogether, it manages all your components & also serves as the pipeline that connects them, enabling you to create robust, interactive & dynamic web applications.

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  • A Declarative UI ( User Interface):

AngularJS is known for its declarative user interface & coding paradigm, especially for frequently building accessible patterns. This results in a more lightweight code, allowing optimum reading and support.

The angular framework uses HTML to build its declarative user interface. Being a declarative language, HTML has short tags and intuitive language with directives like in-app, ng-model, ng-repeat, and forms control. It is easy to understand and simplifies the web app development process, as it is based on what you see is what you get.

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  • POJO Data Models:

(POJO) Plain Old JavaScript Objects are self-sufficient when it comes to functionality. Earlier, you had to monitor the data flow in the models. But the POJO data model offers spontaneous and well-planned objects with logic.

You can easily add and change the properties based on the requirements. This gives a spontaneous & crystal-clear code. Therefore, the result you get is a user-friendly and interactive web-based app.

  • TypeScript:

Angular framework uses TypeScript language to build applications, which is a superscript of JavaScript. It supports types & provides higher security. It allows Angular developers to spot and remove errors while writing the code. With the proper map files created during build time, developers can directly debug TypeScript code on the browser. It helps improve refactoring, navigation, and auto-completion services.

  • In-built Testing Module:

AngularJS comes with a unit testing setup, making product testing quick and easy. It provides developers with real-time information on their web development project, making tracking and management easy and efficient.

  • Robust Framework:

AngularJS provides a smart and efficient framework that helps reduce the development time of projects. It has better IDEs, allowing angular developers to track and fix errors quickly, fast-forwarding development.

Angular offers a vast range of templates that helps in the quick & customized creation of user interface.  Angular CLI enables quick attachment of components, making web development simple.

  • Seamless Integration:

This programming language offers seamless integration when it comes to collaborating with other libraries for responsive AngularJS web development. If the developer is working with various object-oriented MVC frameworks for server-side development, it becomes very easy to integrate AngularJS for client-side development.

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  • Flexible Filters:

Filters sort the data before reaching the view. It may involve simple things like formatting decimal places on a number, reversing array order, or implementing pagination.

Filters are very beneficial. It’s because they help to create an HTML table using filters only (without writing any JavaScript).

  • Code Less:

AngularJS's development requires minimal coding. This is because there is no need to write separate code for MVC. HTML defines the view, and HTML is concise. All the data models are simple. Moreover, the data binding in AngularJS doesn’t put the data into the manual view.

As directives in AngularJS are different from app code, they can be written by another team with minimum integration issues. A single code for the application makes the task done.

So, if you are planning to move your operations overseas (to reduce the development costs) and assign the tasks to offshore developers, you are good to go.

  • Effective Data Binding:

One of the major reasons why web developers consider Angular programming is the two-way data binding capacity. With this kind of binding, any change incorporated in the interface directly results in changes to the app interface also.

This helps in saving a lot of development time while making changes to the app easily.

  • Performance-driven framework:

AngularJS offers unmatched competency in creating and adding new features for customizing the app. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features to drive the app's performance, including filters, data binding, directives, animations, API clients, routing, validation, and many other features.

If you're developing your web app using AngularJS, it’s easy for developers to update & upgrade the application without undertaking a bulk coding task.

Skill Requirement in Mid-Senior Angular Developer

The list of AngularJS features could go on, but the aforementioned features are compelling enough to prove why AngularJS is one of the most preferred languages of web developers.

AngularJS is capable of creating unique and powerful web applications. Dependency Injection (DI) in Angular keeps the code testable, flexible, and mutable, so you only share what you wish to.

With plenty of AngularJS features and benefits, it makes sense for companies to shift to AngularJS development which offers ease, effectiveness, and productivity while developing web structures giving a win-win situation.

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