Top 10 Awesome React.js Libraries You Should Know About in 2022

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Being a developer or an IT leader, you want to be updated with the current trends and technologies. Undoubtedly, it is constantly needed to adjust yourself to the advancing development needs and ever-changing environment. Also, if your core technology is JavaScript, this article is especially for you to learn a few things. 

Here, you will learn about what React Component library is, the top 10 React libraries that can help you be the best programmer and the best one that matches Reactjs development needs. 

What is a React Component Library? 

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React is a JS library that helps in developing the top UI for both mobile and web apps. It amazingly integrates with other JS frameworks and libraries. Also, it includes petite and reusable bits of code known as the components. React Component Libraries helps you in optimizing your UI development process and delivers extraordinary flexibility due to the high modularity. 

Top 10 Awesome React Component Libraries You Must Know About 

So, now we know what is a react component library. And, here is the list of the top ten excellent react component libraries that you must definitely know about. 

  1. Create React App 

A command-line interface by Facebook developers that allows you to create React.js projects easily. Create React App helps build structures of files and catalogs, which even includes tools you need in the beginning. It even allows you to create, test, and launch your application.  It is a must-have if you really want to save a lot of time and effort while developing an app. 

  1. React Intl

Every language has its own convention and rules. Since it is not easy to adapt to those changes, it is essential to use React Intl, a child of Yahoo, which was explicitly designed to make internationalization seamless and straightforward. It contains ready-to-use components an API to manage the dates, strings, format, numbers, and pluralization. 

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  1. Material UI

A set of components that are designed by Google to implement their popular Material Design. One of the most popular UI packages of all react libraries, Material UI, is light. User-friendly, simple, and catchy. The frequent updates make it even more remarkable for the react js developers to use. 

  1. React DnD

A library that is used to create complicated drag and drop interfaces. React DnD is built on top of advanced HTML5 drag and drop API. The only downside of React DnD is that it barely supports touchscreens. 

  1. Styled Components 

It is a CSS tool that helps organize your react project and allows you to build small reusable components responsible for the appearance of your app. For example, with traditional CSS, you might accidentally override selectors used in a site; however, with Styled Components, you can altogether avoid this concern by using CSS syntax inside the components. 

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  1. Redux Form 

It is a set of action creators that allows easy implementation of complicated custom forms. It is particularly designed to work with Redux. And, it is a simple and excellently performing solution compared to its competitors. The best part is that you enjoy the flexibility as you can still write forms and components yourself. 

  1. MobX

 It was created to make it almost impossible to create a messy and unmanageable state, which is not creating a bug-packed app anyway. Other libraries don’t allow coders to modify the state. However, MobX does. It helps you quickly and automatically extract everything easily. 

  1. React Virtualized 

A library that helps you enhance the effectiveness of the huge list and tabular data rendering. React virtualized enables you to restrict the number of requests and DOM elements while improving the overall performance of the React app. There are quite a few tools just like React Virtualized, but what makes it better is the functionality and enhanced performance. 

  1. Enzyme 

A javascript library that was designed to test the React components. Originally created by the Airbnb engineering team, released as open-source in 2015, and designed to be easy to use. It helps to make it easier to traverse, manipulate, and assert your React components output. 

  1. Redux

It is somewhat like MobX and is a perfect state management solution for JS apps. Redux is primarily used in combination with react. However, it works with other React-like frameworks so seamlessly as well. With Redux, you can connect every component to the complete state directly. Besides, it even eliminates the need to use callbacks or props. 

Reactjs Libraries: Which One is the Best for your Business? 

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As you just read about those amazing top ten reactjs libraries, you must be wondering which one is the best for your business. React has a massive number of component libraries, and the number will keep growing in the future. New projects will kick in, and you will need a different library every time, depending on your business needs and requirements.

So, overall you have a wide range of Reactjs libraries, but the one that is best for your business will vary depending on your project’s needs. Hence, you will need to analyze the project and the objectives before choosing one for yourself. 

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Wrapping Up

We hope you like this shortlist of the top ten excellent React libraries that can help you build some awesome apps for your clients that are easy-to-use and scalable. They will indeed be contented with the quality and performance of your app build with reactjs. So go ahead and try it today if you are a programmer. You can even hire one if you are looking for a Reactjs developer for your business. 

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