Implementing Push Notifications in Flutter

Implementing Push Notifications in Flutter

Quick Summary: Dive into the world of real-time communication with Flutter by exploring the implementation of push notifications. This article provides a comprehensive guide to integrating push notification services into your Flutter applications, enabling seamless communication and engagement with users across various platforms.


  • The importance of push notifications in mobile apps.

  • Overview of how push notifications enhance user engagement.

  • Introduction to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) as a popular solution for push notifications in Flutter.

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Setting Up Firebase for Push Notifications

  • Create a Firebase Project
  • Steps to create a new Firebase project on the Firebase Console.
  • Add an Android and iOS app to the Firebase project.
  • Configure Firebase for Android
  • Download the google-services.json file for Android.
  • Place the file in the android/app directory of your Flutter project.
  • Configure Firebase for iOS
  • Download the GoogleService-Info.plist file for iOS.
  • Place the file in the ios/Runner directory of your Flutter project.
  • Initialize Firebase in Flutter
  • Add the firebase_core and firebase_messaging dependencies to your pubspec.yaml file.

# pubspec.yaml
  firebase_core: ^latest_version
  firebase_messaging: ^latest_version


  • Initialize Firebase in your Flutter app.

// Example: Initializing Firebase
import 'package:firebase_core/firebase_core.dart';

void main() async {
  await Firebase.initializeApp();

Handling Push Notifications in Flutter

  • Requesting Permissions
  • Implementing code to request notification permissions from the user.
  • Handling user responses to permission requests.

// Example: Requesting notification permissions
await FirebaseMessaging.instance.requestPermission();

Handling Background Notifications

  • Configuring the app to handle notifications received while in the background.
  • Implementing background notification handling logic.

// Example: Handling background notifications
FirebaseMessaging.onBackgroundMessage((message) {
  // Handle background notification

  return Future<void>.value();

Handling Foreground Notifications

  • Implementing code to handle notifications received while the app is in the foreground.
  • Displaying custom UI for foreground notifications.

// Example: Handling foreground notifications
FirebaseMessaging.onMessage.listen((RemoteMessage message) {
  // Handle foreground notification

Customizing Notification Payload

  • Customizing Notification Content
  • Including additional information in the notification payload.
  • Customizing the notification appearance based on payload data.

// Example: Customizing notification payload
final RemoteMessage remoteMessage = ...;
final String title = remoteMessage.notification?.title ?? 'Default Title';
final String body = remoteMessage.notification?.body ?? 'Default Body';

showNotification(title, body);

Handling Notification Taps

  • Configuring the app to respond to notification taps.
  • Navigating to specific screens or handling custom actions on notification tap.

// Example: Handling notification taps
FirebaseMessaging.onMessageOpenedApp.listen((RemoteMessage message) {
  // Handle notification tap when the app is in the foreground

Testing Push Notifications

  • Testing Locally
  • Simulating push notifications locally for testing purposes.
  • Utilizing tools or plugins to send test notifications.

# Example: Testing locally with FCM CLI
firebase functions:shell

Debugging Notification Issues

  • Techniques for debugging common issues with push notifications.
  • Utilizing Flutter's debugging tools for notification inspection.

flutter run --enable-software-rendering


  • Recap of key steps in implementing push notifications in Flutter using Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Encouragement for developers to utilize push notifications for improved user engagement.
  • Reminders about the importance of testing and debugging in push notification implementation.

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