Why Choose Angular Over ReactJS For Enterprise App Development?

Why Choose Angular Over ReactJS For Enterprise App Development?

Quick Summary: When it comes to enterprise app development, choosing the right framework can make a huge difference. While both Angular and ReactJS have their strengths, this article will explore why Angular over react may be the better choice for enterprise-level applications.

Creating an easy-to-use & interactive user interface is critical to the success of any application, customer, or enterprise. And for this very reason, React has become popular in the developer community. Features like reusable components, virtual DOM & comprehensive tools have made it the second most used framework amongst developers in 2022.

React JS is an open-source library & not an ‘all-in-one’ framework. It only supports the user interface (UI) layer of your application. To build everything else, APIs, Models, Controllers, Routing, etc., you need different tools, which makes the development, scaling & maintenance of enterprise applications difficult.

React JS is an excellent framework for building a simple application, but when it comes to Enterprise Applications Development, it may not be your best bet. 

Key Takeaways
  • Angular provides a more complete framework that includes built-in features like dependency injection, routing, and state management, while React is primarily a library for building UI components.
  • Angular's use of TypeScript and strict coding standards make it easier to maintain and scale large codebases, whereas React's more flexible approach can make it harder to enforce consistency and best practices.
  • Angular has a more established and supportive ecosystem, with a larger community and more out-of-the-box solutions for common enterprise app development needs.

Limitations of ReactJS for Enterprise App Development

Unlike a customer app, an enterprise application is built to cater to the needs of multiple users. 

Imagine an enterprise with thousands of employees spread across different geographies. All employees are connected to a single enterprise application to carry out day-to-day operations. Every individual from entry-level to CEO uses the same application to perform different tasks and have different access & authority. 

So, Enterprise applications, by their virtue, are complex, multi-layered software that amalgamates different tools and components to help a business run smoothly. They need to be scalable, simple to use, reliable, secure, and system-agnostic. And React JS fails to meet a lot of these criteria, and here is why-

1. React Js is not a framework but a library!

You heard it, unlike Angular Js, a full-fledged open-source front-end framework, React Js is an open-source library. This means that it is not a one-in-all tool but an amalgamation of multiple tools. React development only supports UI but to build a model, controller, and app programming interface(APIs), routing & other parts, you need different additional tools, making scaling the app more complex and time-consuming. 

2. Rapid Upgrades

React Js as technology is constantly evolving. An upgraded version of React is launched every few months, which means the reactjs developers are required to upgrade their knowledge base constantly, and the same needs to be done for the enterprise app you are building. This can cause unnecessary delays in development.

3. Lack of Documentation

This drawback is again associated with the fast pace of upgrades made in React. Due to the constant technological change, educational documentation and resources are always deficient in covering the latest updates and changes. 

Being an open-source library that allows anyone can create resources, you may find documentation created by multiple developers. But this doesn't guarantee quality work, and you may find poor resources that offer little help. 

4. Incomplete Tooling Set

As established before, React Js only covers the user interface layer and lacks an entire toolset to complete enterprise application development. Developers have to rely on other frameworks & tools which may be outside the library. They need to test the compatibility of each tool and find the right fit before using it for the enterprise app. This makes the development process tedious and time-consuming.

5. Mixed logic with View

 ​In React, we don't have separate component logic and view by default (like it is in Angular). This makes code reading more difficult, forcing you to jump between the lines in the file. This creates the proximity of bugs and errors.

Angular- A Better Alternative for Enterprise Web Applications? 

Enterprise application is a complex software with multiple layers of tools & features, built to support the operations of all employees working in an organization. So it must be built with a mature & reliable framework such as Angular Js to ensure smooth functionality of enterprise applications at all times.

Angular being a decade-old framework provides a complete set of tools within itself to build highly interactive yet simple-to-use front-end/user interfaces of enterprise applications. Besides, Ideal MVC, Declarative UI, and Unit Testing, are some of the features that make Angular a reliable framework for building highly complex and layered applications with ease and speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is React bad for large applications?
React is an open-source library maintained by Meta (Facebook), not a full-fledged framework. It relies heavily on third-party tools to build interactive applications, which makes it not so ideal for large & complex applications.
Is ReactJs enough for the front end?
No. React only supports an application's UI layer, so you must rely on other third-party tools to build other front-end elements.
Why is React so difficult?
The modular nature of React makes it challenging to learn. Many React Modules require developers to have knowledge of functional programming & use different software and tools to build complex applications.

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