Services to Outsource When Launching a Startup

Startups are sprouting every now and then, but most of them are unable to survive. Some come up with a product or service, people didn’t like or may have jumped the bandwagon too soon. Another reason why a small business fails is poor management maybe because of the lack of expertise in different areas that help in successfully running a business.

When you have a startup, everyone in the team tries to do everything at the same time as there are a limited budget and resources. Even the most promising startup is unable to perform different tasks on its own as it may result in an ultimate disaster.

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Surviving for a startup is actually very difficult because of the high competition and lack of funding, expertise, and other resource constraints. At this point in time, outsourcing comes into play as it helps them to do more with limited resources.

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Services to Outsource:

Services to Outsource When Launching a Startup - YourTeaminIndia

1. Human Resources/ IT Staff Augmentation

No startup will become successful if it is not willing to grow and fail to take decisive steps. Poor management and lack of access to resources are the main reasons for startup failure. That’s why IT staff augmentation is one of the most important services to outsource.

Why Outsource HR functions?

By outsourcing human resource functions, you are willing to enjoy access to a steady stream of talent. In addition to this, you will be tailoring the company’s compensation and reap the benefits to encourage employee retention.

What to Outsource in Human Resource/ IT Staff Augmentation?

  • Recruitment: A thriving startup clearly means more clients and headcounts. Having an outsourcing team means you can have a team of 50 more people working with you. Screening, interviewing, and on-board potential recruits take a lot of time that you can ever imagine, so it is always good to outsource recruitment function.
  • HR Administration: HR always have targeted as they have to manage personnel issues, payroll management, employee policies, and more. The outsourcing team has professionals who specialize in offering all these services, so it is easy for them to handle all the tasks.

When to Outsource Human Resource Functions?

If your startup’s HR workload is less, you can take the help of the offshore team for a few hours a week rather than full-time work. Outsourcing enables you to boost the operations at a faster pace as there is no need to increase your HR team and train your HR staff. The HR outsourcing services can be customized as per the client requirements. 

Recruiting the best talent and hiring the best candidates is not an easy task. It takes months to fill a vacant position. When startups try to delegate HR to the key employees, there us plenty of processes for business operations that are usually ignored.

When IT staff augmentation is chosen, you not only ensure that your startup will recruit the best candidates but will also have employee retention.  

2. Software Development

Outsourcing helps in solving fundamental issues like access to talent, saving time, and lowering the cost. Many startups build earlier versions of their software and iterate until the final product enters the marketplace. Till that time, they rapidly grow their user base.

Now, as growth accelerators, they have to follow the built roadmap, add new features, and resolve issues. In this competitive market, missing an opportunity means giving a chance to someone else to create a place in the heart of the customers.

Outsourcing can speed up the complete development process as there is quick access to developers and quality analysts. Instead of you spending a month or so on hiring developers, you can get started right away within a week.

You can Outsource:

  • Mobile app or website development
  • Product architecture
  • Product/Service management
  • Design and development
  • Software testing

Outsourcing development can prove to be very productive for startups. The option is very prominent if you are actually trying to add an edge to the development cycle and complete the project at a faster pace. With outsourcing, you can:

Build a Versatile Team: In this ever-evolving ecosystem, it becomes difficult to stay updated. Having a team of offshore developers who master the skills is certainly a boon.

On-Time Delivery: Instead of hiring new in-house team employees, outsourcing development can be helpful for a short or long span of time. The experts take charge of the components in their forte while ensuring every development phase is delivered within the timeline.

Avoid Overhead Expenses: Office space, hardware, software, reimbursements, and operational costs decreases the ROI. All you have to pay for is the skill set of the developers.

Whether you require Python developer, Java developer, mobile app developer, or anyone else, hiring offshore developers is the best option. In the end, it is all about executing your project efficiently. So, be realistic, and hire a team of developers that clearly understand your requirements, communicate, and manage.

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3. Customer Service

In an era where customers are great marketers and social media savvy, having access to the leading-edge talent and customer service can make or break a startup.

For startups, having a trained team of customer service is a viable option. This means that the office staff has to handle this function while also attracting new customers and keeping the old ones happy.

On the other hand, taking the help of an outsourcing team that is residing in a different geographical location gives you extra manpower that handles the customer calls hassle-free. However, it is important for business owners to weigh their options as the cost and service vary widely. 

Outsourcing Customer Service Can Help You Establish the Brand Voice:

Whether it is text or phone, your customers look for different means to interact with you. By creating guidelines, you can teach the outsourcing team, and they will then act as your in-house team to all your customers.

Interview Multiple Companies to Find the Best Fit for your Project:

  • If you have different clients across the globe, consider a team which is multilingual and commits to working for you 24/7
  • Choose the best client service reps with the best skills
  • The outsourcing team that handles high volumes of queries and in-depth conversations as per requirements.
  • Pick the service provider with the omnichannel approach.

What to Outsource in Customer Service?

Today, customers expect brands to be reachable across multiple channels and deliver streamlined customer service. Whether you require a dedicated tea, or a mix of non-voice services like mails or chat support, customer outsourcing services are available 24/7.

Start with MVP, and once you establish the market fit, you know what to build, and the outsourcing task becomes easier. With the right offshore team, the customer service will be proficient, prompt, and move beyond expectations, which will ensure satisfaction, happiness, and a loyal client base. In addition to this, it will also attract positive referrals as the team empowers your business.

Outsourcing is definitely a smart strategy for extending your capabilities with the newly hired team. It helps you to refocus on priorities and avoid wasting time, money, talent, and effort on various activities that could be handled efficiently handled by an expert outside.

4. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Payroll is the commonly outsourced service, but 60% of the business handles the function in-house. Handing over the task to the experts helps in increasing compliance.

It has been depicted that companies that outsource payroll save approximately 18% more than those businesses that tackle it themselves.

The right accounting service helps startups to develop good habits from the start. If you become accustomed to working with bookkeeping from the beginning, it will help keep tighter reins on the expenses and know where the company stands.

A good company teaches you the “Hows” and “Why” of bookkeeping, so you are aware of what is happening every now and then.

Provides Analysis

If you are applying for a business loan or seeking funds from the investors, accurate bookkeeping and financial statements mean keeping the records.

Determines the Burn Rate

Burn rate is the money spent for a particular amount of time. It is very important for you to know this as a startup because you have to generate revenue from your sales.

Scale the Companies Need

The virtual team may help you become tomorrow’s Fortune 1000 company. Starting with the best accounting and bookkeeping services means it will certainly cater to your needs. Instead of managing the major transfer from one part in house bookkeeper to handing it over to the outsourcing team later, collaborate with a technology partner that will take care of all your needs.

First Few Years of Business are Important

The right bookkeeping service is way better than a data entry provider. The outsourcing company gives advice, counsel, and insight by offering you with financial information that is needed to run your business. But what is more important is, you will have someone on your side who will help you make decisions steering the company towards growth.

5. Digital Marketing Services

Building a brand takes a lot of sweat. Marketing at the right channel and the right way on social media accounts and other media can help you save a lot of dollars. Therefore, it becomes imperative that being a startup you should outsource digital marketing services.

What can digital marketing companies do for you?

Website Branding 

Your website is the first impression most people will have of your company. It will not only look impressive but will make it easy for the visitors to find what they are actually looking for. If they are unable to find what they have been looking for, they will leave within seconds. 

Effective web design is not a sufficient facelift but a major renovation. Once the market research is done, you should outsource the website branding to bring everything to life. The best pool of talented people will creatively design and brand your business. They will also ensure your website is user-friendly, responsive, and easy to navigate.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no use in investing in a website if people are unable to find it. Today, voice search is changing the whole scenario. So, Google is revamping the algorithm it uses to display the search results. It is very important to keep up with the changes, and this is not an easy task.

When you have the outsourcing team of developers having the time and skill to do everything that is required, customers will certainly find your website when they are looking for a particular service.

For example, you are a performance management software company, and you have to improve organic traffic. For this, the ranking has to be improved for relevant terms. A simple Google search will show 400 million results. To stand out, you have to take the help of other ranking opportunities beginning with long-tail keywords.

Well, the outsourcing agency can clearly identify which keywords have the highest volume and less competition so that the ranking changes can improve. Sometimes, they also conduct a survey to find out what your competitors are ranking for and what approach are they following to outshine.

Content Creation and Marketing

A well-designed website for user experience is the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. If you don’t have quality content, no one will be interested in your product or services.

Effective content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive high-quality traffic to your website. Creating informational content starts with understanding the perspective of the customer.

Content Marketing Strategy Includes:

  • Resources like eBooks
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • White papers
  • Emails
  • Website pages
  • Quizzes

The combination of these assets depends on different objectives, and the development of these takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Even if you have an in house team of technical writers, developers, and technologists, it is best to hire an outsourcing agency that has an “all hands on deck” approach.

Social Media Platform

The company blog is one of the most effective ways to give your message out to the audience. You can’t simply sit back and count on people to automatically show up. If you create content which is informative, generic, and addresses what they are actually searching for, you may get their attention.

But if you want them to know your brand and utilize your products and services, you should also attempt to engage them in conversations that get their attention. This is where social media platforms play a very crucial role.

Only professionals know how to use social media platforms strategically. So, it is advisable to hire SEO specialists who successfully reach to the audience. People who know about your brand via social media are more likely to think of you when they are ready to purchase.

It is not about writing a few pieces of content, posting them on random sites or your company site, and then walking away. People always expect a response when they have a query.

Your company should take ownership of all your social media channels while you should give responsibility to the outsourcing agency to handle and post content.

Here is What Needs to be Done:

  • Identify the right social media platforms for the promotion
  • Creating strategic social media channels.
  • Identify the posting time
  • Creating graphics and posts that are out of the box
  • Monitoring ROI of the efforts

In addition to the aforementioned, the other two things that should be taken into consideration is Influencer marketing and PPC. Well, a dedicated team of experts will help your company identify fruitful opportunities for advertising so that every effort counts. Monitoring results and making improvisations is brilliantly taken care of by them.

Things to Remember

Before you look for outsourcing companies, make sure you are very clear about what tasks or projects you have to outsource. Be very careful about choosing an agency that knows how to collaborate with startups and help them grow step by step.

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All startup companies work hard for development and expansion, but there are only a few that actually work smart. It is recommended that all startups should outsource business processes and focus on core competencies.

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